by Delvora

this fruit…
ebon nectar, seeping pleasure
dormant until you called
and delicious, I won’t stop you
i’m famished
stretched out new
beneath your voice
mounting my limbs
moist and moaning,
against the weight
of your past breathing hot secrets
between my thighs
flush against…yes, I’ll climb
in a minute, sweet
coaxing sticky chimes
spent from your hips
nest, soft; I feel your fantasy along my spine
visits, I dismissed before I knew I wanted…(you like this)
serve up your feigning
erection, panting outside your toil
claim the swell…inside your palm, nipples, shaft spent
take my wishes
toss my head back
everything this night is sideways
save your virtue, standing up, in the dark nasty of this plot
in a minute, sweet
fuel sensations on the verge of begging for more
no…I won’t leave you
no…I’ll lay insane as long as I can kiss you before we recover;
from this limit
blending, craving, every suckle and touch, to late to take back
finally, truth taste the way it should
and your hands tug at the small of my back;
in a minute…
feed me, you.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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