__________by Yo

It's not just your smile or the twinkle in your eye
It's not just your lips or the curves of your thighs

It's not just your lips or the way u laugh
It's not just u clothes your style your class

It's not just your touch or your grace
It's not just the look of your beautiful face

It's not just your voice that rings in my ears
It's not just your looks that show me u care

It's not just your love that flow from within
it's not just the fact that your here til the end

It's all these things and more that make me love u more and more each and
every day, like when u smile with all your heart and tell me you love me. When u
talk about our future and all of your dreams that tell me you want it just as
much as I do. It's when I read one of your poems and they always make me
smile, it's when I wake up and your laying there next to me. It's when your so
tired and your body aches and all u want me to do is rub u down. It's when u wake
up crying in the middle of the night like a scared child and ask me to hold u,
it's when we go to sleep everynite and ask me to hold u. It's when we are
apart and I can't do anything but think about you. It's when u give me those
looks but I still know you care, it's all of these things that make me so glad
your here. In a million years words could never express all my love for you, not
all of the I love yours in the world could help me fully express how much I
truly love u. Our love has no boundaries and is endlessly flowing, and I thank
you for showing me what love really is. Without you there is no me, cuz to my
heart I've giving you the key.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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