by JHoney

so thirsty……
for the mere sight of you….
skin so soft I can almost see the tracks my eyes make as they caress your body
damp with the desire your anticipation creates as if an automatic reflex to the burning obsession my eyes have to devour you

so thirsty….
for the mere sound of you….
each stuttering gasp as I trace your form with my clumsily eager fingertips
each soft moan you make as I stir the soft invisible hairs on your body with the breath my mouth leaves in passing

so thirsty….
for the taste of you….
each wet gust of air as you sob out your pleasure at my fingers invasions
each bead of sweat that races from your throat to dangle dangerously over the precipice of your hardened nipple begging me to rescue it with the tender touch of my tongue

so thirsty….
for the heat of you….
burning your need into my palms as I try to memorize every single inch of you with the pitifully inadequate feeling in my 10 digits and palm
imprinting the very desperation of your frustration into the pores of my face as I cradle your hips and bring your overflowing cup to my lips…….
….and drink……
…..and drink……
……and drink…….

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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