by Nora Gupton

I dream of you and me in a Super Wo-Man pose,
beginning with you standing firmly flat footed
and ending with you barely balanced on your tippy-toes.
your shoulders – broad and strong
your locs- loose, wild, long
your eyes- focused on me
on my knees.
I look back at you as I’m teasing
my tongue- in and out, up and down
my lips- softly sucking, circling ‘round and round
your mini man.
I look up at you, as over me you stand
one of your hands rocking my locs and the other grippin’ your hip
Baby- I like that Superman shit!
I deeply inhale your intoxicating signature scent
as I lick my fingers, peeping up at your beautiful tits
your tits- sit high like wishes waiting to be granted
your ass- intense as your muscles are contacted,
your knees wide apart, your pussy open and slanted
as close as close can get
Baby, you’re so damn wet!
Your face displaced in ecstasy
Your mouth piece tells me you want me
and your tight, sexy ass body confirms.
I, your patient and eager lover, listen hard to learn
exactly what your body needs…
Yes, you can be greedy with me
needy with me
free to finally just be you with me…
Tell me all your stud-hard and not so hard desires.
I take it all in as I devour your pussy, taking your higher
and higher and even higher to orgasmic bliss.
My lips- continue to tickle and kiss
My tongue turns delicious tricks
and you reward me by cumming in waves- long, hard, and thick.
Still watching you as I lick, and lick, and lick your clit
slurping you in full and steady…
Super Wo-Man are you ready?
Are you ready to be loved like that?

Inside- out, front to back
as I stroke your tight ass frame
loving the sound of you calling my name…
You’ll never be the same.
On that you can bet
I’ll keep your mind popping and your pussy wet
your body warm and your soul content with love
and then suck and fuck you as you stand up above
me in your Super-Wo-Man pose
letting me have you until you stand on tippy toes
screaming my name
again and again
pulling my locs
holding on as I move you to rock
until you’re weak in the knees.
No need to thank me-I only aim to please.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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