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Rayne 2 Marzett

I’m kinda board tonight, starting to get that old familiar feeling. My instincts are becoming sharper and keener. I carry the spirit of the wolf inside me, and every now and then it gets the need to act out the game of the hunt. I try hard to control it but sometimes the urge is so great that the only thing to do is follow it wherever it may lead. Tonight the urge is stronger then it has ever been before. I have two choices, one would be to go down to the local bar/club and find fresh prey (umm), the other would be to call up old prey and work them over in a new exciting way. Choices, choices, what do I do? I think to fully enjoy this urge I must stalk and take down new prey.
So, it’s off to the hunting grounds. I return to my regular place for what I expect will be a night of most enjoyable pleasures. Before I left the house I made sure I was well prepared for the hunt. I’m dressed in a way that would catch the attention of my prey. Once they have been drawn into my trap by the style I have created they become mesmerized by my scent. It’s almost like a deer caught in headlights. You see it coming, but can’t do anything to move out the way, you just sit there and try to embrace for the impact of the car. Like most predators I scan the herd and take notice of a few expectable possibilities. I scan once more to make sure I’ve seen all my options, when I spot her at the bar. She is obviously out of place here. Her body language is telling me that she’s new to this kinda scene, she’s questioning her place. Should she stay or should she go is the question that is determining the expression on her face. She will be perfect for what I have in mind.
I slowly approach the bar where she is sitting and order a drink. She looks at me with a look of approval then; she catches a whiff of my cologne and lets a soft moan come from deep within. I’ve got her already and haven’t even said a word to her. I haven’t even looked at her and she’s interested. I sip my drink and look straight ahead; every now and then I glance at her out the corner of my eye. By the new look one face I can tell she’s checking me out. Ever now and then I see her biting her lip like she is picturing me doing naughty things to her in her head. I finish my drink and order another and have it sent to her, time to begin the 4play. She comes over to me and sits down on the stool next to me. I turn slightly towards her ad take in her beauty in fully.

After a little icebreaker chit-chat I decided to kick it up a notch. She’s been looking deeply into my eyes since she first came over. I won’t let her look anywhere else. I need her to feel the words that I speak, and see the images in her mind. If she’s looking into my eyes then she feels free to tell me any and everything. She will feel the need to respond physically to the vibe between us. She’s waiting for me to ask her to go home with me, but I decided that she hasn’t been played with enough. I lick my lips and she bites hers. I lean in close to her and she takes a deep breath and leans into me like she has a secret to tell. I ask her what she’s thinking and she pauses with her answer for a minute. I can tell by the look on her face what the answer is, but I want to hear her say the words. If she can say those nasty words that are crowding her brain, then she’s ready to proceed. If not, then I have to pull them out of her--which means she needs someone to take control and tell her what she needs.

She tells me that she doesn’t know if it’s the drink talking or her pussy, but she knows that she wants to fuck. That she needs to feel me close to her. I whisper in her ear and she damn near falls to pieces. She told me earlier that she had never been with another woman, and was thinking of going home because she felt out of place, but she saw me and something in her was unleashed. All her inhibitions were out the window and she liked that feeling. I asked her if she wanted to be totally free and experience things never before felt.
She laughs at the idea, but the look after that tells me she’s interested. I tell her that this isn’t the right place for a conversation of this nature; we should go somewhere that we can be alone and is quiet. She jumps into hard to get mode and insists that we have only just met. “I don’t think we know each other well enough for that,” she says. I ask her what do I need to do to make that happen, and she tells me take it easy. I tell her I’ve got all night and day, and she gives me the smile of a woman wondering.
Curiosity gets the best of her and she asks me what’s it like to sleep with a woman? I give her a longing look and tell her that it’s something best experienced and not described. She asks if there is a difference between fucking a man versus a woman and I tell her I wouldn’t know since I’ve never been with a man. She looks shocked and says the same thing everyone else says when I say that. “I can’t believe you’ve never sleep with a man. You need to try it.” I tell her, “Not everyone is curious or questioning of who they are. I’ve been sure of myself for a long time.” As time wears on she is getting more flirtatious and bolder with her interrogation of me and “the life.” I’ve almost got her where I want her. I bate her with a few questions of my own. Things that I know will get that little head of hers wondering and pondering. I knew that she wanted to leave with me the moment she came over and sat next to me, but she needs to “dance,” and I lead her like the perfect partner that I am.
After a few more drinks and some hot and heavy conversation; I ask her if she’s ready to get out of here. By now she’s done thinking everything over and has made up her mind. The drinks have giving her enough courage to say yes, but haven’t clouded her judgment to the point where she will regret what she is about to do. The longer we sat at the bar the more comfortable she became with me. She found herself doing things that she normally wouldn’t do, like whispering all the freaky things she wanted me to do to her. She was becoming someone that she didn’t recognize. It scared her and excited her at the same time. Once she started stroking my thigh I knew my prey was weak and just right for the kill. I lean over close to her face and rub my nose slightly across her cheek and over to her ear. I allow my soft breath to fall on her lobe and down her neck. She tilts her head away from me giving me permission to do with I thought was necessary at the moment. Kiss her softly on the nape of her neck and nibble on her ear just enough to get her so turned on she begins to pant. She rubs her face against mine and tells me she wants me as I continue dancing my tongue down her neck to her color bone. She gasps for air and I stop. I know her head is spinning now and she wants more. She tells me I’m quite the tease and I smile, telling her she doesn’t know the half of it. She grabs my hand and leads me out the club telling me she wants to find out just how much of a tease I am. Gotch ya girl!

We get in our cars and she follows me to a nearby hotel. Once inside the room I show her no mercy. I’m aggressive yet gentle and she loves ever minute of it. I pull her halter top over her head and pull her skirt up over her hips; pinning her to the wall and kissing her feverously. We’re both breathing heavily and acting as if this might be the very last time we get to fuck. I pull my pants and boxers down then lift up and placing her on my strap-on. She wraps her legs tightly around me as I bounce her up and down grinding my hips into her. I become lost in another world not even paying attention to all the moaning she is doing. I place one hand on her ass and gripping and massaging it while using my body to hold her against the wall; all the while losing my self inside her.
She screams as she climaxes and brings me back to reality. I carry her over to the bed and totally undress her. This time everything is slow, sensual, and deliberate. Our kisses are more passionate and lingering. I guide my hands over her body with a touch so soft that it’s hard to tell if I was even there at all; only the hair on her body could relay the message that I was. I slide my hand down her torso and stop just shy of her wetness and back up to her beautiful breast. I let my finger tips graze her nipples bringing them to a stiff nerve ending. I take one in my mouth, sucking and licking it just like I’m going to do her clit. She senses this and moans, arching her back in approval. She runs her fingers through my hair giving me encouragement to go further. I give her other nipple the same attention before I lick my way down her stomach to her hood. I gently run my finger over her slit inviting her clit out to play, and sure enough it comes. She’s so wet that I slip in with the greatest of ease; slowly sliding my finger from her dripping hole to her aching clit. She’s biting her bottom lip trying not to scream with the building anticipation of my lips upon her. Her head tosses back and forth as I finger fuck her to a rhythm that’s painfully slow.
After a few minutes she is begging me to eat her and I comply with her wish. Almost as soon as I wrap my lips around her hard clit she begins to buck wildly, grinding her pussy on my tongue. A barrage of “Baby don’t stop,” and “Ohh shit”s, coming falling from her lips and lay helplessly on her heaving chest. She stops bucking and starts to shake as her orgasm teeters on the edge. I press my tongue harder and start to rotate it clockwise, then up and down. She clenches the sheets as if she were holding on for dear life. Her body jerks for a few minutes then she lies flat and still.
My urges have been sated for now, I wonder what will happen the next time I get that old familiar need to go hunting?

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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