by Asiah D. Belt

Why is it that you act as if
The truth is too good for me
Am I not worthy enough
To bear your full honesty
I gave you all my heart and soul
But what do I get in return
To love and not be loved
I just have to live and learn
Why can't you feel the same for me
As I do for you
Why should I endure the pain
Of the hell you put me through
You said the feelings were all gone
But somehow you still give in
Talking on the phone with her
Of what could or should have been
Maybe she is right
Or am I just wrong
Were you only on the re-bound
When I suddenly came along

You say you want to be with me
That I'm the one for you
But I can't just take your word for it
You have to show me that it's true
How do you expect
For us to start anew
When you're still doin' the same shit
That you used to do
Very soon I see myself
Crying once again
Or fakin' like it ain't happenin'
Just being dumb-playin' pretend
I can't just turn my cheek on this
Or just close my eyes
`Cause I'm hip to the game now
I finally realize
I have to make a serious choice
I really have to decide
Can I spend my life not bein' your girl
And being just your bitch on the side?

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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