by B.J.Ental

I shall call you Vee, I shall call you the
The heart and soul of me, the one who without
Warning showed up when I preferred my own
Company, the one with the voice that seem to
Enter my blood stream, the one who’s eyes
Held beauty beyond the soul, caressed me
Before hello, as yet still standing five
Feet away, made my body remember
Desire and my heart long for closeness,
So I shall call you Vee, for when I
Touched you the first time, I already
Knew every inch of you, remembered
Your wants and the feel of your body
As a memory longed tucked away, see
As you look like the love of my soul, I hold
You in the midst of a familiarity unknown
I like the tremble in you voice, as
You speak, I like the beating of your
Heart that seems to call me, as we kiss
I remember dreams long deferred, as I feel
You, I see another place on earth, as the Gods
Would have it, you found me, and in you
I found a passion that took us beyond the
Grasp of today, but way back to a time
When Kings and Queens looked like me,
As I touch you and go deep into the bowels
Of your soul, I feel you climax in a way
That is new, but familiar like old, I enjoy the
Wetness your body gives to me, I float
On the softness of your Pussy, gosh
I want to swim inside of you, I want to
Go deeper and deeper, I want to remember
Why my soul won’t let me forget you,
I shall call you Vee, cause right now I love
Who you are to me, but I just want to Fuck
Your she…I shall call you Vee…

Copyright © 2007.Used by permission of author.All Rights Reserved.

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