_____ Nikki nervously tapped on Gina's door. Her hart was pounding. She hoped Gina wouldn't think she was moving too fast. She didn't want to scare her away. She took a deep breath as Gina opened the door.
_____"Hey, baby" Gina said with a warm smile.
_____"Hey, yourself" Nikki said, then took Gina in her arms and gave her a long deep, sweet kiss. She slowly backed away laughing at Gina's groan of protest.
_____"So where did you run off to today?" Gina asked, she quickly noticed Nikki's nervous look. "And how come I couldn't come?" She said sexily pouting her lips.
_____Damn, I can't think when she does that, Nikki thought. Nikki looked at her and felt a rush of emotion. She walked over to her, sat her down on the bed, she kneeled on the floor and moved in between her legs. She looked into her eyes and said, "You know I love you with all my heart, and "
_____"And I love you too baby," Gina said cutting her off.
_____"Well we've been together for about two months now and I wanted to get you something special I hope you don't think I'm moving too quickly "
_____"Honey what are you talking about?" Gina asked.
_____Nikki was talking fast and nervously. All the things she rehearsed flew out of her head. Damn she thought, I don't know what to say. She saw the confusion on Gina's face and reached into her pocket and took out a black velvet box. Gina stared in amazement. She opened her mouth to speak but Nikki put a finger over her lips. "I love you with all my heart and I wanted to give you this." Nikki opened the box and Gina let out a gasp as she stared at the jewel encrusted ring.
_____Tears sprang into Gina's eyes. She tried to speak but she couldn't.
_____"Can I put this on you?" Nikki asked. Gina nodded and Nikki slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her hand. Gina looked in amazement at the sparkling ring on her finger. She then turned to look at Nikki. Nikki was still kneeling on the floor.
_____Nikki looked into her liquid brown eyes and saw something different. She saw the tears of joy, but the look on Gina's face also showed a desire Nikki never saw before. And before she knew it, Gina was on top of her covering her face in kisses. Nikki tried to talk but Gina was having none of it. She kissed her full on the mouth and slipped her tongue in, cutting off anything Nikki was going to say.
_____Normally during their lovemaking Nikki was in control But not this time. All she could do was hold on while Gina devoured her. She never saw Gina so worked up. She saw the intense look in Gina's eyes and knew Gina was running the show, so she decided to just go with it and enjoy it. She almost wanted to laugh as the normally passive Gina was practically ripping her clothes off. She heard a button pop, and she saw another one fly through the air. Damn she thought, baby must be serious. They were gonna have all kinds of fun that night.
_____Gina was completely in control, and she liked it. She started planting little kisses down Nikki's body. She was satisfied when she heard Nikki give that long sexy moan she gives during sex. All Nikki could do was lie there and enjoy it. Gina looked into Nikki's eyes and said "Baby, I'm bout to tear you up" And she did.
Meanwhile across campus .

_____Shay and Kayce were lying in bed, recovering from the best sex either of them had ever had, they were drifting off to sleep when all of the sudden "WHAT THE FUCK! BITCH GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY GIRL" They both jumped up and there staring at them is Deja, Shay's Ex girl.
_____Shay was staring in disbelief at Deja. The 5'2 tornado that took her life by storm. They met as Seniors in High School and it was love at first sight for Shay. This was the only girl to stop her in her tracks. But Shay being Shay played it cool, and made Deja chase her. She played hard to get for a quick minute, but she knew she wanted Deja and she eventually "gave in." They were together from their senior year of High School to their Sophomore year of college. They were going strong and Shay was loved her as much as she did when they first started out.
_____But then things slowly changed. Deja was always too busy for her, she was short, hostile and downright nasty to her. Shay didn't know what was going on. But she was constantly being hurt by Deja's attitude and apparent dislike for her. She didn't understand what changed between them. The only time they got along was when they were having sex. Even though Deja was treating her like shit, she still was sexy and gorgeous. And Shay still loved her. She was willing to work it out, whatever it was that was wrong, but it seemed like Deja didn't want to. She was determined to sit her down to see where they stood. She went to her room and was shocked to see Deja kissing another girl.
_____Shay's first instinct was to go across the room and beat both their asses. But she stood there and waited for an explanation. She expected Deja to at least be embarrassed but she looked proud. She looked at Shay and said "Well, what do you want?" Shay couldn't believe her. She wanted to slap her face, she wanted to wipe that mean smile off her face. But she also wanted to cry. So she just turned and walked out. She saw her all the time on campus, with different girls. It really hurt her to see Deja with other girls but she soon got over her.
_____So when Kayce showed interest, she was happy because she always thought Kayce was cute. This is a nightmare she thought. She just had the best sex of her life and here was Deja was standing there ready to kill. Shay was stunned into silence but Kayce wasn't
_____"What, Who The Fuck Are You?" Kayce said Angrily, this time was for her and Shay, and she didn't want anyone interfering.
_____"Who Am I?" Deja asked incredulously "I'll Tell You Who I Am, I'm Shay's Girlfriend" Deja said looking at Kayce as if she was going to strangle her.
_____Kayce looked at Shay. "Is that true, Shay?" Kayce said, her voice wavering "Is she your girl?"
_____"No She Is Not, She Is My Ex" Shay said.
_____"And Who The Fuck Are You?" Deja demanded angrily,
_____"Who the fuck am I" Kayce practically yelled and tried to jump out of the bed. But Shay held on to her...tight.
_____"Deja, what are you doing here?" Shay asked.
_____"I came to get you back."
_____"Get me back wait, how did you know I was in here?">
_____"I followed you in here, I thought she was just a friend, but when you spent all that time in here I got suspicious."
_____"Can you turn around so we can get dressed?" Shay asked. Deja turned around and they got up and got dressed.
_____"So what the fuck is going on?" Deja demanded.
_____"What does it look like Deja?" Shay said.
_____"It looks like you keepin my spot warm with this little girl"
_____"Bitch, I Got Your Little Girl" Kayce said furiously and lunged at Deja. Shay quickly stepped in between them, and tried to calm Kayce down. She gave her a reassuring look, sighed and turned to Deja. "Deja look, I really don't appreciate you busting in here and interrupting us. You and I we are done. And I don't want you back, I don't want to try to make it work, I don't want anything to do with you, I just want it to be over.
_____"Shay, honey " Deja started
_____"No, don't even start Deja cause I'm through with all that. All the sweet words in the world from you aren't gonna make me want you back. I got a me a new shortie." When she said that, Kayce came over and took her hand.
_____Kayce was glad things were going the way they were. She was crazy about Shay and this girl wasn't about to mess that up. She had her chance already and she fucked it up, it was her turn now.
_____"So deja, I think it's time for you to leave now." Shay said gently, not wanting to hurt her any more than she already had.
_____"But "Deja started to protest, but Kayce had enough of this. She wanted Deja gone.
_____"Look, you heard her asking you to leave." Kayce said in a very threatening voice.
_____"Yeah I heard her, but I'm not done talking to her."
_____"Oh, I think you are." Kayce said it was obvious she was done with all the talking. She thought Shay was being nicer than she needed to be. Shay was all about being nice and sparing her feelings, she had no such thoughts. She wanted her out and wasn't afraid to kick her the fuck out.
_____"Shay has been more than nice to you, she didn't have to talk to you she could have just kicked you out like I would have done, but she was trying to be nice and talk to you. Now she said what she had to say and she asked you very nicely to leave. I suggest you do it, because if you don't, I'm going to ask you to leave, and I promise you, I won't be as nice about it as Shay was." Kayce said.
_____Deja, thought about protesting some more, but she looked at Kayce, and thought better of it. Shay was silently willing Deja to leave. She was still holding Kayce back but she wasn't sure if she could stop her if Kayce went to go choke Deja. She was very proud of her. She was surprised she kept herself in check this long. But she knew that Kayce wasn't gonna stand there forever and wait for Deja to leave. And the way she was straining at her hand, Deja didn't have much time.
_____Finally Deja weighed her options and decided that she should leave. Let Shay have her violent little girlfriend. She was done with her anyway. She would find her another girl. Without another word she turned and left.
_____They both breathed a sigh of relief. Shay turned to Kayce and gave her a kiss on the lips.
_____"Thank you hon"
_____"For what"
_____"For putting her in her place and putting her out without resorting to violence." Kayce gave a rueful laugh.
_____"Hon I don't think I deserve that." Shay gave her a why not look "Because if she didn't leave when she did I think I would have seriously fucked her up" Shay laughed and gave her a teasing look. "My baby be gettin violent huh" Shay said in a teasing voice.
_____"Only when somebody messes with mine" Kayce said.
_____"Yours huh?" Shay said taking her into her arms and pulling her close. "Oh yeah" Kayce said, "Definitely mine" And gave her a long deep, passion stirring kiss. They both began to get into it and Kayce knew what she wanted to do. She felt Shay's hands wander down to her ass. She was getting very turned on and she wanted Shay right now. She broke away from the kiss and looked at Shay
_____"Shay, honey, I want you, right now."
_____Shay looked at her, and saw that she was serious, and a slow smile crept across her face. Kayce was so horny she could barely keep still and Shay knew it. And that's the way she liked it. Kayce slowly walked over to the bed, on the way talking off all her clothes. She lies there naked, and waiting for Shay to join her. Shay stood there for a second thinking "Damn, baby is fine" And from the lustful look on Kayce's face, they were gonna be getting freaky. She practically ripped the clothes from her body, she was in such a hurry to get at Kayce. When she finally got out of her clothes, she walked slowly to the bed and joined her girl. Kayce had the Girl, I'm gonna tear you up look on her face and it excited Shay even more. She lied down on the bed with Kayce and said in a funny frightened voice
_____"Be gentle" and Kayce laughed because she knew she was gonna be anything but gentle. But Shay knew that and that's why she was glad Kayce was her girl.


Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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