by Nora Gupton

i wanna give life to the word SATISFY
make it breathe as i try not to tie
restricting love knots in the S as it slides
to the A of my ass, freely letting it glide-
ride buck wild to the inverted T of my hips
sending reverberations from the heat between my tits
to my innermost, most moist treat-
listening only to my moans until I hear my own heart beat
reminding me of the importance of me- capitalized I
regaining passion before time slips me by
finding me figuring, fingering my sensuality, marking it with a scarlet S
screwing the F back in fuck, spreading my Y into oh yessssssss
but then again, maybe for me it's just
better that i claim the word SATISFACTION
turning satisfy into ACTION
releasing my inner essence into the passion
of friction just at the edge of my brown skin
inhaling satisfaction deep down within
exhaling my ability to satisfy out and into
the wet center of legs open like Y, bringing resounding O's from U.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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