by Diamond Marie

There's an inkling down the center of my spine
I feel it every time I think you
Feeling the rays of the sun agianst my inner thighs
Where I imagine you placing soft kisses
Watching you…..
Noticing the darkened tint
That now replace those once pink lips
The heat that dwells along my inner walls
Causing a temporary tan for the moment
Unveiling, the site of you between my legs
Never touching lips to lips
Instead taking me through inevitable and
Uncontrollable surges of pleasure
With the very brush of your lips to my skin
Needing you to extinguish the fire growing between my legs
But loving the anticipation all too well
Like the first day of summer
After the snowy days of winter
I'm needing you…..
Your eyes commanding me to take it
Be a big girl and bite the pillow
My body begging you to take me
Your eyes as you watch me
Letting me know….
You got this……
I want you to take me to a place
And give me my first glimpse of heaven
But I realize that this…..
Is one of many places I can't go with you

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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