by Climactic One

Woman beautiful woman
What is it about you the keeps me so mesmerized?
Hypnotized by the sway of your thighs as you walk my way
Lips against my ear you say…lets get out of this place
Role playin’ the doctor and you’ll be my patient
Prescriptions written for love makin’
And oh yesss
I will be patient
I’m one to take my time
I call it full-body-appreciation
Knowing how to express gratitude
So many ways I’ll show I’m thankful for what the man upstairs gave to you
Just want to be your love slave and cater to you
My goal is to be your pleasure
Givin’ it to you like I’m resorting to desperate measures

Woman beautiful woman
You must be drugs because I’m on a trip
Climbing your peaks
Sliding down your valleys
Passing thru your rivers
While squeezing into your alley
Fingertips drippin’ nectar
Lips kissin’
Tongues touchin’
Voices whisperin’ beggin’ for more
Passion fills hot pounding pussies
Earsplitting moans represent the intensity
Seizing the moment I pull you in tightly
United orgasms strike our bodies like lightening

Fingertips drippin’ nectar
Oh my, how you quenched my thirst
I may not be the last and I damn sho aint the first
But there’s one thing for sure and this I guarantee
This night…like your name you’ll remember
Unbridled moments of pure eroticism

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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