by jane sway

The rain falls gently outside
the lightening flashes
the thunder claps
and my thoughts turn to you

I remember cradling you
when the nights were like this
loving you
protecting you
sheltering you
from the noise and your fear

You have another love to comfort you now
the one I always knew wanted you
and considering you told me
That you wanted to be single
That she “wasn’t like that”
That she wasn’t gay
That you weren’t even sure you were - when I was your third
That you couldn’t be with anyone at this time alone her of all people,
That you weren’t interested in living with her alone be her girlfriend
I can only shake my head
at how readily all you had said

The rain has stopped now
and I’m left to marvel
at your judasesque betrayal
and smile at this
particular irony

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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