by PoetiklyChallenge

As I lay naked in my bed
A picture of you came into my head
As my hand begin to caress
Their I watch as you undress

I feel the softness of your body on top of mine
I take a sip of E&J Brandy to unwind
As I lay in bed thinking of you
I ask myself, Is this wrong what I'm about to do

As I feel the warmth of your mouth massage each nipple
I hear you OOH and AHH with a quiet giggle
The motion of your body makes me excite
I feel the warmth of your center move left to right

A kiss on each thigh, As I peck little by little
I smell the sweet sensation that excites me in the middle
Your skin so soft, the smell real sweet
As I kiss you from cheek to cheek

As I kiss from breast to breast
Tell me are you ready for the rest

The wetness of your sex
The erection of your clit
Makes me warm inside
As the love of each drip, drip down each thigh

Up and down, Left to right
Kiss after kiss, lick after lick
As I gently rub on your tits
I am softly kissing your clit

I see the darkness in the skies
As the morning begin to rise
I hear the sound of voice

You hold me in your arms real tight
As everything that just happen, tells me it was all right
As I hold you next to me, the sun begin to shine
I realize that this was just A Dream of mine

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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