It was the perfect day for balling. My team had arrived at the courts on fire and knocked our first 3 games out. I was stretching a little bit and listening to my “Game-face” CD to stay loose. A little bit of Juvenile and the CMB (Cash Money Brothers), Trick Daddy, and DMX always put me in a winning mood. It was the final day of the Hoop It Up Tournament and my team was the first seed, winning easily all but one game, and that loss was on a technicality. We had traveled an hour and a half and weren’t leaving without a trophy, ya heard?
I watched my squad warming up for the final game. They looked real good shooting around. There was my ace, KT, the point guard, that girl had more handles than a luggage store and a crossover to rival AI’s (Allen Iverson). Then there was Monique, aka Mo, a retired overseas pro, who had also played in the WNBA for a couple of years. She was unstoppable in the paint, with the ability to step out to the arc and hit the three ball at will. Then our two reserve players the twins Kristin and Krystal who were also shooters. My game was the drive, I am a slasher. I take any and everyone to the hole; once there, it was a dish, a point, or a trip to the foul line. I am also the defensive specialist.
I continued to relax in the morning air, when I felt my dreads being tugged. I immediately turned around fist cocked. I can’t stand anyone touching my hair. I was shocked to see a cute shorty with baby twists and deep brown almond shaped eyes standing there smiling at me.
“Hey Big head!” I recognized her immediately. “Oh, you going to hit me!?”
“Nah, girl.” I put my fist down as she continued.
“What the hell is up?”
“Nothing stranger!” I smiled and she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into a warm hug.
“Dang Tracey, what are you doing here?”
“Well, I do live right around the corner, and you know how I love fine ass female ballas,” she glances over the courts, “but I will admit I am a bit pissed. I could put you over my knee.”
“Oh would you?” I laugh. She pops me on the shoulder. “Hey! That’s my shooting arm!” I protested, “What was that for?”
“Because, I had to hear from a friend of mine,” she nodded in the direction of two other ladies, both of whom I recognized from the previous day, “that you were in town! What is up with that?” She looked me directly in my eyes. Dayum! there was a real spark in her eyes. I was a bit surprised that she was coming at me like this. She continued, “You can’t call nobody? I ain’t heard from you in months!”
“See, what had happened was . . .” I started.
“umm hmm . . . continue.”
“Well, see I have been ballin and it ain’t like I been clubbing any, plus I got a new gig, my own spot . . . “
“Whateva nigga!”
“Well, you know you could have called me, too. You had my number!”
“That’s no excuse!”
“Please! I called you all the time, checking in on you, trying to get u to hang, and shit. But you were too busy for me. Then outta’ the blue you got a girlfriend . . . oh by the way how are ya’ll?”
As soon as the words tumbled out of my mouth, a thick, average height stud with long brown dreadlocs wraps her arm around Tracey while handing her a gym bag. “Hey Bay, our game is right here.” I look on while Tracey grimaces and pulls from her stud’s grasp. Who then turns her attention to me
“What’s up?” I nod.
Tracey speaks up, “Ronnie, you remember Via.”
“Yeah, what’s going on, V? We crushing your squad next, right?” She smiles cockily at me.
I put out my hand; “You can try your best. Good luck.”
“Whateva!” She smirks and cockily brushes right by my hand and strutted out onto the court where she proceeds to disrupt my squad’s shoot around. I turn back to Tracey who is glaring at her woman as she continues to be an ass on the court.
“And you call me big head,” I laughed. “Excuse me as I put my game face on.”
Tracey laughs, “Hurry up and kick their asses.”
I looked at her amazed. “What?”
“You heard me, Whip they asses! She is too damn big headed. I’m tired of listening to her run her mouth. She is working my nerves! This whole weekend all she talking ‘bout how they are undefeated and they gonna’ beat everybody. I won’t be able to live with her if she gets that trophy!” She said rather disgustedly. Before I got a chance to answer KT calls me out to play. I pull up my knee brace headed out onto the court. Monique made the shot for possession and the game began.
“Hey V, I hope your knee brace is strapped on tight. Because its ‘bout to be broke with your ankles after this game.” She prepared to dee me up. Now I’m not a trash talker. I‘ve always just played my game and let it speak for itself. So I ignored her comment. I continued to get in my zone finishing my routine by putting my mouthpiece in, cracking my neck, and wiping the soles of my shoes. The first pass came to me. I pump faked and Ronnie brought it. As she flew up into the air I promptly drove by her for an easy lay up. “Yep, knees feel real good.” I smiled. The game went our way from the beginning. Since Ronnie was the best player on her squad, I had the privilege of guarding her. You better believe I enjoyed it. I frustrated her so bad she shoved me intentionally and ended up receiving a technical foul. Almost getting ejected in the process. The rest of my teammates did their jobs and we easily defeated them 25 to 10. When we lined up to shake hands after the game Ronnie huffed off running to Tracey to get her ego stroked. I noticed Tracy was smiling and eyeing me like I was the last rib at a mid summer cookout. I winked at her. Then I hastened over to where my team, and entourage, had gathered to enjoy the guy’s championship game and await the awards ceremony that would wrap up the tournament.
I turned my attention to the guys’ game and the other women on the sidelines. The crowd seemed predominantly straight, but eye candy is always good. A couple of them were eyeing me back. I had yet to pull a straight woman, and I was willing to try today. When I recognized a group of ladies from the club I pointed them out to my crew. While KT, Monique, and I were passing comments, I kept getting a feeling that I was being watched, but I ignored it. While scopin' the scene, I glanced back over my shoulder and caught Tracey still staring intensely at me. I turned back to the court without batting an eye. “What the hell?” I thought. I refused to even consider going back through that again.
See, awhile back I had met Tracey at the club. Now, I’m not one to look for any type of relationship, especially one with anyone met in a club. I would go pretty much to check out the bodies, grind some, and get my drink on. Plus seeing that I am somewhat of a soft stud, back then, I was actually too shy to approach anyone. (was being the key word here!) One night this young lady grabbed me, we danced and we talked and it seemed like she was about something. I have enough common sense to know that one doesn’t fall in love at first site, but something clicked. I don’t know what but I actually took a chance and opened up to her. Things were moving pretty good for couple of months. We would call and talk for hours on end, daily. When she needed something I hooked her up as best I could. I would ride down to see her as often as I could. Then, all of a sudden it was like I was doing all the calling and stuff, so I called her on it and she was funny acting, but, she invited me and a friend of mine down to her crib one Saturday before the club.
As I suspected there was another interest. So confused and pissed, I kept my distance. I kept in touch, for a minute, but it just seemed weird. So I stopped calling all together. It was hard as hell on me because I was more attached to her and her daughter than I thought. I tried to act normal, but my friends knew I was hurt. I was just glad that things hadn’t gotten any deeper than what they had. So I joined a couple more basketball leagues, wrote a whole lot more, and found other clubs to frequent. I learned my lesson though. I refused to be a sucker again. I got my game together and jumped back in the mix. I stopped looking for the right one and began looking for the one right now. It was hard though because I inside I’m a nice person and I didn’t like playing anyone, but better to play than to be played. For a minute I tried my hardest to rationalize and figure out what happened. But, I realized that there’s no rationalizing shit like that. Women and relationships just don’t make sense and aren’t supposed to. So I just left it as a lesson learned.
After the award presentation and an interview with the local news, my team and I headed to the car discussing celebration plans for the night. The crowd had thinned out by then. We had extended our stay at our hotel until tomorrow and were looking forward to clubbing that night. KT was busy hollering at a couple of cuties that were stalking her, while the rest of the team and I was loading up the car.
“Via!” KT calls out to me. “Yo, this fine ass shorty followed me over here. I think she’s lost. So, if you don’t claim her can I keep her?” I stuck my head outta’ the trunk and I see KT, with Tracey beside her. “Oh damn.” I think to myself as I walk over.
“What’s up Tracy?”
“I know you weren’t going to leave without speaking to me.”
“Yep! She was skipping out on ya' boo,” KT chipped in, “but if you can’t get her to talk to ya, I sure as hell will.”
Tracey rolled her eyes. “Via come here.” She takes my wrist and pulls me out of KT’s earshot.
“So what’s up?” I asked again.
“I just wanted to see what ya’ll were doing? If you all were going up the road or staying another night?”
“We going to chill and go clubbing tonight.”
“C’mon dawg, get her number and let’s go. Shit, we starvin’!” Monique shouts from the car. I signaled back to for them to hold on. “You going to the spot tonight?” I asked. “Or chilling with your girl?”
“Well, I haven’t been out for a while, Ronnie on the other hand goes out every other night and on the weekends.”
“You should go out too. Come on out, tonight!”
“Only if you come and chill with me ‘till then.”
I looked into her eyes and saw that she was dead serious. “What ‘bout Ronnie? She cool with that?”
“Well, if she isn’t maybe she’ll stay her ass at home with me.”
“Oh I see, you trying to use me to make her jealous.”
“No, it’s not like that. I really would like your company today.”
“Right.” I turned to walk back to the truck when she grabbed my hand and I stopped.
“Can I at least have hug,” she asked softly. Her tone softened me a bit and I turned and looked into her eyes. Big mistake, they were all sad and soft. I couldn’t leave her like that. So I pulled her in. She slipped her arms tightly around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder. I hesitated, a millisecond, before wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her in closely. Dayum, she always felt perfect in my arms. I sighed. That was her cue to snuggle her face into my neck. I knew I was in trouble then, so I started to loosen my grip.
“Don’t let go” she whispered.
“I have to,” I reluctantly replied, “My peoples . . .”
She let loose and stepped back with that same sad pitiful look in her eyes. “You still got the same phone number, right?” I asked. “How about I call you after I wash up at the hotel and we swing by before the club?”
“How about I follow you to the hotel, you get your clothes, and come with me to my spot.”
Whoa! She was serious and aggressive as usual. “Okay.” I stammered
I walked back over to the car and leaned my head in the window.
“Hey, we going to follow y’all.”
“What! Yeah Playa! That’s my dawg!” KT laughs
“And you know this . . . she know the real deal.” I was fronting like a mug. but I didn’t feel like loosing face.
“Shit, she fine as hell too!” Karen chimes in
They all laughed with me but I knew Mo, knew the deal. She was there when I first met Tracey. I knew she was not feeling this situation either.
“Don’t worry though, I’m partying with y’all tonight.”
“You a fool if you do.” KT comments. I pull my bag out, and head back over to Tracey. “We staying a couple of blocks away.”
“That’s fine.” She smiles.
The car ride was quiet. I spent most of my time looking out of the window trying to conceal my nervousness. Because, I was really very nervous, and that is not normal for me. And she picked up on it about half way to the hotel.
“Why you so quiet?”
“I’m just winding down. I mean I just ran like 5 games, Boo”
“So, why u want me to chill with you?”
“Cuz, I missed you.”
“Bullshit!” I sneezed. Tracey got quiet then a couple of minutes passed. “How does Ronnie feel about that?”
“I don’t know. She’ll probably be cool.”
“Probably? What’s up with that?”
“Exactly that. She’ll most likely be fine with it.”
“How you miss me now all of a sudden? You ain’t miss me before.”
“Look V, First of all, I don’t owe you shit. Aight? So this shit can cease, now! Me and Ronnie, we are going through some shit right now, and I don’t know how it’s going to turn out. All I know is when I saw you today my heart fucking jumped and all I wanted was to spend some time with you. Did I tell her? No! Why? Cuz she don’t be telling me where and who she is with when she out ripping and running the streets with God knows who else.”
I knew she was getting worked up, but at the same time I had to know some shit so I kept pushing. “Dayum Boo, I didn’t know that. But, you trying to get even ain’t going to help out none. You need to confront her and tell her how you feel. So, tell me are you using me to get even or do you really want to hang out with me?
“What do you mean . . .”
“Look, I’m saying I ain’t the same V. I got shit happening. I’m doing my thing. Got shorties everywhere. I ain’t trying to open up to anyone anymore. So I’m not trying to be all buddy buddy and then when you get this shit together be left on the outs again. I make friends for life not for seasons. You dig? So do you want a friend to chill with? Or a pawn to play with just to put her in her place? Let me know up front!”
“V, I ain’t trying to play with you, but if that’s what you think, maybe you should stay here with your peoples. I ain’t trying to play nobody. I . . .” She choked up. I knew she was very sensitive and I hadn’t meant to make her cry. We pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. I studied her face, as she looked straight ahead. I could see the tears welling up in her eyes she looked so sad and broken. It really hurt me to see her like that. I could see in her eyes how crushed she was. Nothing like the confident woman I had first met. “Tracy, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was like that.”
“Well now you do!” She sniped. I was silent for a minute.
“Look Boo, Hold on a min let me get my shit and we can kick it like back in the day.”
“You sure you want to do that?” The sarcasm oozed. “I mean you got other shorties to holla' at.” I had hit some nerves, but I had to know her true intentions. I put my hand on hers.
“Yes, I’m sure.”
“Really?” She sniffed.
“Of course. See we got history. You ain’t just a shorty. You’re my number one shorty. So you got dibs.” She gave me a weak smile so I kept on. “But, only if you promise to resist hitting on me. Oh yeah, and you have to feed a sista’.” I said lustily. She looked at me in disbelief “And I’m talking like gourmet. Mashed potatoes and gravy, Collard greens, peach cobbler, baked chicken . . . biscuits!” The anger melted from her face as she burst out into laughter. “You! G’ head Big Head! I ain’t cooking shit! You, are so silly!”
I informed my team that I would meet them at the club that night and grabbed my street gear from my room. As I walked back to her car I knew something was bound to happen that night I just wasn’t quite sure what. There is always drama when it comes to femmes.
The first thing I did when we arrived at her apartment was jump in the shower. While I was doing that Tracey went to retrieve her daughter, Nina, from her mother’s house. They still hadn’t returned by the time I finished. So, I got a glass of juice and sat down on the couch to watch TV. One minute I was watching Lisa Leslie tap a jump ball to her teammate, and next thing I remember I was gently being shaken.
“Hey Big Head, you supposed to be chilling with me. Wake up!” I opened my eyes.
“Damn, I was watching that boring ass game and musta’ dozed off.”
“Dozed? You been out since I been back. That’s been more than an hour.”
“Well, are you hungry?”
“Hell yeah. Where’s my gourmet meal.”
“It ain’t gourmet, but I threw a ‘lil sumtin’ together.”
“A ‘lil sumtin’ is better than a lot of nothing.”
As I got up off the couch Nina runs into the room. “Hi!”
“Oh my God, is that little Nina?”
“Yeah, she ain’t little anymore.” Nina runs right up to me and wraps her arms around my legs and laughs. I bent down to pick her up.
“What’s up cutie?” I laughed, “Tracey, she looks just like you.”
“You know it. That’s my baby. Now will you two sit down and eat?”
“Okay!” We walked over to the table. I was surprised to see it laid out with everything I had asked for. “Aww yeah!”
I put Nina in her booster seat and sat myself down and proceeded to fill my plate. I hadn’t eaten anything but an orange and some skittles all day. I looked up and noticed Tracey laughing at me.
“What?” I mumbled while shoveling a spoonful of mashed potatoes in my mouth. I could actually taste tiny chunks of potatoes.
She shook her head, “Nothing.” She smiled. I studied her face as she fixed Nina and herself a plate. I noticed her eyes were sparkling. She looked up and our eyes locked I swallowed and she turned her attention to Nina. I continued to feed my face. We didn’t talk that much at first. But sometime during my second course Tracey asked me about my new job.
“Hmm?” Was my ingenious reply while sucking on a chicken bone. (I was hungry!)
“Your job, you told me you got a new gig?”
“Oh, yeah.” I paused to wash the chicken down with some water. “I’m a firefighter now.”
“Really?” Her eyebrows rise incredulously.
“You like it?”
“Oh yeah it’s right up my alley.” I went into depth about my new career while she listened attentively. The rest of the meal we caught up on each other’s lives. It was like when we used to hang out.
I was the first to start eating and the last the finish. I was surprised that there were still mad leftovers.
“If that was ‘lil sumthin’, I would really hate to see gourmet.” I complimented her with a satisfied pat on my stomach. She laughed,
“Thank you, it really was just a little something. I can throw down way better than this.”
“Dayum, Ronnie is one lucky ass woman.” I noticed her eyes dance again as I stood up and began to clear the table.
“What are you doing?”
“I got this. You cook, I’ll clean. Just show me where the shit goes.”
She laughed, “You are so sweet. It’s all right I got it. Come sit down.”
“Nah, I said I got this! Dayum, you betta’ take me up on this. I don’t offer too often.” I turned and walked the dishes to the sink. When I turned around to retrieve the rest of the dishes she was standing right behind me with them.
“We can do it together.” While I busted the suds, she dried them. Quickly we knocked the kitchen out. I had to throw suds at her, of course, and she doused me with water. We ended up having a water fight. Little Nina got a kick out of her entertainment.
After the kitchen was cleaned we still had a lot time before time to leave so we decided to watch a movie. We decided on Drumline, got comfortable on the couch. I made sure to place Nina and some space between us. Good thing I did too, because as soon as the movie got underway Ronnie burst in the through the front door.
“Hey Bay!” She puffs out briskly walking to the to the kitchen, not even noticing us on the couch. “What u made to eat?”
“Whatever’s left is in the fridge.”
“All right.” She rustles around in the kitchen then steps out into the hall with a chicken leg. Noticing me for the first time. “What’s up balla'?” She said, “No hard feelings about the game, right? Talking is just how I get psyched. That’s just how I ball.”
“Nah, it’s all good.” I replied all the while thinking to myself, “that is just how I win.”
“What ya’ll doin?”
“Watching Drumline. You gonna’ join us? Or are you going back out?” Ronnie looked thoughtfully into the air.
“I can’t, Boo. Kiana needs my help. Her girl just kicked her out for good and she is moving back into her mother’s. Then we are going out to the club and get her hooked up again.”
“Well, I’m going out tonight, too.”
“Oh yeah? With who?”
“My friends..”
Ronnie stepped back and looked. “Let me talk to you for a minute.” She turned and walked down the hall into the bedroom. Tracey rolled her eyes and got up and followed her down the hall and shut the door behind them. I continued to stare at the television, until I heard their muffled voices. It felt a bit awkward to me so I decided to go outside and sit on the stoop. As I got to the door Nina ran over and attaches herself to my leg again.
“You wanna go out, too?” She nodded while looking up at me distressfully. So I pick her up and we stepped outside.
Out on the stoop I watched her neighbors go about their business. It was much different then the view at my place, which was mainly, trees, squirrels, and the overpass. Nina who is normally bouncing around and into everything, remained calm in my lap entertaining herself with my fingers. I was floored by the way Ronnie was treating Tracey. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from possessive and I don’t like to sit all up under anybody either. But had I seen a cute ass stud, such as myself _, sitting on the couch with my woman. I would have volunteered to stay, or asked if she wanted to come along. I would’ve at least promised to make it up to her by taking her out too. I know I would not have been off helping friends hook up, especially if my relationship was as shaky as theirs seemed to be. I definitely would have shown her more attention than Ronnie had. That’s for sure.
After about twenty minutes Ronnie blows out the door with a bag. She throws a look at me then tosses her bag in the car and rolls off. A few more minutes pass by and Tracey comes out. “I was wondering where you two went.” Her voice was low she sits down and leans against me.
“Does she always be like that?” I ask.
“Umm hmm”
“You put up with it?”
“I know. But she so damn difficult. She don’t like me going out. She don’t like me goin’ to the clubs. I’m supposed to work, come home, and take care of house all while she is always out with her peoples. And I get lonely. You know I’m social.”
“So call your peoples and hang with them anyway.”
“None of them like to hang out anymore, because of her.”
“For real? I remember you used to keep mad hunnies . . . I mean people, around.”
She smiled at my correction, “Right? Well, they all stopped hanging with me when I stopped going out for awhile”
“ Yo, for real, that’s some bullshit. So none of your peoples are hanging out with you anymore.” I paused. “Damn, I might as well leave. I was hoping you could hook me up with one or two of them.” I laughed. She popped me on my shoulder. “But don’t you get bored?”
“Yes, I do. But, I gotta’ take care of my baby.” She smoothed a stray lock of her daughter’s hair. “And I really don’t like confrontations. Besides, when she’s here there’s always drama. But you know what? Enough about that. Let’s go watch the movie, Big head.” She takes Nina out of my lap and we headed back in.

We started out watching the movie quietly, by the time it ended we were chatting and playing more than watching. When the credits rolled there were still a couple of hours before time to go. Tracey’s mood had lifted and with my coaxing she placed a few calls out to some of her old buddies who were thrilled to hear from her and decided to step out. About an hour before time to go Tracy’s house was alive with music and femme giggles as her buddies filed in. I had called my team over and a party vibe was in effect.
“Yo! It’s time to parlay! Come on ladies, let’s bounce.” KT announces. She drapes her arms around two of Tracey’s friends. As everyone files out Tracy comes out of her room for like the first time that whole hour. She had on these tight ass low waist jeans, with a spaghetti strapped tank top a brown suede cowboy hat. She was too hot. To steal Mya’s line, she was like WHOA! KT leans in, “pick ya jaw up, playa.” She whispered in my ear with chuckle. After gathering her things she locks eyes with me and strolled over, “You driving?” She half asked; half-stated.
“Uh . . . Boo, I would need a vehicle for that.” She just smiled and slipped her keys into my hands. I knew I had slipped and called her Boo. A nickname that had previously been reserved for just her.
“We’ll follow ya’ll,” Monique announced and everybody began to file out. I started to grab my bag so she could place it in my team’s ride but Tracy pulled me towards her, “hold these for me,” she says as she slipped her “Blacks” (Black and Milds) into my front shirt pocket. The one right above my heart. Then she wrapped her arm around mine and we headed out to her car.
“So I guess we’re going to make someone jealous now?”
“You know right now, I could care less. If she gets jealous it’s her own damn fault.”
“Amen to that.”
“And a woman too!” We both laughed.
“Well, you do know I am in the game now . . . so, I will be checking the other hotties. I mean in the end I still don’t have anyone to answer to, or to piss off.”
“Aww, is that your way of trying to tell me not to block?”
“Me? Trying?” I laughed “Nooo, I’m telling you.” She sucks her teeth at me pretending to get mad. “It ain’t like I’m trying to settle, but I’d like to have a body or two to chill with for the summer. I mean, I know a club is the worse place to find a wifey. Who knows, I might luck out. Anything can happen, right?”
“Yeah, yeah, whateva,” She snorted out. “You need to get settled. We might fix you up tonight. But, you know I’m shorty number one, and I get dibbs on the first dance, and at least a middle one too.”
“Oh no doubt.”
We arrived at the club just in time to get in free. Inside the lounge area we pulled a couple of tables together and we sat together and chilled. Tracy and a couple of her friends shot pool until the drag show began, then she and most of the group went upstairs to the dance floor to watch. While, I saw some ladies I knew and decided to remain downstairs with them.
After about an hour I noticed the lounge was clearing out and I knew that it was time to get my groove on. As usual the club was packed with young adults getting crunk. I danced my way to the dance floor. Where a cute dark-skinned shorty with a phat onion ass approached me immediately. We began to dance until I felt a tap on my shoulder. Thinking it my have been her jealous woman I swole up and turned to face, none other than, Tracy glaring at me. “Excuse me,” she rolled her neck and her eyes, “I thought we agreed that I got the first dance.” She dismissed my partner with no nonsense look silently convincing shorty to shrink back into the throng.
“Aww, see how you gonna block.”
“Hmmph, I was helping you out. Trust!” She laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck and we began to rock to the beats. “Oh yeah,” she hissed in my ear, “and you’re going to quit turning on me like you wanna’ fight, too!”
I laughed, “Never that, Boo.”
We danced together through a few songs before the DJ started tripping.
“I’m going to the bar.” I announced in her ear. She took my hand and followed me. She surprised me by ordering herself an Apple Martini and me my trademark Heineken. She had rarely drank any of the other times we had clubbed back in the day.
And on top of that she even paid for the drinks. Then she leads me over to where our peoples had set up shop. I gave dap to my teammates.
“We were wondering where you had went.” Monique with her boo draped over her shoulder.
“I stayed downstairs to holla at some cuties, then I was dancin.”
Monique looked me up and down. “Ummhmm.” I just winked at her and stood there drinking my beer and watching the dancefloor. Then I see this tall fine ass femme who looked so familiar. I couldn’t place her though. She was dancing alone and eyeing me back. I excused myself, sat my drink on the table and boldly made my move. She smiled we began to dance in synch and she turned and began to grind her ass against me. It was on. We danced together for a while. Then the DJ began to play some slow jams and instead of pulling away like most women she turns and pulls me in.
After one slow grind I knew I had to get this chick’s number. So I took her hand and lead her towards the lounge so I could talk to her.
“I’m not trying to use a tired line, but I know you from somewhere.” She laughs. “No really, I have seen you before.”
“I don’t know where you’ve seen me, but I saw you earlier today.”
“Where? Wait a minute . . . were you at the Hoop It Up?” I knew I had seen her. She was the shorty I noticed at every game.
“Umm hmm.”
“I knew I saw you. Though, I thought you were checking my dawg KT . . .”
“No, I was checking you, baby.” She smiled coyly. I could tell she was an aggressive femme. Just my type. I found out her name was Skye and she was a senior at ___________ University ; A Sociology major ; an English minor ; no kids; her own car ; with an internship lined up this summer about 15 minutes from me. She also loved basketball, although she was not very good she knew how to play, and loved to watch.
Out of nowhere Tracey appears at my side. She looked Skye up and down then turned her head disgustedly, all the while raising her eyebrows and rolling her eyes. She then reaches into my pocket to pull out one of her blacks. “You got a light?”
“Nah,” I replied a bit annoyed. She turns and walks off. Skye’s eyes follow her with a glare
“Is that your girl?”
“Nah, she’s my cousin.” I lied, “My very protective cousin.”
“So I guess homosexuality is genetic?” She comments.
“Yeah, well in mine, my uncle is gay, my brother, my great aunt . . . see it’s passed down from generation to generation. On my dad’s side that is.” Well, that wasn’t all a lie. My brother is gay. And, it’s rumored that my late Uncle, rest his soul, was too.” I got a giggle from her, a sexy one at that. “So can I get your number or what?” We swiped numbers. Then returned to the dance floor.
We danced for a lil bit longer then worn out I made my way back to our table. The twins looked bored and KT was drunk off her ass; being an ass. Monique and her woman looked tired. I didn’t see Tracy anywhere and most of her crew were either out on the dance floor or in the lounge. Monique leans over “So you get her number?”
“Hell’s yeah, shorty was at the tourney today, too”
“Yeah, I know I saw her. But, she was with this guy . . .”
“She seems mad cool. I definitely have to call her. I know I can tap that all summer long.”
“Slow down, playa. You know good and well you too sensitive to be a dog, so you need to stop trying.”
“Well,” KT leans in “I think she gots da' right idea, these chickens don’t give a shit bout nothing anyway, they just want to get shit. I don’t give them nothing but the dick.”
“KT you don’t have a dick.”
“Thaa’s right,” she slurs on. “But.” She paused. “I gotta’ strap and when I’m done putting it on they ass, I mean putting up with they asses, I wrap it up in a box and leave it with them. Then I bounce and find a new one.” She laughs and puts her hand up for dap.
“Now, you know you wrong on that one.” Monique says leaning back closer against her lady.
“I gotta’ agree with Mo here KT. You get’s no love on that.”
“Fuck you Mo, you all whipped an shit. And you V, believe what you want, but when you end up heart broke ova’ a Bbb . . . Chicken.” She paused and looked right at me, “don’t come to me because, you will gets no love!” She sang.
“Man, shut up!” Both Mo and I exclaimed.
Just then over the music we hear:
“We like to give a special shout out to the 2003 Regional Hoop it Up Champions ‘Got Skillz’ this song is for you. Congratulations to Via, KT, Monique, Kristin, and Krystal . . . good luck repping VA at nationals!” Our whole section went wild. Next thing I know it was last call and our team was treated to a round of drinks free.
Tracy saunters over to me. “You like your shout out?” She cooed.
“Yeah it was nice, but I’m mad at you.”
“Why?” She was acting innocent flashing me her soft eyes again.
“You know why!”
“It’s my turn again.” She successfully changed the subject by grabbing my hand and pulling me out onto the floor. I couldn’t help but to smile as she led me. We danced for a couple of songs before other shorties approached.
When the lights came on we all met up at our cars. Tracey handed me her key once again.
“What’s this? I’m going back to the motel. We leaving early tomorrow.” Then it dawned on me that I had left my bag back at her place.
“Well, I really can’t drive because I drank tonight. A lot. I know you did too but you handle yours better.” She had me on that one, I was intoxicated, but I could drive.
“I have to go get my bag, anyhow.”
So I took her keys. Karen rode with us because KT was still acting an ass and those two did not get along anyway, off the court that is. When we got in the car Tracey checked her cell phone, which was filled with voice messages.
Thinking something was wrong with Nina she checked them. Luckily, however, they were from Ronnie. As she checked them I sensed her getting really tense and quiet. Whatever buzz she had was starting to disappear.
“Can you do me favor?”
“What’s up, baby girl?”
“Turn here. I need to see something.” She had me drive pass her crib to a townhouse complex further away from hers. I know my team who was following us probably was wondering where we were headed. I knew I was. By the time we had pulled up to the complex she had changed her shoes. I thought her feet hurt from the club. She had me circle the parking lot first. Then had me pull up to one near the entrance and since there was no parking spots open I just parked in the road. She got out.
“Give me a minute.” I turned off the lights and watched her march up to the door and ring the bell. Then I got out and jogged back to my squad’s car.
“I think she picking Nina up.” I was informing them as she started banging on the door.
I turned back to see a short stud with a wild afro open the door.
“What you want, girl?”
“Where is she, Smokey?”
“I don’t know what you talking bout?”
“Smokey, don’t fuckin’ play, Where the hell is Ronnie?”
“Girl, I told you . . .”
“Dayum Girl, come on in here.”
She walks in and the door is left ajar. I could see the house lighting up as they made their way upstairs.
The yelling spilled out into the street. “Oh damn!” I thought.
I made my way to the sidewalk in front of the townhouse. After about 2 minutes Tracey came back to the door with a set of keys in her hand and a half dressed Ronnie in tow. “I’m so sick of this shit! The fuckin' ho, she can keep your cheating, lying, funky ass. I’m through with you and her!”
“Baby wait! It ain’t like that.” By then KT, Mo, and Krystal had gotten out the car and were standing by me.
“The two of you wet, naked, and bed, with ya strap hanging out? What? Did Smokey’s AC break and you lost playing strip poker, or Truth or dare . . . then you slipped and fell into da’ pussy? Well, you can save the damn story and you can keep that bitch. Cause you ain’t coming back to me, not this time! Not ever again! ” She headed in my direction. Then stopped and turned back, “oh yeah, by the way, remember 2 months ago when you took that ‘family’ only weekend camping trip. Well, ya' dawg Smokey here kept me company!” Ronnie’s jaw dropped.
Tracey turned to head back to the car. When I saw something snap in Ronnie’s eyes, and I knew what was going to happen. I saw her grab out for Tracy then I blacked out. I don’t remember much but I know we ended up having an all out brawl on the sidewalk. Monique's lady and Kristin told me that Ronnie barely grazed Tracey with her fist once before I was all over her like brown on chocolate in a paper bag. Then Smokey and two more studs came out to jump me and of course my dawgs backed me up and we put them down. Luckily, I hadn’t parked or cut off the car, because as quick as it started it ended. Kristin had jumped into Tracey’s driver’s seat and Mo’s lady took the wheel in the other car. The rest of us quickly piled into either cars and sped off to Tracey’s house. She was a mess in the car. When we got back to her apartment it was bout 5 am. She decided that she wasn’t going to stay there she grabbed herself a bag locked up and rolled to the hotel with us. But, like I said all this was told to me because I don’t remember any of it.

Part 2