by Nyla

I wish just once
After we've hugged our goodbyes
And the door closes
Before I click the lock
Return to my monotony
That you would get an epiphany
Realize that what you want
You could get from me
Fully and freely
Rich and raw
Unclothed and uninhibited
Head thrown back in wave after wave
Of yesses and ohs and
Don't stops and right theres
I wish that before the bell rings
and the elevator wisks you away
that you would have an epiphany
and think of me
Wet and ready to receive
your hand, your fingers
your lips, your tongue
long slow strokes
that progress to faster flicks
circling the tip but not directly
Making me crave you as I writhe
Beneath your touch
I wish that before you unlocked your car door
Patted the pedal and gunned your engine
That you would get an epiphany
Think of me
Rocking gently on your pelvic bone
Grinding to your rhythmm
Feeling your moisture pool beneath me
Slick and viscous
Ohing and yessing and squirming and
I wish that you would have an epiphany
That you really want to be with me
A love like this cannot be found until
Turn Around

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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