by Ree-bok, the Classic

Exposing my weakness..
Drowning myself in my love for "her"
overdosing on the memories
and daydreams of
walking with "her"
holding "her"
laughin with "her"
talking with "her"
kissing "her"
making love over and over and over with "her"
just enjoying being in the company of "her"
I said I wasn't gonna do this write anything down.. but its pouring from my mind to the keyboard
to the screen
My gawd I thought she was just a dream...but she's real, I have kissed her lips
rested my temple against her bare breasts
as she held my face, caressing my cheek
we lay together, heart beating as one we sleep
I can't go on but I must
In God I trust that we will be once again
puzzle pieces that have found their fit
in the puzzle of life...
I think I could be that perfect wife....

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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