Camille Johns

"I've finally done it", I thought as I walked into Lecture Hall C.

The goal I had set my sights on since undergraduate school was finally within my grasp. I had finally landed my dream job, a tenure-track, full professorship in the Social Sciences Department at my alma mater, ------ University.

After completing my master's program, the last fifteen years of my life had been spent in positions of ever-increasing responsibility in a variety of social service agencies, developing a viable private clinical practice, publishing two critically-acclaimed books and several qualitative research studies in various professional journals, serving on numerous community advisory boards while finishing up my doctoral studies and thesis all in preparation for this appointment. So, when the Dean of Students invited me to join the faculty, I knew all of my diligence had finally paid off.

As I awaited the arrival of the students in my first class, Psychology 101, I was content. I prepared my handouts and syllabi, plugged in and powered up my laptop and pulled up the files for today's introductory lecture checking to make sure they were being properly projected onto the screen behind me.

Ten minutes before the start of class, students began filing in under my silent gaze. I had anticipated a classroom filled with underclassmen and was unprepared for her entrance into the classroom with only a minute to spare before the clock in the rear of the hall struck the hour. She was an attractive woman dressed in business-causal attire similar to my own, and appeared to be of similar age as well, of average height and medium build with smooth, glowing, unadorned skin the color of mahogany and professionally styled, curled and maintained, auburn locs framing her oval face and stopping at her cheek bone. I couldn't identify the color of her eyes from this distance and, I knew I needed to desist from my appraisal lest I be "clocked". "Clearly a non-traditional student", I said to myself as she took a seat in the second row, on the aisle, near the door.

After registering her presence, my attention quickly turned to the task at hand. I quickly went through the class list attempting to associate names with faces and seat location then launched into my lecture, with a relish I experienced only when speaking publicly, giving an overview of the course syllabus, discussing the major research project, upon which 50% of the course grade would be based, and reviewing the reading assignment for the next class. I dismissed the class with only minutes to spare and began packing my things to return to my office for my planning period.

After a moment, I heard,
"Excuse me, Dr. Blackaby, may I have a minute of your time?"
Without looking up and continuing to pack, I distractedly replied,
"Yes, how may I help you?"
There was silence and, as I looked up to determine why, I lifted my eyes and looked into deep brown eyes. With a wry smile, she scoldingly said,
"I thought I'd wait until you finished."
Immediately, I felt the heat of a blush creep to my chastened face as I apologized for my rudeness. Trying to recover from my embarrassment, I extended my hand saying,
"Please forgive me Mrs. . ."
"Ms. Kincaid, Elizabeth Kincaid", she volunteered while placing her hand in mine,
"But, most people call me Liz."

During that brief touch of my large, strong hands to Ms. Kincaid's delicate, soft and freshly manicured fingers, I felt the quickening of her pulse.

"Ms. Kincaid, what is it that I can help you with?" I inquired.

"Please call me Liz.", she replied.

"Thank you for the kindness but, for now, I prefer to keep things on a professional level Ms. Kincaid."

From the smile in her eyes and on her lips, I knew she received my not-so-subtle non-verbal message.

"I wondered if I could schedule a meeting with you during your office hours to discuss some ideas for my research project", she asked.

"I haven't really set my office hours yet, but, I'm heading back to my office and have some time now if you're not in a hurry."

"That sounds great, my next class isn't for another forty-five minutes."

As we walked to my office, I learned that Ms. Kincaid had been a paralegal in a well-known, local law firm for the past ten years and had recently taken an extended leave of absence to return to school full-time to pursue a pre-law degree. My class was one of the core requirements for her degree program.

Upon arrival at my office, I unlocked and opened the door, turned on the overhead light and waited while Ms. Kincaid entered as I took note of the graceful sway of her well-proportioned hips from that vantage point. She took a seat in the proffered chair positioned in front and to the right of my desk while I set my briefcase and books down and took my seat.

"Dr. Blackaby, I have to be honest with you, while I needed Psychology 101, I could have taken it with one of several other professors."

"Why did you choose my section?", I asked.
"I've admired you from afar for some time now and have followed the development of your career and read and enjoyed many of your books and articles."

"I'm very flattered but, why are you telling me this now?", I further inquired.

"Because, I also find you very attractive and would like to get to know you better. . . on a personal level."

"Ms. Kincaid, I noticed you the moment you walked into my classroom today and would like nothing more than to explore the possibilities between us. But, unfortunately, university policy forbids fraternization between professors and students whose grades and academic standing they have direct influence over, it's considered a conflict of interest."

At that point, Ms. Kincaid stood from her chair and prepared to take her leave saying,
"Alright Dr. Blackaby, I guess I'll have to wait thirteen weeks for the kind of help I really want from you."

With that, she was gone.

I was concerned that I might have offended her with my frankness and that she might have dropped my class because of the gentle rebuff. But, two days later, there she was, in what would become her usual seat in the second row, on the aisle, near the door. She never approached me again before or after class and blended perfectly into the class like any other student. She was never tardy or absent, never late with an assignment and participated intelligently in classroom discussion. In short, she was an excellent student. When I reviewed her research paper at the semester's end, I was pleased to see that her spirit of excellence extended even to her written work and was doubly pleased to record an "A" as her final grade in my class.

The day after grades were posted, when most students were leaving for their summer break, I was sitting in my office doing wrap-up paperwork when I heard a knock at the door.

"Come in.", I called.

When the door opened, there she stood in a long, flowing, white, diaphanous dress with a tight bodice, scooped neckline and pearl buttons in the front from top to bottom. The rounded tops of her breasts, with a hint of cleavage, were in plain view and I could just make out the imprint of her semi-erect nipples and the outline of her curvaceous body through the sheer material. I marveled at the brazenness of this woman to walk through the gauntlet of the myriad student and faculty gawkers I was sure she had encountered on the way and silently thanked providence for sending her to me.

"Dr. Blackaby, I've come to finish the conversation we started thirteen weeks ago.", she boldly stated.
"I was hoping you would come.", I replied as I stood to close and lock the door behind her.

"Oh I plan to do much more than just cum Professor.", she coyly said while closing and letting down the window blinds.

With that said and our privacy assured, I closed the distance between us and wrapped her in a warm embrace saying, "You are breathtaking."

She stepped into and returned my embrace and we stood in the center of the room holding each other while time seemed to stand still.

While holding her in my arms, I whispered, "Do you know how long I've waited for a woman of your caliber to come into my life? You are not only beautiful, intelligent, disciplined, ambitious, articulate, respectful and sexy but also patient and persistent. You possess all the qualities I've longed for in a mate."

She sighed and simply said, "Show me."

Placing my hands on her face at the jaw-line, I gently pulled her towards me for our first, long-anticipated kiss. I touched my lips to hers softly breathing in her natural scent and slowly experiencing the texture and shape of her lips. When a small, almost imperceptible moan escaped her lips, I began tasting her lips with the tip of my tongue waiting for her next invitation to further explore her lips, tongue and mouth. Her lips parted ever so slightly and I entered her mouth with my tongue, immediately finding contact with hers, and attempted to convey, lingually, all of the unexpressed admiration I had harbored for her throughout the past weeks by this single act.

After what seemed like an eternity, she broke our kiss and said, "More."

I continued my exploration by moving to suckle and nip at her right ear lobe. No sooner than my lips, teeth and tongue connected with her lobe did I feel an involuntary tremor pass through her body. I had found the first of many of her "spots". Emboldened, I stroked her inner ear with my tongue thus eliciting a near-orgasmic reaction from her.
"Oh baby, yes, mmmmmmm, that feels so damn good."

While continuing my assault on her ear canal, I began unclasping the buttons on her dress one by one. My suspicion that she was nude beneath her dress was pleasantly confirmed the further down the bodice I worked.

"Sweetheart, you are gorgeous.", I said while stopping to admire her perfect, 36C breasts, pierced navel and trimmed and lightly covered mons. I continued making a path with my tongue from her ear to the pulse-points on her neck, inhaling the aroma of citrus, my favorite, and caressing her naked back and hips while she clung to me.

She then pulled away from my embrace and said, "I want to feel your skin next to mine."

She slipped the sage-green, linen jacket I wore from my shoulders and down my arms placing it on my desk and unfastened the buttons of the matching slacks while simultaneously pulling my plum-colored, sleeveless, silk shell from the waistband and pulling it up and over my head and off in one fluid motion exposing my matching plum-colored panties and bra that contained my size 40DD breasts which, upon release from their containment, spilled forth into her waiting hands.

"Oooh baby, are all of these titties for me?", she asked as she eagerly fondled each breast in turn while planting wet kisses along the whole surface of each of the large globes resting first her tongue on each nipple and finally encasing each nipple between her lips and applying light suction.

With a sharp intake of breath, I clasped the back of her head and held her to my bosom saying, in a small voice, "Love, you feel so good to me."

After releasing her from my grasp, I pulled her back up to plant warm kisses on her brow, eyelids, cheeks finally resting again on her lips while luxuriating in the eroticism of her breasts against mine. She quickly stooped and pulled my panties and slacks from my waist to my ankles and pushed me back into the office chair, in the front and to the right of my desk, and straddled me carefully opening the outer lips of our pussies with her fingers to create immediate clit-to clit contact.

"Say my name.", she commanded as she slowly ground her wet pussy into mine over and over causing our throbbing clits to connect again and again in unhurried rhythm.

"Baby, oh shit, Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz", I intoned as I experienced her heat and wetness and felt the beginnings of my climax.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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