With all due respect…
I like to get some thing off my chest
Things causing a bottleneck in my throat
My heart… it’s getting choked
In the hurt and pain
Waiting for
These things we don’t share…
My Fires’ dying
See I’ve been crying
I’ve sat back and though about your question…
“What I have done for you lately”
Equates to…
Catering to you when you’re sick
Buying you cards
All types of gifts
Making sure your family can reach out and touch you by cell phone
All those flowers, which died cause, I couldn’t catch you at home
The numerous times I asked you to go out with me to dine
Time after time after time

With all due respect…
I had to regress from family and friends
On the outside looking in
Telling me that I deserved so much more
I shouldered that burden as I’ve done before
As I hadn’t a clue as to what was in store
No… I didn’t disclose our business, baby
It’s just too easy for other’s to see
Those who truly care much about me

With all due respect…
Hey love… you’re an absentee
Most times you’ll find me alone
There’s no one blowing up my phones
So our business…
Cover was blown
I didn’t even have to say a word
Your actions speak loudly, it reverbs
My actions speaks louder than my words
“I’m in love with you!”
With all due respect…
“I’m in love with a stripper!”
Damn… that song slams
As I stand watching you work me as if I were a pole
Grinding my heart, gyrating my soul
Just didn’t wanna believe you would be so cruel
Working me as if I’m just another lonely fool
Sitting on a stool
Watching your beauty
Tossing money away just to say that…
I was played by your … romantic dance
Which held me in a trance like state

With all due respect…
I need to regurgitate
Never will you find ANYONE who will love you as I do
“ALWAYS” do you remember that poem too?!!
Yeah… I’ll always love you
I’m just going through…
With all do respect!

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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