Carlena Shorter, Cal for short was on her way home that cold blurry winter evening after a long hectic day at work. She worked for GM as a district manager. The day started off stressful as usual, deadlines to meet, paper work and more paper work. The line broke down for four in half hours, which meant productivity would be down, and the numbers would show that by the end of the week. Cal knew that in order for her to keep this job, she had to keep up not only productivity, but morale as well. Keeping the employees content was as difficult as trying to quiet a group of fussy two year olds.
Thank God, she was about to embark upon a much-needed vacation in another month. She would be off for two weeks, which meant double the paper work, not to mention the training, and prep of the manager that was going to fill in for her those two weeks that she would be gone. It would definitely be worth it, especially since her and LaNae needed some big QT time. There relationship had been strained over the past several months. And there sex life was damn near non-existent. They both loved each other that was certain, what they needed was a serious get-away, no cell phones, no stress, just time alone together to rekindle their six year relationship.
Cal pulled up to her and LaNae's Condo located in a Cul-de-sac right outside of Cleveland Ohio. They lived in Mentor Ohio, it was quiet, secluded and they were lucky enough to find a diverse community to live in. Their neighbors, Brett, and Ron were a gay couple who had been together for fourteen years. They were good people, and possessed a genuine quality of loving your neighbor as you love yourself. Whenever Cal and LaNae went out of town these two would take care to feed their fish, water the plants and took in their mail.
"Hey there Cal, how was your day?" said Brett.
"Stressful as usual, I am so glad that LaNae and I are going to get away in another month we really need this time you know.Ē
"That's great Cal and you're right nothing is more important than taking time away with the one you love and remembering why you fell in love in the first place.Ē
"Tell me Brett how do you and Ron keep the fire burning? You guys are the ideal couple, you been together fourteen years, you still love each other, you're both extremely respectful of one another, seriously tell me."
"Well Cal you're right respect is a big part of it but we didn't always have the ideal relationship. After about four years into the relationship I cheated on Ron, it took a long time for us to get to this point. We went through therapy, we yelled and screamed at one another, and he didn't trust me for a long time. Therapy ended up being our greatest ally you know. We practice some of the techniques that we were given all those years ago even today. He leaned in closer to Cal and smiled. You know maybe you and LaNae could use a tune-up hmmm."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, Brett. We thought about it, but really who has the time, I work 12-14 hour days, she's always down at that nursery saving someone's plant, tree or whatever, or at the shelter even in the middle of the night. I keep telling my baby that a plant is just a plant and that the shelter can function without her in the middle of the night."
"That's the point Cal it's not just a plant or a family she's helping out at the shelter. Being respectful of one another means that everything important to your lover means something to you as well. Don't minimize it. If you don't mind my asking, how many times a week do you and LaNae get busy?"
"Ahhh, see now you are getting a little personal."
"Seriously Cal, listen Ron and I get busy at least five days a week, sometimes daily."
"Get the fuck outta here, Brett. Who in the hell gets busy everyday? Now grant it, in my prime I could go 3, 4, sometimes even 5 times a day every day. But hell I am in my forties now."
"You still did not answer my question, how many times a week?"
"Well if you have to know, and you better not repeat this to Ron either."
"Cross my heart, hope to die stick a needle in my eye." They both laughed.
"To tell you the truth," said Cal, "we haven't been getting busy at all. Hell, I'm lucky to get my girl in the mood couple times a month, any suggestions?"
"Oh yeah it's counseling time, Stay here let me get my girl Jada's card for you"
Brett ran in the house, Cal went into the trunk pulled out her brief case, and then shut the trunk back.
"Here Cal, like I said her name is Jada, and she's good really good. She is a relationship psychotherapist and not the traditional type if you know what I mean he said smiling. She can help in most areas of a couple's life. Give her a call and tell her I recommended ya, okay!"
"So Brett how do you know her?"
"We went to the same college, and remained friends. She referred Dr. Josh Hoffman the therapist that Ron and I see on occasion.
"Thanks Brett I'll do that maybe LaNae and I can get in to see her before we go on vacation, do you think she'll do late evening appointments?"
"She's very accommodating, and yes she does evening appointments."
"Cool, I better get inside to see my baby, I'll let you know how it works out, Oh and do you think that you and Ron can do the usual while we are away?"
"What are neighbors for? You know Ron and I got your back so say know more now get in there and see that pretty little wife of yours."
"Alright see ya later Brett."

Cal went inside, LaNae was in the kitchen cooking up one of her mean casseroles.
"Mmm, Hi baby," she kissed LaNae on the lips. It smells good up in here boo, what you cooking?"
"Hi baby I am baking a potato, cheese surprise. It's got about four different cheeses, I put some broccoli, and chicken in it I hope you like it, it's something different, the recipe sounded good."
"Baby everything you make is good, come over here and give me some shugga."
They kissed and hugged. LaNae laid her head on Cal's shoulder, while burying her face into her chest, breathing her in.
"Are you alright baby?" said Cal.
"I'm good now that you are here, say how was your day?"
"The usual, besides I don't want to talk about my day, tell me how yours was?"
"Well you know I have been trying to save Ms. Podiah's orchids along with her rose bushes, I did everything I could but the orchids died. I swear Cal some people should get a license if they want plants, cause they just don't know how to treat them they are a living thing you know."
"I know baby, but you have to remember that's why GOD put people like you here, it's a gift that you have saving plants and all, I mean just look at our landscaping, it looks like something out of home and gardens magazine. You are just exceptional at what you do for plants and flowers I'm surprised that the orchid died on you."
"Well I'm not I think our Ms Podiah not only has a problem with over watering plants, but alcohol will kill a plant, in a minute."
"Ooh shut up boo, you mean our Ms Podiah got herself a drinking problem, get the heck outta here."
"Mmmm hmmm, she sure does, and it wouldn't be so bad if she would just stop giving it to the plants, you know this is the fourth orchid that she's killed in the last two years. I refuse to help her with anymore plants I just need to tell her to stop buying any plants."
"Baby you need to do just that."
"Perhaps I will. You ready to eat?"
"Starved haven't had a bite all day. I'll wash up and set the table okay!"
"And I'll get the grub out of the oven."
After dinner Cal went into her office and decided to catch up on paper work. LaNae pulled out the clean dishes, and loaded the dirty ones into the dishwasher. Afterwards, she went into the bedroom, put on her old pajamas, a scarf, and curled up with a book about plants and flowers.

The next couple of days proved even more stressful for Cal, Two of their lines shut down due to mechanical problems, a third of employees from the midnight shift called off, and production was way down for the month. Cal was pissed!
All of this and I'm going on vacation, I don't even think so, not if I want to keep my job.
She was sitting at her desk thinking about the night before. They were in bed and Cal was horny as hell. LaNae was coming out of the bathroom with a cute little burgundy teddy on.
"Hey baby, how about a back rub?" said Cal.
"No, unh unh, you just lay there momma and let little momma take care of you for a change."
Cal turned over and LaNae climbed on top her, straddled her and began rubbing her back. She moaned. "Yeah baby, get that left shoulder."
LaNae rubbed her shoulders, then massaged her neck and while doing so she began to kiss her behind her right ear, then her left ear. Cal rolled over, LaNae moved up to straddle her and started kissing her forehead, cheeks, and then she tongued kissed her in the mouth. Cal moaned with pleasure. LaNae started rubbing Cal's left breast while kissing her up and down her neck. Cal flipped LaNae over and started kissing her, hard and passionately, in her mouth, then her neck. It occurred to her after a few moments that LaNae wasn't kissing her back.
"What's wrong boo, I thought you were in the mood tonight, what did I do?"
"Just forget it Cal, I'm tired and I gotta start early tomorrow."
LaNae pushed Cal off of her rolled over, with her back facing Cal.
"Ah hell naw! Baby, this is the third time this month you got me all hot and bothered and you telling me no!"
"Listen Cal I love you but this isn't working for me any longer."
"What isn't working for you any longer LaNae, what, you don't want to be with me no more?"
"Baby you know that's not it, it's just that, I was enjoying us tonight and--"
"And what, you got some other bitch on your mind or what! I know that Christy chick you work with got the hots for you. Oh, you think I don't know how she looks at you when we go to those functions? You even said that she was hot! So yall kicking it or something, cause I know I haven't been getting any lately!"
"You know what Cal, you need to stop tripping, and don't even think about accusing me of having an affair with Christy, how dare you! You come up in this house like you the only one working. I'm running around waiting on you like some damn housewife."
"You know what your problem is Cal you have forgotten that we both are women."
"Women, girl I know that I'm a damn woman, what you saying I'm acting like some kind of man or something?"
"You just don't get it Cal, do you? It's about roles in a relationship. I know, I know, I'm not your therapist, and yes I do analyze everything, I'm sick of trying to explain to you about how I feel and you are simply not getting it. So you know what. This conversation is over, Goodnight!"

They had, arguments but a big fight was something they had never had before. Cal reached into her purse, grabbed her wallet, and pulled out Jada's card.
I can't lose her without a fight, thought Cal. Something is really bothering her and messing with my groove. Let me call this Jada lady maybe she can help us.
The appointment was set for that Thursday at 8:00 pm. Cal set it without knowing whether LaNae would agree to go or not. Oh well, something has got to give. I will give her an ultimatum if I have to.
Thursday arrived quickly and LaNae agreed to go reluctantly, stating that she didn't need a shrink, a total stranger to be all up in their business. They arrived at the office 15 minutes early.
"Hi I'm Cal Shorter, this is my partner LaNae McSwain. We are here for our 8:00 appointment."
"Hi, Ms Shorter. The doctor will be with you shortly. Have a seat. I was just on my way out. I'll let her know that you've arrived." The receptionist made the call, packed up her things and left.
Cal and LaNae sat for about fifteen minutes, when this fine sister walked out. She was every bit of 5"9 chocolate, skin smooth without blemish, long thick legs, with a cute bob hair cut. "Hi, I'm Jada. You must be Cal and LaNae; follow me."
"Ahh Hi and yes aahh okay, come on baby," said Cal.
"I'm right behind you," said LaNae looking at Cal in a scolding way. LaNae could not believe how beautiful Jada was, how in the hell was she going to get through any session without being side stepped by this woman's beauty?
They followed Jada down the hall, into two huge mahogany doors. Inside the office looked more like a museum. There were statues of men and women naked. Beautiful black portraits of women all over the walls. Women hugging, kissing, laughing, naked, playing by water. The floors were hard wood and had a shine out of this world, Cal did a double take she could not believe that she could see herself in all that wood. The furniture was old antique, a beautiful orange leather trimmed in with wood. The colors blended so beautifully thought LaNae. Oranges, red's purple, brown and yellow's wow it was just breathtaking. Jada offered Cal and LaNae a seat across from her. Jada sat on a straight-backed orange yellow leather chair while Cal and LaNae sat on the matching loveseat.
As they sat down LaNae noticed beautiful Orchids on the end tables, beautiful yellows ones on the left and purple on the right. She sighed and thought, I pray that this woman isn't gay cause she totally has my undivided attention.
"So ladies what brings the two of you here today?"
"Well I thought LaNae and I should come and talk about what is bothering her, she seems distant and our sexual life is almost non-existent."
"Well Cal just put our business out there will ya? Anyway, Dr. Matthews, I don't have a problem I only agreed to come because Cal said I had to."
"So what you're saying, LaNae, is that everything is alright in your relationship with Cal and you came because you were forced to?"
" No see, not exactly you see I think that because Cal's has been working 12-14 hour days, and I've been so busy at the nursery, and helping out at the local women's shelter three days a week, that we both just have our hands full. Sometimes people are just busy, and fall into a routine does that mean there's something wrong with the relationship?"
"I don't know," said Jada. "You tell me."
"Cal is right we aren't having sex often, but that's because we are both tired. We work hard you know."
"Let me ask you. Cal. What do you think is going on?"
"LaNae and I had a fight the other night. You see, I was in the mood to get it on and twice in the past couple of weeks she'd get me all hot and bothered and then shut down. I accused her of having an affair, and we had this huge argument. I feel like if we don't get some help there won't be a 'we'."
"Now were getting somewhere. LaNae, how do you feel about what Cal just said?"
"Well, I guess I never thought about us not being together. I'm just . . . I don't know. There's no spice in our relationship. Cal thinks only about herself when it comes to sex, don't get me wrong it's satisfying but routine. For instance, she never let's me lead; she always wants to dominate. That was fine for a while, but sometimes I would like to take the lead."
"Boo, you never told me that. How you gone come here and say all this in front of the doc? I ainít got no problem with you leading sometime."
"I have said it to you, Cal. Don't you remember about a month ago when you came home from work and I told you to let me give you a shower? All you had to do was relax and let me take charge for the moment. Remember that?"
"Well yeah, but I wasn't ready for a shower. You know I am ready to get my eat on when I come home. You're such a great cook I don't even eat out. I don't want anything but your cooking. Hell, I look forward to that all day. In case you didn't notice, your being in the kitchen is enough to turn me on."
Jada interrupted. "Cal, that's good, but what about what turns LaNae on?"
Damn, thought Cal, doc is all that and a bag of chips and dip, if LaNae wasn't here I probably would make a pass at her just to see what she was about. I never thought about cheating on my baby but dayum baby is phine! "I suppose I could let her lead every now and then, Dr. Matthews but--"
"This isn't just about her leading, Cal. There appears to be more. LaNae, I think you need to tell Cal what else is bothering you."
Jada leaned over towards LaNae when she said this, LaNae couldn't help but notice her beautiful deep brown eyes, and full lips. "Well to tell you the truth, I've been fantasizing about other women lately."
Cal was clearly upset. "What? What do you mean LaNae. I'm not enough women for you now?"
"Allow her to finish, Cal. You'll get your turn."
Moving in closer LaNae reached up cupping Cal's face, she looked deeply into her eyes. "Baby, sometimes I just want to rock your world for a change." She then proceeded to kiss Cal and Cal pulled back. "See what I'm talking about, doc? She can't stand to let me seduce her or make love to her for a change; it's all about her taking the damn lead all the damn time."
"Cal, why did you pull back?"
"Listen doc, I am totally turned on by LaNae, but I'm uncomfortable with allowing her to initiate sex. I've always been in charge with the women. They love that, and so do I. I guess you could say that I don't get totally turned on when a woman leads. I don't know what it is to tell you the truth."
"What do you think it is LaNae?"
"Control, Control, Control, Cal has to be in charge, at work, at home, in the bedroom. It's totally a control issue."
"What do you say about that, Cal?"
"Maybe she's right, but I've always been responsible for others. I had to raise my little brother--"
"This isn't about responsibility, Cal. This is about trust," said Jada.
"Trust? I trust LaNae," said Cal.
"Our time is up ladies, but I need the two of you to work on some trust issues. Cal, you will allow LaNae ten minutes every evening to come on to you. You are not permitted to even touch her."
"You're kidding doc, right?"
"No, I'm dead serious. LaNae, whatever your fantasy is, I want the two of you to come in on Monday at 8:00 and be ready to act out that fantasy. Cal, you are going to have to start trusting LaNae or otherwise you might lose her!"
I don't believe this how am I suppose to let LaNae seduce me I'm the aggressor, I like running things damn. I'm going to kill Brett..
Jada let them out and on the way home they rode in silence.
The rest of the week and weekend went by as usual with LaNae working at the shelter and Cal catching up on her paperwork. She ended up working 16 hours on Sunday. When she got home she crashed. They never did get to practice the exercise that the doctor had prescribed.
Monday moved fairly well, none of the machinery broke down and nobody called off. It appeared that Cal and LaNae were going to have that vacation after all now that Cal's team had gotten caught up on productivity.
When Cal and LaNae arrived at the doctor's office, it was dar and the receptionist wasn't there. Cal called out, "Doctor Matthews, hey doc you here?"
"Of course she's here somewhere, Cal. Otherwise the office would have been locked."
Jada responded from down the hallway, "Come on in ladies I'll be with you in a minute."
They walked down the long hallway, when they arrived inside Jada's office they noticed that she had candles lit everywhere with soft jazz playing in the background. They did not see Jada anywhere. They took their prospective seats and waited. Five minutes passed and Cal and LaNae didn't say one word to each other.
Jada walked into the room with a soft white negligee on. She sat right next to LaNae. She looked deeply into her eyes and said, "Did you practice the exercise?"
"Aah, no," said LaNae. She is breathtaking, if Cal wasn't here I know I would not be able to contain myself. Oh my God.
Jada then got up and sat between the two of them. She leaned in toward Cal and said, "Why not, Cal?"
"I, well--" she sighed.
"It looks like I am going to have to give you two some hands on therapy." Jada turned towards Cal, she moved in closer, and kissed her softly, and slowly on the lips. She then turned towards LaNae and said, "Kiss me, LaNae please kiss me."
LaNae put her hands on Jada's face. She could feel the warmth of Jada's breath, it smelled sweet. She kissed Jada, first softly, and slowly then she slipped her tongue into Jada's mouth and kissed her over and over again. When she pulled back, she noticed that Cal's eyes were as big as saucers. Jada put her hand on the inside of Cal's left thigh, and rubbed up and down. She kissed Cal on the neck moving slowly upwards, kissing her until she got to her ears, where she nibbled, and sucked and nibbled and sucked her ear lobe.
Cal thought she would lose her mind. Who in the world is this woman. I feel as though I am in a trance, I just want to take her right here and right now. With that Cal reached up and Jada pulled back.
"No, Cal, you aren't permitted to touch me. You can only receive from me or LaNae, so enjoy it. Remember, the moment you take control the session ends and you've missed the whole point."
With that Jada turned towards LaNae, looking deeply into her eyes. "What's your fantasy, baby?"
LaNae pulled Jada close to her and kissed her passionately. She then moved towards her chest area and started kissing her breasts.
LaNae got it going on, thought Cal. Shit, she really know how to work it, dayum!
LaNae kissed each of Jada's breasts one from the other. Jada moaned while looking towards Cal. "Cal, this feels so good, see what you're missing?"
Jada pushed LaNae back and told the both of them to kiss at the same time. They did, LaNae on the left and Cal on the right, they kissed Jada over and over again. She then got up, leaving Cal and LaNae face to face.
LaNae pulled Cal towards her and their lips locked. She kissed Cal tongue and all deeply, and passionately. Cal thought, I can't believe all this time I've been missing out on this. LaNae kissed and nibbled, and sucked on Cal's neck, all the way down to her nipples. She then unzipped Cal's pants and put her hand down there. Cal went to move it but thought about what Jada had said and decided, what the hell LaNae is on a roll.
LaNae put one, then two then three fingers inside of Calís wet throbbing hole and rocked back and forth, all the while tongue kissing her. Cal thrust her hips. They both moved methodically back and forth. Caught up in their own rhythm, they no longer recognizing that their therapist was watching them.
Cal moaned. "Yes, baby. Awwwh yeah, I'm cumming baby, Oh my God, Oh, Oh."
She shuddered and shook from an orgasm that was all too familiar to her. This is how she would leave her lovers--shaking uncontrollably wanting more and more. As the intensity of her orgasm died down, LaNae stared into her eyes, with tears streaming down; she realized that Cal was also crying. "I love you so much, Cal. You know that don't you."
"Yes, baby, and from now on you can take the lead anytime."
While they locked lips, Jada turned the lights on and was fully dressed in her office casual. "Well ladies I think that this therapy session has come to an end. I'm figuring you ladies won't need my services after tonight, unless of course you find yourself in a rut again."
"Thanks doc, you all that. LaNae and I can take it from here," said Cal.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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