by L. Monique

(For all the straight girls that think all lesbians want them)

Itís my most precious gift
just wanting you - as you
Lust For This
heart thumping, groin jumping, pelvis pumping
pleasure ride
Tingling, tightening, dripping wet inside
Lust For This
perfect connection
one which turns our love making into fucking
the kind which doesnít require anything phallic
nor any erections
....forget the toys - if I wanted that Iíd be with boys
Look! I ainít got no time for the bullshit
forget what youíve heard
delete the negative and split the verb - while you
Lust For This
unless youíre one of those clueless
strictly dickly, not licky licky
"Iím not gay, but wait a minute what did you say?"
"Iím not your type, you wouldnít do me anyway?"
Thatís right girl, Not even with Whoopie Goldbergís tongue on some
deserted island where it rains all day
"But why?"
Say the wanna be bi, always wondered, wanna try
confused novice chat room and MySpace chick
who secretly does
Lust For This
old school loviní from back in the day
when Ike and Tina were together
when real butches were hard and wore plenty of leather
belts - to hold up their Chinoís
accompanied by sexy Femmes
from whom they rarely heard noís
as they
Lust For This
tantalizing, timeless, taboo
oh! you havenít heard?
excuse me, I thought you knew
and donít look at me
Iím no teacher
too old, no patience, gotta git my shit off
I can feel ya - but I just canít reach ya
so go ask Martina Navratolova and so and so
or your aunt who never wore dresses and lived with
the nice lady down the road
or Ellen or Rosie or Deborah Glick and her click
or your High School Gym teacher
or Whitney Huston and her lover
....oops I forgot
girlfriend halted all the rumors and
married and most recently divorced
this B-Boy musician brother
but you know what Iím saying
and admit it or not
tonite you will be praying
that I change my mind
reconsider and take the time
to bestow upon you
my most precious gift
of just wanting you - as you
Lust For This

Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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