by Diamond Marie

what is it that draws me to you like the
very instrument I use to utter your name to
the curve of your intrinsic physique
The want for you to whisper my name
as a detailed outline of your temple is
written from your head to your toes..
want to know what I'm writing about?
The silkiness of your skin to the touch of my
palm as I follow your geographical line
over the curves of your temple, I worship your
pleasure tool as our tongues dance
to the melody of poetry and do I dare
discover and rediscover your velvet zone
amazing my body to yours as we move
to the rythm of love this is nothing short
of the greatest poem ever written
in a language never really none to many
futhermore-so atonishing is how I`ve
rewritten the words to you temple
without ever needing ink

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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