__________by 2_BI_4_U

I'm sitting here asking my self
"Did i do the right thing by letting her go?"
Or was our love as deep as it goes.
Could I have made good with what I had
Or was I jus to greddy to notice
That I looked straight through the past.
Should I have took into concideration
That I still love her
Or that she still wanted to be with me too.
What should I have done
Is the question I am asking myself.
I dont really know what I am saying
But I think I did the right thing.
But if I didnt
Then oh well
That is just how life goes.
But in the end
If our love was true
U would probably know what I would do,
I would ask to start over
Between us two.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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