She walked into the room and I swear my breath went away. She looked my way and I knew that I had to know her on some level. As she got closer to where I was sitting, I was trying to be that cool cat, falling back, just chilling, not dwelling on one particular thing for more than seconds, but damn if my eyes had a mind of their own. Just my luck, she stopped right next to me to chat with one of her friends. It was then I got to see the full profile and believe shorty was looking all types of right.
She was just tight. She stood a good five-eight, between caramel and fudge complexions, eyes that had me wanting to get lost in them, body that was way lovely—average, athletically slender-thick.
I'm saying somebody needs to bring me a glass of water because I'm feeling a lot parched. Whoo…
Her hair threw me over the top, my hand unconsciously was reaching out to touch, almost did, before I caught myself. Inhale exhale trying to recollect mentally.
As I leaned a little closer to her direction, I caught a swift of her fragrance---whoa, a sample of her voice---ahhhh.
I felt like singing that song by Brandy… "I wanna be down" but I held those tunes inside.
I guess she finished chatting with her friend because I saw her starting to stir yet again. Felt her leaving. I wish I could speak, ask her name, something, but damn I'm just mad weak. Surprisingly she turned my way. Saw me a staring and smiled, came over and started chatting with me. I will never forget those first words.
"You're Mika right?"
The way she flowed out that sentence caused my stomach to get to dipping, flipping. I was ready to sign on the dotted line and be the best I could be in her army. Okkkk!!!
Smoothly I answered "Yeah, that's me. And you would be …???"
"Whoever you would like, my dear." She was doing this smile that made my knees buckle, I was happy I was sitting down. "Luv, my name is Stephanie. How you doing?"
"I'm well and you"
"The same. Let us skip the small talk. I saw you looking at me and I've been trying to know you for a minute now. You seem like a good person to know and I'm definitely a person to know. It's not that I'm trying to just fuck you, luv. I'm wanting to know you inside mentally before I familiarize myself with your body physically. So, ummm, luv, would you mind?"
Would I mind? Would I mind? What do I look like a fool? Hell no I don't mind, I wanted to shout, but I kept my calm. Damn she's just like me. That's exactly what I wanted to say in some shape or form, but I didn't so I'm moving on. Ok. OK. Relax, Mika, answer. Move your lips woman.
"Not in the least. That's the way I flow as well. I won't deny I find you physically appealing, but that can only get you so far in my world. Mentally, you have my interest and I see something in your eyes that causes me to feel this need to know you, truly know you."
She moved a lot closer, could feel her stomach rise and fall, my senses were going crazy, my heart was a racing, man-o-man, we were face to face, inches away. She leaned over to my ear and whispered.
"Luv, I'm about to be out of here, but I wouldn't mind going somewhere quiet to discuss our new found relation to each other." I felt her hand go down my body, goose bumps rose after her finger left the locations. She stopped at my waist, lifted my shirt, and placed something in my jean pocket. "That's my number just in case I'm caught up in ecstasy and forget to tell you later, if there is a later. So Mika, what are you going to do?"
Damn. I'm going to do whatever you request at this time. Shoo, girl, you know what you doing, seducing me, ever so quickly, inducing the dosage with each word. Damn.
"I'm down for that. What place did you have in mind?"
Oh shit, oh shit. I'm hearing things for real. I know that she's not inviting me to her place. I just know that's not what she means. Wait, wait, wait, now you know she got roommates and stuff, so don't even act like it's a big deal. You're right, you're absolutely right.
"Cool. One question before I forget. How did you know my name?"
"Simple, it's on your forehead."
As I touched my forehead, I realized that sticker was still there I put on when I came in the establishment. Word, I'm slow.
"You right. You right indeed."
"Ma, I have a feeling, you won't need that sticker much longer. Matter a fact, I'm taken it off myself because indeed you are no longer single, luv."
Whoa. Be easy. I am though.
"Word. You think it's that easy."
"Luv, I know it is."
"Well, excuse me miss, let us be free from this place and go, ummm, chat somewhere a little less loud. That is, if your roommates not having a party or something."
"No roommates. It's just going to be me and you."
I look over to the left, so she wouldn't catch the surprise in my eyes. No roommates. That's chill. I'm calm. I'm not going to rush into anything. I've played the fool. I know the rules. Just go with the flow, but don't go too fast. Remember that Mika. Ok? Ok.

I swear I must have been in a daze the whole ride to her house because I honestly have no idea how we got there, all I know is that the whole journey we just had eye-contact and I straight got lost. The cab driver had to clear his throat a couple of times before we realized we were there. She paid, even though I reached in my pocket for my money to handle the tab.
Exiting the cab, I saw that the neighborhood was quite nice and homely.
"This way, luv."
Turning around, I saw the electrifying smile that buckles my knees, I held strong and shook it off before it showed too much the affect she had on me. She reached out her hand and I took it with ease.
She lived in a brownstone, on the first floor. Walking in, it was like peace had come upon my being. I felt this intense energy as I looked around the room and I knew that this was her home. It smelled of her. It's essence was her. The art on the walls, the furniture settings, the everything. It just spoke volumes and proved my perceptions of her were indeed so.
"Stephanie, you have a nice place here."
"More so now that you are here."
"Quick with the lines, you are," I stated with a smile.
"Mika," suddenly the air got a little thick. Something about the way in which my name rolls off her tongue, ummm, so enticing. "It's not that I'm quick with the lines, I'm just telling the truth. Relax, get comfortable. What would you like to drink?"
Does she know what she's doing to me? So close. Too close. I just want to lean in and feel her skin on mine. Just a touch, a small, tiny touch and this moment would be one to be marked down for years. My heart is still racing, I would have thought I would have calmed down by now. I'm scared. I fear this intensity, this chemistry. What I'm feeling is so unfamiliar but at the same time I feel like I've known it all along. Damn, what's going on here?
"Mika, would you like something to drink?"
"Ummm. I apologize. No…ummm….I'm not….ummm… wait, actually, a glass of water would be nice, I'm feeling a little parched."
She went into the kitchen. I sat on the couch. I have to get myself together. We are just going to be chatting. Yeah, I know it's the wee hours of the morning, but it is possible to go to the club and go to there house for reasons beyond sex the same night, right? What I need to do is stop thinking so damn much? This is what I've wanted for so long and now I'm questioning it over and over again. Fall back. Be easy kid. Act smooth, you know that thing you do when you go home. Chuckling out loud, I realize how crazy, yet so intriguing this is and that I couldn't leave if I wanted to. LOL. Oh yeah, where am I? My enraptured ass doesn't even know. LOL


I'm really in my kitchen at this point getting a glass of water for someone I thought I would never ever even speak to. I don't even understand what came over me this evening. I saw her when I walked, but I didn't want to be obvious. I went over and chatted with someone I hadn't talked to for years, for a reason have you, just so that I could be close to her. Not only that, I actually initiated conversation with her. Word. What's really good here? Not only did I do that, but I also invited her to my house. My house! I never invite people over here, shoo, my family don't even get to come over here unless they give me like two months notice.
It was the eyes that got me, the smile, the aura of her. I mean like when I turned around and saw she was watching me, my fears, my doubts, my apprehension, it all went away. I realized I had to stop thinking about it and just make it happen. And so I have. This is why she is sitting in my living room at this moment and I'm getting her a glass of water.
I hope that she doesn't have the wrong impression of me. I don't do this ever. I know it's early in the morning, booty call hours, but on the real, I wasn't fronting when I said I wanted to know her mentally before physically. So I'm maintaining control, though when I was so close to her earlier and slipped her my number, I really just wanted to feel her mouth on mouth, her skin against mine, whoooo, shake that off babe.
Well, let me get back to my guest. Damn that just bought a smile to my face. LOL.
Hey, why do I hear laughing in the living room. What's going on?

"Why you lauging, luv?"
Oops, I got caught. "Just thinking some crazy thoughts, interesting thoughts, but they blowing my mind, so I just had to laugh at them."
"Yes, they were."
As she sat down on the couch, I wondered what would happen now. I know nothing about this. I do, but I don't. What to do? If you don't know an answer to a question, you ask, right? Aight.
"Stephanie, what do we do now?"
"Well," she pushed a button on some remote and a blues cd came on. Uh-oh, watch out now. "I was thinking I could learn a few important things about you and vice versa. Then I figured we could fall asleep together here on the sofa in my living room watching the sun come up or a movie or something."
"Sounds like a plan."
Time passed as we told each other our stories. I shared things I rarely ever did. I learned about her. We did this into the day. During this time, the sun had come up and shined bright, but we had not noticed. Then suddenly speech stop happening and that shared look began. By this time we were pretty comfy in the sofa. We were laying down, she snuggled up against me, me with my arm around her. Formation fit so perfectly. Still couldn't believe I wasn't dreaming.
"You know, Mika, I've never bonded with anyone like I have you in such a small time period. It's like I knew you before I knew you, if that makes sense."
"Steph, it does make sense indeed. It's exactly how I feel at this moment. I've read about this type thing, even seen it in movies, but to experience it, here, now, it doesn't even begin to compare."
Silence followed. So comfortable it was. I could feel the rhythm of her heart, her breathing. It was entrancing me to sleepy land.

"I'm tired, luv."
"I'll take my leave."
"No. Stay with me. I wanted us to sleep on this here sofa, but I think we going to need some more space."
She got up from the couch, pulled me to my feet. Without much effort, she pulled me into her sanctuary, her bedroom. It was there, we laid down and just held each other, staring in each others eyes until sleep took us away.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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