by Anna B

A night entwined
Your thighs in mine
An evening that's redifined
Your head in mine

A soundtrack for this moment
Love songs from Me'Shell
No regrets from Edith
Grinding for Miles
Spreading limbs with Andre3000
Operatic/theatrics to Floetry
Climatic like El Nino
Going deep like Janet
Smooth swooning with Lizz

Like a DJ she flips the switch
Changes the Tune
Like a powerful Goddess she changes the moon's cycle
Flips me on my belly and whispers into my ear
"I want a backstage pass to your ass
Like a VIP Pass
I wanna access all areas
With no hysteria
You'll be sweating in fever like Malaria"

The music fades
I awake in a cloud
To my clit and heart thumping to the beat form the night that was
Still naked with a VIP pass around my neck

After a night of getting my kicks
I roll over, snuggling my body into hers
My Lover-
The Goddess, Illusioinist, D.J., Magicician.
Her and her bag of tricks.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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