by Shaylove

Never will I forget
The day that I
Stumbled upon you
This moment the two
Of us would remember
This moment would be
The birth of Shay and
Around one corner
You were while
I the other
We both seemed
To miss one another
Now that we have met…….
You have showed me a love
That I have never known
Existed and I
Have showed you things
That you never thought were possible
The process……..
Our lives from this moment on
Would be forever
Changed for the better
The two of us began
To build and
Build and soon
Our foundation
Became one and
Still is one that
No man or woman
Can tear down
We have truly found
There is hope…..
The feeling of loneliness
That I had felt
Years prior to meeting
You was gone never to return
The hopelessness; now hope
The insecurities; now secure
Through all of the
Sleepless nights you gave
Me that extra breath that
I needed to live and
Just as I felt myself
About to take my last
It was your love
That saved me

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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