by L. Monique

This ainít no ordinary love poem
Iím not gonna stand here and proclaim a bunch of corny
Ďhow do I love thee, let me count the waysí romanticism dribble
Iím not gonna do it
Iím not gonna say
peppered with a bunch of trite cliques

this ainít no ordinary love
just by virtue of the fact that we are
there! I said it
so forget it
all the nonsense
never mind all the bullshit
forget all the doubters
and fuck all the haters who never thought this would last
each and every one of them can kiss my
as - of this reading weíve been together for more than 3740 days

this ainít no ordinary love poem - spilling out of me
as I lay
next to you in our over crowded bedroom in the
4th apartment that weíve shared - together
since our long distance romance
lovingly transcended into going the distance
something we choose to do everyday

a special thing
others could never quite fathom- how I
hear our song in my head
do you hear it?
do you hear it?
do you hear it?

It always begins the same
With 2 thick beats
that proceed the crime drama we regularly watch on TNT

itís all good baby - Ďcause we just fit like that - a tributists' dream
we go together
cake and ice cream

peanut butter and jelly
bagels and cream cheese
debt and poverty
wounded friends and Dick Cheney
riches and luxury
rainbow flags and pride parades
butches and femmes
butt plugs and booties
smoked turkey and collard greens
ham hocks and black eyed peas
Condoleza Rice and bad hair days
candy and cavities
organisms and, and, and, and screeeeeeeeeeeeams
clits and tongues
pens and poetry
like summer time and hanging out at the park
rolling joints and playing handball after dark
nothing anyone has ever experienced
nothing youíve ever seen

ĎCause this
ainít no ordinary love
and I know you ainít into playiní games
but baby Iím so happy that you are and always will be
my Toii

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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