by Marsha Blue

I don't know where to begin

I feel you slipping through my fingers

After I felt like I had a firm grip.

I was trying to win your heart.

Trying to get close to you

Trying to melt inside of you

And now I feel like I am alone

I really feel like I am alone

>From the first day

Till now I have been so interested

Yes, I must say that I am still interested

In giving you exactly what you say that you need.

I giving you exactly what you say you want.

Not a need to think about me

Not a care of the feelings that you have stirred inside me

But i find that what you want is not something you can give me

Not at this moment

You want me to be just your friend
in a moment that we were more than that

I cannot be that friend

I didn't get a chance not to care anymore

I didn't get a chance not to love you anymore

And you want a friend

At this point my heart beats on your every word

When you call my name

When you whisper my name

my body does not react as your friend

i cannot just be your friend

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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