by Serene Pleasures

So at this moment in time
Iím losing my mind
I love youÖ but Iím feeling her
Itís like committing a crime
Forever it takes to make a plan
Itís like following footprints in the sand
Trying to take all the paths
Knowing I can only take one at a time
Damn booÖOURS would be easier
Since it has the straighter line

Its driving me fucking crazy
I donít know what to do
You see Iím feeling her
But I love you

Which path to take?
Straight or crooked?
Damn, I still gotta make up my mind
*SIGHS* So yea I took it
The crooked path
FuckÖ It lead me to a dead end
Trying to turn back and find the straight line
That leads to my wife, my lover, my best friend
No paths in sight anywhere around
Next time I have to pick a path
It will surely be the one that Iím already half way down

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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