Annisa Arthur

In the cracked ridges of my fingertip you can find her heady exudation.
And on this somatic jetty her attar drifts into a sweltering evaporation.
She ascends into the red-blazed nebulas of my harbored aphrodisia.
And then descends into a raging, inundating downpour.

My Eden is sodden by her molesting monsoon.
My walls collapse from the vigor of her hedonic hurricane.
My oceanís tides sashay to the allure of her magnetizing moon.
My temporal torrent spurts into her libidinous lake.

Unto my rooftop I hear her pitter-patter.
And in the nadir of my ramparts I feel her rolling thunder.
In the smoldering molten of a labial kiss,
She and I dissolve into a bawdy bliss.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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