by Niemah

I want
To be serenaded
By my violinist,tonight
And I want the melody
To begin
Soft & Slow
Fingers dancing
Across my fingerboard
Ever so gently

I want it to melt me

An andante
With the slide rise & fall
of the bow
my neck cradled in
The palm of strong hands

Is a taunting,
Walking the sounding post
Creating energy
with your fine tuning
Covering every essential part of me

The scale has waken me
to ecstasy
a most certain desire
seduction every beat
to every note to
every 4th measure

Bow piercing,piercing,piercing
Me like a rod
" This Duet"
A forte like lovers
I am
White satin....

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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