by Black

Naturally talented
Skillfully playing by ear
You read my notes and I read yours
Last night you were…
The doo wap in my big band
The baby, baby, baby, in my R& B
Last night we made music
Created lyrics
Hit high notes
Arranged new melodies and mastered funky beats
Strings were stroked with the tenderness of finger tips
Lips were placed just right as to make…Mo Betta Blues
Bodies touched and we made a demo of original tunes
Last night we made music
Like the passion and intensity of a bass guitar, the rhythm of our heartbeats were in sync
In my ears you hummed harmony
Like tickling the ivory, each body part…a key to compose more beautiful music
A universal language
Tweaked to perfection
Newly composed
We made our own collaboration of songs
Last night we made music!!

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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