by Andrea

I will never forget the night
When I looked you in the eyes
And told you that you were falling harder than a crystal sky
We both knew I was not involved
This reverie is yours alone
I loved you many days and every season
Never left your side as many times as I have had reason
Yet all I can do is support your project in love

When I close my eyes my thoughts are fixated
On how our love has presently become abated
As many times as I've said its time to leave
I need to get my mind right and breathe
My mind remained stoic while my heart had its own tangent
The two did not agree much like you and me
Every moment I bit my tongue
Made me hate trying to love hard and be so young

Fate was what I thought brought us together
Only fools in love use the word "forever"
Although I remember keenly your last card did
I like to pretend your words I can easily forget
I am over you my life has gone on
You just puzzle and confuse me with all your wrongs
However cupid still strikes and gives you a chance
While for me the music is playing
But I'm still waiting for a dance

I'm not sure if I'm jealous, bitter, or all the same
You prove my point exactly that love can be such an unfair game
Love has been robbed a year
Because I've dealt with the worse and subdued the silent tears
Now I must end this circle but not our connection

This is far from being a regretful reflection
Its me dealing with a reality and the turn of a new page
Learning we're no longer able to venture to the lover's phase
Unexpectedly like the cry of a dove
Finally came the day when she fell in love...and it was no longer with me

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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