by Chayse N. Ryan

So much left unsaid

Too many sleepless nights with you in my head

Tormented by unfulfilled fantasies of you in my bed.

Played it cool, unsure of what might or could ever be.

Steps measured, captivated I was - interested obviously.

Closer and closer, I tried to get.

Wanted your body more than I'd like to admit.

Words suppressed, held back in fear.

Probably nothing, you'd want to hear.

Didn't dare say "it."

Time and circumstance wouldn't permit.

So much left unsaid.

Should've lived through my heart and not my damn head.

Then I could have, would have, should have said…

The taste of your kiss, the tone of your voice, the rhythm of your speech,
the depth of your eyes, and the heat of your touch.

All of it, I loved, and now miss so very, very much.

Wish I had taken the chance and been more outspoken.

Perhaps, then my lonely heart would be unbroken.

But such is bitter consequence of words unspoken.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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