by PoetiklyChallenge

Roses at your feet
Hershey's kisses around your neck
Sweet droppings of chocolate almonds placed on your arms
Chocolate caramel syrup melted on your chest
Chocolate ice cream poured slowly down each thigh
A kiss I will place on your 4 head as you relax and close your eyes

Whip cream makes a smiling face on your center
As u picture this night to remember
Chocolate covered raisins are sprinkled on your navel
As I look at your beautiful toned skin ready and able

Cherries placed between each toe
I pour honey over your body real slow
As I look at my favorite dish
DAMM! My mouth is watering 4 this

I am one of a kind its true
Imagine urself with me because (THIS IS 4 U)

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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