From the new chapbook Suite 69 by Simone A. Cunningham:

Simone A. Cunningham

_____ It started with a kiss; our second kiss. it was about three in the morning and i was excited, and a little scared. excited cause i knew we were probably gonna fuck, scared cause i had to take her back to the window she snuck out of about an hour earlier .
_____ i liked this girl. we were the same age at the time, but i'm ten months older than she is. in the head, she's abouy five years younger. the fly ones always tend to be a bit naive and sheltered. she didn't even know there were gay and lesbian bookstores. she was too scared to go in one too. me? i accepted my sexuality and my race at the same time. age four! all little girls be playin' house and doctor and shit. i just kept on playin'
_____ by age twenty-two i had slept with over forty women; short, tall, old, young, cute, and ugly. it didn't matter. it was all about getting the pussy, cause i really love me some pussy. i love how it smell, how it look, how it feel against my face, and mouth. but this girl man she was different. a straight up dime piece. a cute little thing. small petite and fine as hell. i wanted her in more ways than one. i wanted to be real for once. i promised myself that if she gave in to me, i'd treat her right, ya know? i wouldn't be out there fucking over her or disrespecting her. i'd be straight up, finish school, get my degree, and maybe write a little something every now and then. but whatever i did, i was gon' take care of my lady
_____ anyway, its three in the morning, and my mama and my little sister are knocked out. we in my bedroom chilling right? watching some videos on bet, and she is ready to get back to her house, before her moms wake-up. cool. but before we walked out that door, you know i had to get a little sumthin' for my troubles. shit, i had to be at work in four hours
_____ so we standing next to my closet, and i'm giving her serious "fuck me" eyes. we start kissing, real intense, like we been doing the shit for years. it was beautiful. my heart was beating faster than i could breathe, and i felt myself get wet. i kissed her hard, trying to kiss all the others before me out her mouth. i wanted to devour her. i wanted us to become one .
_____ my hands were trembling as i touched her body. first, her neck. then her back, where i noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. i found her perfect breasts, and once they entered my mouth i knew i had her. she moaned softly, pulling my head closer to her body. i sucked her slowly, gently nibbling her nipples as they hardened against my tongue. but i didn't want her breasts. i fell to my knees and loosened her nike sandals, so she could easily step out of them. i looked up and was face to face with her crotch. i buried my face in it, smelling a mixture of tide, and her scent. i stood and led her to my bed where i laid her on her stomach. i pulled her shorts and "jockey for hers" off at the same time, and for a moment i stared at her naked body in awe. her bottom was as perfect and firm as her breasts. i kissed her feet, her ankles, her calves, and thighs. when i reached her ass, i slightly parted her legs, and dove in face first. i could hear her muffle her moans in my comforter. i licked her slowly first, thrusting my tongue in her anus and then her sex. i raised her up a little because i wanted to suck her clitoris. as soon as i begin to taste her, she ripped my sheets. i smiled .
_____ i turned her over on her back, and placed her legs on my shoulders; my face deep inside her, along with fingers both in her cunt and ass. she lay there squirming with satisfaction, taking everything i gave her. she fucked my hand like a porno star, and with her clit in my mouth i came so hard i knew my silk boxers were ruined. a few moments later she came long and hard down my throat. and i swallowed every drop of her


Copyright © 1998. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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