The Kymster

_____Ludacris was right: "Can't turn a ho into a housewife."

_____Normally, I would shy away from using the word ‘ho', but some chicks fit my definition, one who sleeps with numerous people, regardless of emotions. I think anyone has the right to do what he or she wills with their body, but when you mess with someone's heart, that's when things get complicated. When it was all said and done, I can't imagine why I expected anything more from Karina.

_____The first time I met Karina, she was trying to hook me up with her friend, Tonya. The next three times I saw her, she slept with three different women. Keep in mind this was all in a three-day span. DAMN!. This broad was untamed, dangerous, not to mention fiercely attractive. I could see why chicks were drawn to her physically, but I wondered if there was anything deeper under the skin. When Jenn entered the picture, I realized there wasn't.

_____Jenn reminded me a lot of myself when I was younger. She was the sensitive, faithful type who wore her heart on her sleeve. Her and Karina hit it off immediately and I wondered whether my impression of Karina had been all wrong.

_____"You gave her a key to the house?"

_____Karina gleefully smiled and said, "Yup."

_____"Umm, that was quick. The sex must be great", I say playfully.

_____"Shut up. I really like her a lot. We haven't even had sex yet."

_____"No way. Really?"

_____"Yup", said Karina, goofy smile and all. "I think she might be the one."

_____I hoped she was right because Jenn certainly felt like she had a prize in Karina. They started spending days and nights together, becoming inseparable. All the time I used to spend with Karina became Jenn's time. Her other friends got pushed to the side as well. I didn't mind at all, hell, I'm the same way when I'm involved with a woman. It seems natural to want to be with the one you love all the time. But this can, and usually does, pose problems at some point.

_____And what is the most common reason why relationships come to a close? Third Party Interference! Karina moved in a new roommate, an associate from work, and that's how it started to break down.

_____"Yo, I need you to come pick me up, right now!"

_____"It's already 1:30, Jenn. Kinda late to be coming to the club, don't ya think?"

_____"Just come and get me! Aight?!" I heard the desperation in Jenn's voice. Something was definitely wrong. I heard Karina wasn't coming home at night anymore. How the hell does a woman with two kids not bring her ass home? What was going on at the Grant household? When I pulled in to pick Jenn up, I saw Karina's car parked out front. Jenn looked really troubled.

_____"I need to get out of this damn house, man."

_____"Why didn't you take the car?"

_____"I don't have the keys." What happened to the keys she used to have? Later I discovered this really meant, ‘She took away my set of keys and gave them to this other broad', but she didn't mention it now.

_____"What's been happening, dude?"

_____Jenn looked like she was about to cry. "I don't even know. Ever since that bitch moved in, Karina been actin' up. Smoking weed and drinkin and partyin. That's all she does now, then comes in to get ready for work. That's it."

_____"What about the kids?"

_____Jenn sucked her teeth. "Sometimes I feel like they my kids, I watch ‘em so much. Don't tell no one, but they took her kids away."

_____"The father or DCF?"

_____"Naw, they with her mom for right now. Its like she don't even care about nothing no more…"

_____"Did you try talking to her?"

_____"Hell yeah, I did that already."


_____"She won't tell me what's going on. I think she's fuckin that bitch." Jenn looked as angry as I had even seen her before.

_____"No fuckin way! I don't think she would do that." I wasn't sure why I was giving her the benefit of the doubt, but I did.

_____"There ain't no other fuckin reason for her to act like this", Jenn said angrily. "Hell, she might be fuckin them both, for all I know. I swear if she fuckin em, I'mma hurt someone!"

_____"Karina is a new woman. She used to be a real slutbucket when I first met her. She changed all of that for you. She cares about you and I don't think she would do that right in front of your face," I said, wondering where this portrait of Karina as a born-again Saint was coming from. "But it's cool. All you can do right now, is take your mind off of her for a lil while. Maybe you should start meeting some new chicks, make her jealous or sumthin. Hell, all the chicks that try to holla in the clubs, you could meet a new girl easily."

_____"Yeah and that's what I plan to do. I'm goin crazy in that house."

_____ We arrive at the club, but its not as much fun as the good ole days. A few chicks to look at, but in general, this place just isn't crackin like it used to be. I'm bored. Jenn would have more fun if she weren't checking on Karina every 2 minutes.

_____"Lemme hold your cell phone."

_____"Dude, she aint home. Relax."

_____"Just gimme the phone." Jenn did this over and over and over again, but Karina never picked up, because she wasn't home.

_____The two of us planned to get some beer and smoke a little with a few other chicks. Jenn wants to stay out all night but these broads get tired after a couple of beers and some weed. After all, it is about 5 a.m., and we're trying to occupy Jenn's mind, to help her escape from her problems. Everyone is staring to get sleepy, myself included. We decide its time to go home and face the music.

_____We pull up in front of the apartment. "Ok, buddy. Keep your head up and call me tomorrow." I am so tired, I could fall asleep in my car.

_____"You aint comin in?" Jenn sounds like she doesn't want to be alone.

_____"Well, she might be home and I don't want to see a fight."

_____"She aint home, watch." She leaves the car and goes inside the apartment. She returns in a few minutes and looks sadder than she did earlier. "Come on in."

_____I parked the car and went into the house. Who is gonna drink all this extra beer? I suppose I'll have another beer and listen to some music. Jenn gets on the phone with her ex, in hopes of a late night booty call but she finds no luck. How could she think the woman she left Karina for would take her back now?

_____ I often wonder why it is so hard to just be honest with a partner. If you are unhappy with they way things are going, say that. As cliché as it sounds, communication truly is the key. You might not want to hurt feelings but if you decide, INSTEAD, to cheat, you'll hurt feelings three times over. As it turns out, Karina was not sleeping with the roommate but her roommate's friend. Relationships may end, but emotions tend to stick around awhile. They make us into better people and they teach us something new, about ourselves or about life. Jenn moved out and on with her life. I can only hope she doesn't end up like me, a sweet person with a bitter twist on love.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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