by Shaylove

With the twist of my wrist and
The pulling of my hand I began to reveal
Your beauty thatís where Chapter One began
As we performed our first kiss we did it
In just one take but the music that we made
Together so loud so great; the sound made an echo
That filled the entire room the remaining cast
Came running the producers all shouted
No way were wrapping soon
This was the first time for the both of us
The greatest performance of all time
The two of our bodies colliding
In a different place at different times
No remake can be made for this film
Would be the only one of its kind
This is truly a classic love story
One thatís all yours as well as mine
As we entered Chapter seven now remind you
Thereís only twelve
Silence begins to fill the room and
Thatís when I fell so madly in love
With you my breath you had taken away
Our hearts had become intertwined
I was sure I wanted to stay forever
In your arms and no way did I want
This story to end but I knew
If I wanted to see forever then
I would have to do it by Chapter Ten
Taking their breath away
I would need to bring them deeper
Into our world let them feel the love
We felt like a tornado they all began
To twirl around in circles as they captured
Every angle focusing on the two of us alone
One of the producers became tangled
In our love making as we both reached
Our orgasmic peaks the music wasnít so
Loud anymore and no one was sitting in
Their seats all eyes were on us for we were
The center of their world a film that can never be
Remade by either of us girls

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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