by Epitamy Aude

I wish I was a bird…
So that I could fly away with you
Keep you safe and out of harm’s way
Protect you from those who are out to hurt you
Take you to a place that you can call all yours.

I wish I were an artist…
So that I could paint you
Paint all the beauty that I see, feel and know about you
I want to paint you inside and out,
Express my love that there are no words for.

I wish I were a songstress…
So that I could caress you with my voice
Make love to you with my vocals
Take you to new heights in ecstasy without ever touching you.

For all these things I wish for…
I am not.

But what I am…
A woman
Who will
Give you her last
Love you until you say no more
Please you until you say stop
Show you how BEAUTIFUL
You truly are.

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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