"DAMN, I think we missed the Bus," I mutter to myself as I glance at my watch for the third time in ten minutes.

I go out into the street and stare past the streetlights and distant headlights searching for the 73 CROSSTOWN.


She smiles at me and shakes her head.

I smile back.

Yes Honey, I think to myself, I know that I'm anal about time.

She opens her arms and I walk inside them. She is sitting on a detractable metal bench under the shelter as she embraces me.

I bend down slightly to kiss her lips. My intent was not to linger but to peck and yet she had other ideas as her tongue parted my lips and snaked along my teeth. This was her way of telling me that she wanted more than just a friendly peck. I obliged by allowing our tongues to press and play with one another. As our tongues danced with passion, she slipped her hands up and under my baggy sweatshirt to my braless hardening nipples.

I moaned and tried to pull away, distinctly aware of our environment, but she pulled me back to her lips by my shirt. My excitement was growing as my Calvin Klein boxers began to get moist. My body shivered and my clit throbbed against the soft latex of my 8 inch dick that I had conveniently strapped on...just in she continued our passionate kiss and fingering my erect sensitive nipples.

I ran my hands up her jeaned thighs and into her hot crotch. She was wet. She pulled away from me for a moment and unbuttoned her jeans. A seductive smile played on her beautiful full lips.

Nervously I looked around...wondering who could see us. Yet excited by our surroundings.

"Baby," she whispered, "Watch me."

She slowly took her finger and inserted it into her pants, making a tiny moan; She pulled her finger out and then placed it into my eager mouth.

Mmmm....her juices taste so sweet.

"You like that...Don't you..." she whispered.

I nodded and smiled as she guided my hands to her full 40dd breasts allowing my fingers to tease her tender erect nipples.

"Ooooh, Fuck me baby" She moaned as she unzipped my baggy Hilfiger jeans and pulled out my strap.

Through her zipper she guided my cock to her dripping snatch and slid herself down its long hard shaft. She wrapped her right leg around my left leg and pulled me closer so that my palms were pressing against the shelter's rear window and I was deep inside her. Her hands were under my sweatshirt again aggressively playing with my hard nipples. Eagerly she lifted my shirt and sucked deeply on my sensitive knobs. I tried to stifle a moan, as my strokes became deeper and harder, but I was completely taken. Her tiny bites and licks were taking me to the point of no return as I pumped deeply into her with each suck of her lips on my breasts were sending her closer to the brink of ecstasy.

"Oh baby..." She moaned and grabbed my ass. Pushing my dick deeper inside her.

I smiled as that familiar look of desire crossed her face. I love to watch her cum.

She is so beautiful, I thought to myself.

My thrusts become more rapid as she wraps her body around me. Clinging to me as if each thrust was my last one.

"Oh Shit!" she whispered into my ear as her body shook with an incredible orgasm.

I smiled. Damn, she is so beautiful when she cums.

She licks my smile.

Then pulls my head towards her lips.

"Let's call a cab."


Copyright © 1998. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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