debra diana blue

it wasn't about love. it wasn't about pleasure. it was not about sex. it was more about raw hunger than anything. what am I talking about? o yeah, the dream. I don't even know who she was. she was just standing there in front of me, smiling down at me. I was enthralled by the fact that she was offering herself to me. there was no conversation. no smile from me. only the hunger. I parted her lips and slid my tongue into her welcoming slit. I can still taste and smell her. it was like ooooo hot lava on my tongue. it was so good, her musk filling my nostrils, I wanted to stand up and witness. but I dare not leave this honeyed nest.

she was allowing my need. finally I reached up and grasped her sweet, brown breasts. God they were so full and beautiful. staring me right in my face. it was so perfect not to devour her. or eagerly rush through my ministrations. just to be lost there with her sliding that sweet puss back and forth on my tongue. I could have been greedy and ruined perfectly ordered moments. but my heart was enamored of this space and time.

I knew I had to wake up. I could have died tasting that pussy and feeling those breasts. I could easily have slipped away. even thinking about it now, I feel sated and warm. I did not wake up throbbing with desire or wanting to get laid. I felt nurtured and nestled. this woman represented my need. i need to feast on my woman's love. I need for her to say here. take what you need. I am here for you'. it was about filling a spiritual need for me as only a woman can. a woman sweetly giving of herself without fear or doubt. she represented all the openness that I desire and am willing to give. my love can't be shrouded in fear.

it was a beautiful time to have spent. but it leaves me kind of sad. she showed me what i'm longing for...that level of give and take and trust and comfort. melding with someone and having it feel so right. yes i know that sexual acts took place, but the dream wasn't about sex. it was about me being allowed to explore and experience this person without hangups or issues. don't you get it? I need to be let inside. to become a part of my woman. do you not get that? I don't need to be held at bay cuz today ain't your goddamned day. FUCK THAT. you can have all of me, no matter what someone did to me in the past. I know. i'm sorry, i'm getting frustrated trying to explain. no. I don't say anything. I never say anything. it always turns ugly. I get "you you you, it's always about you." yeah it's always about me. i'm the one lacking, hon.

do you know what the thought of a woman's soul does to me? that brings hells raging fire to my loins. flames lick at my nipples when I think of my woman's spirit. the thought of a womanspirit kindred to mine makes my cream flow. it ain't about pussy. pussy is everywhere. people are tryin to give it to you when you don't even want it....ok maybe not you. but if you're a fine dyke like me..hehe. the woman in the dream? I don't remember what she looked like. medium to dark brown, longish hair, beautiful smile, nice tits. (smile) yes she opened herself to me. she gave me everything...anything. I know that shit exists. am I crazy? no. i'm not crazy. I'm so deep that if I fell into myself i'd never be heard from again. you better hear me now.

maybe she's reaching out for me. maybe we look at the same stars and sigh together.


Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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