by Epitamy Aude

I want to know the you
That has not been introduced to anyone else.
I am talking about the you
That you have been keeping to yourself.

I want to know your most recent fantasy…
The one that made you blush because you felt pure ecstasy.
I want to know each and every thought you have had of me…
So I can think of ways to make them a reality.

I want to know that spot
That seems to have so much tension and stress.
As a lover of oral pleasure
I know just where it needs to be caressed.

I want to know if that same spot
Was ever licked, sucked, rubbed, and kissed….
Would you allow yourself
To think about what you could have missed?

I want to know what brings a smile upon your face.
What makes you take a person into your loving embrace?
I want to know what could I have done to make you cry.
What makes you feel so elated like on a natural high?

I want to know that if one day I decide to explore
The depths of the ocean to find some unknown treasure
Will you be there waiting for me,
Standing along the ocean’s shore?

I want to know that as the days turn into weeks and eventually years
That no matter what you are doing or going through
And no matter where I may be…
I want to know…
Will I have your arms to run into?

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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