Lauren is my soulmate 4 life, we have 10 wonderful years together and I love her more now than the first day we met. As far as i'm concerned we have the perfect relationship, except for one thing-- she never says 'I'm Sorry." Even when she knows she is wrong. Instead she'll try to make up for it by being extra nice to me and giving me extra attention.

Well, this particular hot summer evening we had a small disagreement. Now Lauren knew she was wrong but still wanted to debate and justify her point of view. I was really pissed and didnt want to hear it. This time it wasn't gonna work so I just cut her off and and i told her, "Lauren, you know what your problem is? You just cant admit when you're wrong. Dayum, just once i would just like to hear you say, you know what you're right i'm sorry' and we just end a converstaion on that note."

We were sitting on the couch, so she leaned over and put her arm around my waist and started kissing me on the neck and playing with my ears. She knows how that turns me the fu** on. Then, she started whispersing in my ear real low and soft "Rachel you know I love you, and you know how I am, words are not necessary you know I always make it up to you in more ways than one."

The whole time she was talking to me she was kissing my neck paying with my ears and rubbing across my breast. I wanted to give in so bad but I had a point to prove and everything she tried wasnt gonna work this time. So I just turned and looked at her and said "whatever" then I got up and went to take a shower because it was so hot outside and I was soaked with persperation......among other things and i went to bed and left her sitting there.

About 1/2hr later I heard Lauren get in the shower and then she came to bed. I felt her move in closer to me, but I pretended I was asleep. I heard her call my name real soft "Rachel, Rachel you asleep?" (dayum she smells so good is what was going through my mind) but I didnt move. She turned over and went to sleep. I layed there for about 1hr until I heard her steady breathing. I slipped outta bed to get something cold to drink and to make sure she was sound asleep.

When I returned, she was still asleep on her back. She had on a thin robe with nothing underneath it because it was so hot. I put the glass down on the nightstand and proceeded to get back in the bed. I loosened her robe real gently until her breast was exposed, being careful not to wake her. Then softly, I started to suck on her nipple. She started to move a little so I stopped because I didnt want to wake her, at least not yet. Then, I slowly removed the belt to her robe. I started sucking on her breast again. She moved slightly and let out a soft moan but was still not awake.

I moved between her legs and with my face slowly parted the trees to her forest. I explored until a gentle rain started falling. Her hips started moving with the motion of my tongue and I heard a soft moan escape. She woke up and looked down at what I was doing, smiled, put her head back, and started licking her lips. I put my arms around her hips and brought her closer to me so I could go deeper inside her. We moved in one complete rhythm. Her legs tightened around my neck and I knew it was getting good to her.

I was moving my tongue in and out of her forest and occasionally flicking her clit as it got harder and harder. "Oooo baby, this feels so good," she kept sayin. I could tell she was about to come because she started riding my tongue harder and harder and it was pouring like a waterfall inside her forest. So, I started moving my tongue faster and faster......until........I decided to slow down. She started moaning, "Don't stop, baby, please dont stop. Don't tease me like this." Yeah, I got her azz now, is all that was going through my mind. Before it's all over she is going to say those words that i've been waiting to hear.

Then, I slowly pulled my tongue out, started kissing her on her inner thigh, and slowly up her body. She tried to push my head back down but I resisted. I took the belt from her robe and tied her hands together so I could have total control. Lauren had a habit of resolving a situation herself if I wasn't moving fast enough ( if you know what I mean) because she didn't like being teased.

After tying her hands together, I reached for the glass on the nightstand. I took a piece of ice and slowly started rubbing it on her warm skin. Then, I put the ice in my mouth and pulled both of her breasts together and started sucking on her nipples, while my legs rubbed in between hers so I could feel her soft grass against my skin and see how much dew had fallen.

Her body started moving with the motion of my leg and she started moaning "Rachel, why you teasing me like this, baby? Please stop teasing me"...... then real low and soft she said, "please." This woman is so dayum sexy--she knows that tone of voice drives me crazy. I was starting to get wet but I had to get a hold of myself and keep focus because I was determined to teach her a lesson.

So then, I started kissing her because her moaning was driving me crazy. I couldn't let myself loose control. My leg was so wet from all the moisture between her legs. I inserted one finger inside her and then another, I used my thumb to message her clit. She stopped kissing me and started breathing hard and said, "Ummm, now that's what I'm talking about."

I started kissing her passionately and playing with her ear and I said, "Lauren you know what I want. Just say you're sorry and admit you were wrong and we can take this all the way. Just say it......2 words baby just say it." She started grinding faster and breathing heavier she was just about to cum.....until......I started slowing down (well you know I didnt hear what I wanted to hear yet).

Now, by this time Lauren was getting really pissed and she said......"Rachel, if all you're gonna do is keep fuc**** teasing me, you might as well stop now. You know I dont like that shi*.....untie me let me get the fuc* up and i'll handle my own business."

Instead, I started kissing her real passionatly and messaging her nipples......"Now come on, Lauren. You know those 2 words I wanna hear so why dont you just say them so I can handle my business?

She whispered in my ear....."I love you Rachel".......and I told her that was cute but that's not what I wanna hear. I moved between her legs and and started rubbing my hard nipple against her already hard clit. She lost control and said, "Ok, Ok, I'm sorry."

I put my tongue inside her and started licking her clit up and down. Then, I said to her, "Now, say it like you mean it or i'll stop for real this time."

"Baby, I am so sorry please dont stop.....ummmm....I am so sorry."

I grabbed her around her hips pulled her closer to me and started licking and sucking her clit real intensly until I felt her body tense and she came. I stayed there until her rhythm slowed and she started trembling. I untied her hands and held her in my arms until she calmed down, then I kissed her on the forehead and said, "This would never have happened if you just said sorry' in the beginning.

She gave me a kiss and winked. "Maybe that was the whole point." We both laughed and then went to sleep (for real this time).


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