Disclaimer: The names in this story have been changed to protect the guilty.


Dammit Amber! Why the fuck was this girl trippin so hard. I was crazy about her, but all she kept saying was no. No she’s not ready for a relationship. No she doesn’t love me. No! No! No! Well that night I just wanted to forget that I ever heard the name Amber Baylor. She’d frustrated me long enough. I was so fucking lonely. I needed somebody to make me laugh. I needed somebody to spend time with. If Amber wouldn’t do it, then somebody would. It was Thursday night and I was going out.

My patnas, Prescilla and Daniella, were busted so they couldn’t go, but Lana (a Leo like me) said that she wanted to hang. KEWL. We got ready and headed out-- Q59 bound. Q59 was one of the local gay clubs and from what I had heard it was quite nice. Well tonight I intended to find out.

Q59 wasn’t even jumping. It was damn slow that night. The girl at the door was giving me the eye, but she wasn’t my type. I wanted a pretty, feminine woman and she seemed a little too much on the stud side. I could have been wrong though, cause I was new to all this woman-on-woman stuff. I had been with a woman only once before tonight and that was all about ego. That was just my Leo ego wanting to know if I had the skills to make a woman cum --no love at all. I hoped that things would be different tonight. I hoped to meet someone that I could connect with. Not just physically- I needed mental stimulation too. Although, I had to admit, I was quite horny.

Lana seemed to be doing fine. She was the typical Leo: Always on the prowl, confident as eva, and butch as eva. She definitely got her share of pussy. Me, I was more quiet and reserved. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Leo and just as confident and aggressive as Lana, but just in a more refined way. I’m aggressive when I see what I want.

It was about 11:45 or so and the girl at the door was still looking at me, but I was eyeing the girl in the DJ booth. Damn she looked good. She was wearing a peppermint green pantsuit and her ass was round as a b-ball. Damn I sure would like to get to know her. But just when I started to approach her, Mr. DJ showed up. Well that killed that, cause I definitely wasn’t up for no shit. I thought, now what? I damn sure didn’t want to be alone. Not again. Not tonight.

Wait a minute. Who was she? Lawdhammercy that girl was fine. She was wearing blue jeans and a red t-shirt. She was so damn fine and her ass was heavenly. I admit it, I’m an ass freak, and her ass was all I needed to get down right freaky. I decided to just sit back and watch for a bit. Lucky for me, a seat right behind her was free. I took a seat in a nice big comfortable chair just behind her bar stool and watched. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was sitting at the bar chillin, sipping her drink, and not talking to anyone. I wondered if she knew I was watching. Every now and then she turned around, but I wasn’t sure if she saw me. It was definitely time to move. I needed to get closer. I got out the chair and stood closer to the bar area. I told Lana “Psssst, look at baby girl”. Just then she got up from the bar and walked toward the door. I was like damn she’s leaving, but as it turned out she was only going to the ladies room. About 5 min. later she came back and took her seat at the bar again. I tapped Lana and said, “Here comes baby girl again. Damn she’s fly.” Lana agreed.

I had to make a move before it was too late. I was nervous as fuck because I had never really approached a woman before. All the while something in me was saying, you know that this fine ass woman is taken or she might not even go for women, but my curiosity was pushing me to try. So I mustered up some of my Leo courage and walked over to her. I politely turned to her and asked, “Can I buy you a drink?” She turned and looked at me and my lawd she had the most beautiful cat-green and brown eyes I’d ever seen. In that moment I knew, that I had to know her. She was breathtaking. For that moment, I was completely captivated, almost in a daze. It wasn’t until the reality of her saying yes set in, that I settled down. She said yes. OMG! So I played kewl and told her, “Order what you like.” She ordered a Crown on the rocks. Hmm…I thought… she’s a sophisticated woman. I said, “My name is Coco and yours is?” She replied, "I’m Nala." “Actually” she said, “My name is Andanla, but most people call me Nala.” I said, “Andanla, that’s original.” I asked her where she was from. “Donaldsonville.” “What… I’m from Darrow, only 20 minutes away”. Was that a coincidence or what? The one woman I met lived in my back yard.

I could see that she had taken in a few drinks, but I hoped that her saying yes was genuine and that it wasn’t simply the alcohol talking. I ordered a beer and we talked. We talked about basic stuff like kids, work, jobs, etc. – the usual small talk. All the while I was thinking…she seems like a nice person. I wonder if we can keep in touch?

Then the floorshow started. Nala said she wanted to see what it was all about cause it was her first time at the club. So we moved closer to the dance floor. It was wild -- the floorshow I mean. The gay guys in that club shook their assess better than the women. Nala seemed to enjoy the show and she was even dancing a bit. So I tried to dance with her, but she pulled back and gave me a look that suggested -- not yet, I don ‘t even know you like that. KEWL. I liked a woman that knew what she wanted and when she wanted it and I could tell that Nala knew. So we watched the floor show some more and then headed back to our seats at the bar and talked some more. It was nice pleasant conversation. I must admit, that I was somewhat at a loss for words because all I could see were her beautiful eyes. Fortunately, she initiated most of the conversation and I just responded. Her questions and comments let me know that she was interested in me. She was just the kind of woman I needed in my life. No bullshit. No playing games. KEWL.

Damn it was closing time already. “Can I walk you to your car?” “Sure”, she said. So I walked Nala out to her car, and prepared to say my goodbyes. All the while we were walking to her car, I was thinking…should I give her my number since she works in town…I wonder if she will call me if I do. What the hell, I gotta at least try. I asked her if it was ok for us to exchange numbers so we could get together sometime. “Sure”, she said. I was thinking…great cause I damn sure wanted to see her again. We walked to my car to get one of my business cards. I gave her one and let her write her number on the back of another one for me. Then we walked back to her car. I gave her a big hug and told her to drive carefully. I was kinda worried that she had been drinking and she had a long way to drive home, but she said she was fine. I told her to call me so that we could have lunch sometime. She said she would, and I hoped that she meant it.

I was walking away, when she said, “ I really would like to get to know you better.” I froze. Then I turned to her and said, “What you mean, now, tonight.” “Yes”, she said. I said “KEWL”. Now inside I was like jello, but Leos never show fear. Hell if she was willing, I was damn sure able. Then I thought, wait a minute Ms Leo; you don’t really even know this woman. Slow down and be KEWL. I told her that I had a friend along with me tonight, and I had to at least give her a ride home. “No problem,” she said. “I’ll follow you there.”

When I found Lana and told her what was up, she gave me a look like, girl handle ya business. I said, “Lana it ain’t even like that, we just gonna chill. Maybe go get something to eat or something -- Just two people trying to get to know each other.” All the while inside I was wondering…just what does she want to do. Does she mean sex? Nah …

I dropped Lana off and let Prescilla and Daniella know what was up. Then Nala and I headed out in my car. We were both hungry so we decided to get something to eat. The only place I knew about in the area was Waffle House. So we headed back toward Q59 cause Waffle House was right around the corner. I needed some cash so I hit the ATM machine and then we headed to get some food.

We ordered and talked—mostly about school and work. Nala lit up a cigarette after she politely asked if it was ok that she smoked. “No problem”, I said and then she said that she was cold. I’m a gentlewoman, so I offered her a seat beside me. I held her gently and tried to warm her up. Then this loud mouth guy sitting at the bar started making comments about women on women. Nala boldly asked, “Are you talking to me”? The guy said no. Nala said, “You must be cuz ain’t nobody else in here.” The guy shut up cold. I liked that. Nala was beautiful, intelligent, knew what she wanted, and she didn’t take no shit. KEWL.

Finally, the waitress brought the food. It was fucked up as usual, but we ate it anyway. After Nala finished her food she lit up another cigarette. I asked her if she was still cold. That’s when the shit hit the fan. She turned to me and said, “ You got my blood boiling woman.” Shit! Shit! Shit! I knew what that meant. She wanted me. My head was swimming. I couldn’t believe it. This beautiful woman found me attractive -- Attractive enough to want to BE with me. I looked at her and said “Really”. She just smiled.

Then I said “Are you ready to go?” “Sure” she said. I said “are you ready to go back to your car”, trying to play off the comment she made about her blood boiling. “We could go somewhere and chill…I’m in no hurry”, she said. I was like “KEWL”.

I drove downtown to the Centroplex Area. That place is always so nice and quiet and I love the fountain that sits directly across the street. We sat and talked for a bit. Mostly staring at each other. Then I said, “I don’t wanna seem fresh” (or something to that effect), “but I really want to kiss you”. She said “Ok”. So I moved in close and gently kissed her lips. I tried not to give her any tongue but I couldn’t help it. Her lips were so soft and so sweet that my tongue had to know what her lips felt like and tasted like. That kiss did it. I was ready -- ready for whatever. But I wasn’t going to be disrespectful or pushy, so I contented myself with kissing her and kissing her over and over again. We shared marvelous kiss after marvelous passionate kiss. Nala was an excellent kisser and all bullshitting aside so was I. We kissed and talked and kissed some more. Then we decided that it was late and we should go because a car just pulled up near where I was parked so we weren’t alone anymore.

I walked her to my car and opened the door and then I kissed her. But this time, I got caught up in the kiss. I backed her into the car and started touching and wanting. I caught myself and said “Nala wait…wait we can’t do this. We just met”. Then she hit me again like a ton of bricks when she said, “Why not”? I just looked at her and said, “You sure?” She just smiled. KEWL.

I drove to SU’s campus and parked near the bluff. My intentions were to park. Kiss some more, maybe neck a little. Nothing like what happened. When we parked, Nala said she had to PEE. I said, “You wanna go back to Waffle House to use the bathroom?” She said, “No, I’ll just go right over there by that tree and use it.”

When she got back, I pushed the seats back so we could get comfortable. We started kissing and necking. She lifted her shirt and I sucked on her breast. Then she said it-- the big IT. She said, “I want to taste you.” I said, “What … here? … Now?” She said, “Yes, I have to know what you taste like.” I said, “Wait a minute, it’s getting light out and somebody might see us. Maybe we could go someplace a little more private.” “Sure”, she said, “Whatever you want to do.”

So I cranked up the car, and headed off to find a hotel room. All the while I was thinking… shit like this never happens to me. This is fucking incredible. I was scared as shit, but like I said, Leos never show fear. I wanted to take her to someplace nice, but I didn’t want to spend too much money. I ain’t cheap, but I ain’t rich either. So we decided that the Motel 6 on Airline was ok. I pulled up, parked, and went over to the desk clerk to get a room. I wondered what the desk clerk would think if she saw us going to a room together. I was still kinda getting comfortable with being a lesbian, especially in public.

Third floor, room 309. We got there and tried the key. It didn’t work. Shit. Maybe this was a warning of some kind. Hell naw it wasn’t. The only thing this was, was a key not working. I was getting a room. Wasn’t no way I was backing away now. I had to know. So I went back to the desk clerk and got a different room. I asked for a room on the end at Nala’s request. I wondered, does this mean she’s loud when she cums. Room 312 was just around the corner from 309. KEWL.

We went in the room. It was nice. It was small, but nice, with a nice full-sized bed. I asked Nala if she wanted the TV on. “Naw” she said, “But I would like to take a shower.” “Can I join you”? I asked. “Ok,” she said. I was impressed. She wanted to be clean about this. So we undressed. I think she was a bit nervous about getting naked, but I was petrified. See, I’m a bit on the heavy side and self-conscious at times. This was definitely one of those times. But Nala put me at ease right away. Once we were both naked, she walked over to me and kissed me and said, “You are so beautiful”. I melted.

We got in the shower. All I wanted to do was devour her at that point, but I didn’t want to be too aggressive. So I gently backed her onto the shower wall. It was cold so she jumped a little, but once I started kissing her and sucking on her breast, she went willingly. Then I backed off so she could bathe. I bathed too. When we got of the shower, it was freezing. So we hurried up, dried off and got into bed. I climbed on top and started kissing her all over. I took my hair down for her because she wanted to see what it looked like. We kissed and then she took charge. She kinda surprised me with her aggressiveness, and it took me a minute to relax. I had to get used to being the receiver and not the giver, but once I relaxed, I was KEWL.

She kissed my body all over. OMG it felt so good. Then she turned me over on my stomach and began kissing my butt. The she did something that I had never experienced. She started licking my crack. OH LAWD I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Now some people might gross out over the idea of me getting my ass licked, but that shit felt good – too good to worry about what some idiot who never tried it might say. Then she turned me over and went down on me. She was good at that shit too. I mean I had been eaten before, but not like that. Nala knew WTF to do to my pussy cause I came so quickly and I came and I came. LAWD she made me feel so good, so alive. I damn sure wasn’t lonely anymore, and who the fuck was Amber Baylor.

Next it was my turn. I wanted to go slow with her, be passionate with her. I gently kissed her body and worked my way down to her pussy, but when I got there, she froze a bit. It was like she wanted it, but she was afraid that it might be too much or too good to her, but I persisted until I got in. My God was it worth it. I touched her first. Her pussy was so ready and so wet. Now mind you, this wasn’t the first time I had touched a woman, but never ever did I get the response that I got from Nala. Her pussy was good. She was moaning and making noises that were driving me crazy. I had to taste her. So I laid her on her back and slowly started licking her. I wasn’t too sure what she needed, but I soon learned. Her pearl was large and I could feel it easily cause it was so hard. So I licked it and played with it for a bit, then I stuck my tongue deep inside. Then Nala did something that I have only heard about. She started masturbating right there in front of me. DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! I was paralyzed for a moment, almost in disbelief. Shit this girl was wild. I loved it. So while she touched, I kissed her legs, her thighs and tried like hell to keep from going absolutely nuts. Then I decided to be bold, while she kept stroking her pearl, I put two fingers inside her and worked them in and out. It wasn’t long before she was cumming all over my fingers so nicely -- shit it was nice. Afterwards I hoped that I didn’t frustrate her. I mean I asked if she was masturbating cause I didn’t please her. She assured me that she was pleased. It was about five in the morning and we both were spent. Needless to say I skipped work. We spent the day together and that weekend I took her out. We had a blast.

That’s the story of how Nala and I met and the adventure that we shared on our first night (early morning) together. We married almost exactly ten months later and we’ve been together ever since. I love her deeply and every time we kiss or touch or make love I remember. I remember meeting Nala, but nowadays I call her Wifey.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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