M. Rahim

I met Lenisha first. At the club, of course. But isn’t that how it always starts?

I was drunk, flailing around the dance floor like a possessed voodoo priestess. It wasn’t until the song ended and the spell was broken that I even noticed her watching me from the bar.

A muscle-bound stud with the body of a prize fighter. Her skin was brown and smooth; her dark hair, long and locked. She wore a T-shirt, baggy jeans and a pair of midnight blue Timb’s, giving her that thug appeal all us stud-loving femmes secretly crave (in the bedroom at least).

She never took her eyes off me as I walked toward the bar. Her head was tilted slightly to one side as she looked me up and down with a cocky half-smile. The sexy stud had been enjoying the view of a slinky spaghetti strap dress clinging to my still-sweaty body.

She handed me a freshly made drink–a screwdriver with ruby red grapefruit juice, my favorite–and patted the seat of the empty barstool next to her, inviting me to sit. I realized that she must’ve been watching me for a while to know what I was drinking and wondered why I hadn’t noticed sooner.

The alcohol in my system had me feeling bold and horny. My clit swelled and throbbed in waves. I crossed my legs trying to squeeze away the growing ache. The stud was feeling bold too. She traced a line with her finger along my thigh. “Soft,” she said in a raspy still-feminine voice. I felt my nipples grow hard as they rubbed against the silky material of my dress.

The ache between my legs gave way to visions of being spread wide, almost to the point of hurting, and my pussy being teased in all sorts of perverted ways ... a finger deep inside ... a tongue tickling my hole ... licking my clit ... a big dick strapped on tight ... fucking me just right. The stud kept staring at me intently, nostrils flared as if she could smell my pussy getting wetter by the second!

It had been a long time since I let anyone touch me and I planned on keeping it that way for as long as possible. I was tired of relationships and all the bullshit that went with them. People don’t even seem to care about love these days. They don’t care about friendship either. All they care about sex! I decided to protest by forsaking love, relationships, and more importantly, sex. I went through a bad break up, which I’m sure is pretty obvious at this point.

I was dragged through the mud by that bitch so it wasn’t too hard to give up sex ... at first. I just buried myself in my work and forgot about it. A week later I was masturbating excessively. I even went out and bought this huge industrial vibrator. That held me over for a good month, but eventually all I could think about was sex! I would dress up in my sexiest outfits and look at myself in the mirror fantasizing about how much fun it would be to tease a cute stud just by walking by, booty jiggling, in a little skirt.

Six long months later there I was ... in the club ... drunk ... pussy dripping wet ... sitting in the presence of what quite possibly could have been the sexiest stud I had ever seen!
A quickie in the tiny stall wasn’t gonna do it for me that night. But even then I was still fighting the urges. I had held out for a long time (long for me). I was proud and I wanted to hold on to that pride. I knew the only way I was getting out of that situation was to remove myself immediately. I put my drink down, hopped off the barstool and rushed off toward the restroom.

A crowd of women in their cutest club outfits swarmed at the mirrors touching up makeup, fussing over sweated-out hair, and gossiping about each other. I squeezed past them to an empty stall and felt a sense of relief as I closed the door behind me.

My head was spinning, my breathing heavy as I leaned against the door praying for the ache to go away. It had a grip on me and I felt on the verge of exploding. I stuck my hand between my legs and squeezed hard trying to send the sensations back where they came from. A little moan escaped my throat as I tugged and pulled on my tortured pussy.

I was in a trance and nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt the stall door suddenly move against my back. I was startled and immediately moved away from the door, turning to face it. Someone was trying to push their way in! The door opened slowly and I backed up nearly tripping over the toilet. I was fearful of my racing heartbeat. It pounded against my rib cage violently as I anticipated what I knew was about to happen.

The sexy stud followed me! Her movements were stealthy as she slipped into the stall. She stood so close that I could feel the warmth of her body and it was that moment when I lost all control. I reached out and pulled her close, licking her lips before I kissed them. Her arms wrapped around my body without hesitation, grabbing my ass and hoisting me up. I felt myself being spun around just before my back was slammed against the stall door. I wrapped my legs around her waist and moved my hips, grinding on her thick strap. It pressed against my pussy through soaked panties, sending me into a frenzy. The sexy stud humped ferociously as she sucked on my neck. Only moments from orgasm, I let out a loud moan. She held me up with one arm and used the other hand to slip one of my dress straps off my shoulder, exposing my breasts. She took my hard nipple in her mouth, biting on it, sucking, licking. I felt a tiny splash of wetness escape and squeezed my muscles tight, struggling to hold it back.

A quickie in the tiny stall wasn’t gonna do it for me that night.

“Take me home and fuck me!” I demanded, whispering in the sexy stud’s ear.

She put me down and looked at me for a moment, searching my face to see if I was serious. Seconds later I was being thrown over the stud’s shoulder like a captive dragged off by a savage caveman as part of some primitive mating ritual.

I had given in to her completely and could do nothing but giggle uncontrollably as she slapped my ass and carried me out of the club to her car. I paid no attention to the people jeering and cheering as I was carried away. Instead, I wondered if she had any idea how much I needed her that night.

“You smoke?” she asked as we drove toward some unknown destination.

“Yes,” I answered breathlessly.

We didn’t even know each other’s names and I hadn’t told her where I lived, so I assumed we were going to her place. At that point I didn’t care where we went as long as it involved multiple orgasms.

She opened the ashtray and pulled out a half-smoked blunt packed tight with bright green weed. She lit it, took a few tokes then handed it to me. The car felt like it was floating as I inhaled toke after toke of the thick smoke. The sexy stranger was driving fast and nearly lost control of the car a few times trying to feel me up.

The weed had my mind in a deep fog and all I could focus on was the painful ache in my pussy. Keeping her eyes on the road this time, she reached over and shoved her hand between my legs. She nearly tore my panties as she pushed them to the side. Suddenly, I felt her thick fingers tickling my clit, searching for the wetness. I opened wider and her fingers slipped in unexpectedly, making me gasp.

Another splash of wetness escaped.

I felt the car swerve as she struggled to push herself in deeper.

“You’re so tight ma!” she said, unable to restrain the tremors in her own voice. It turned me on to know that she was losing all control just as I had.

Minutes later we pulled up in front of an old 3-family house. Once out of the car, she fumbled with her keys and finally got the front door open after what seemed like forever.

Before the door was even completely closed behind us, she lifted my dress and ripped off my panties in one swift motion. I grabbed the back of her head pulling her mouth to mine, kissing wildly. She lifted my dress over my head and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around her waist eager to feel her penetrate my wet pussy.
She kicked the door closed with her booted foot and carried through darkness to what I could only assume was her bedroom. The sexy stud’s hand fumbled with her jeans and suddenly I could feel the big dick forcing it’s way inside me. I let out a loud moan and splashed just as we fell onto the bed.

“Cum all over me mami!” she growled between labored breaths. Her thrusts were slow and deep forcing me to obey.

After cumming countless times, she commanded me to turn over onto my belly. Again I obeyed. I lay there teasing my clit with my fingers as she stripped off her own clothes down to only the leather strap. I looked over my shoulder to see what was taking so long and noticed her watching me as I played with myself.

Even in the dark, I could see the excitement gleaming in her eyes through narrow slits. The dick protruded from the stud’s mound still slick and shining with my wetness. We were both on our knees as she teased my pussy with the head of her big dick. I struggled to keep my composure, not wanting to lose control and cum before she entered me again. But it was so hard because I wanted her that bad. The anticipation of feeling her inside me again was more than I could stand.

“Please fuck me, please!” I begged. That was all the motivation she needed. She pushed herself in hard and deep and grabbed a handful of my hair as she stroked my pussy like a wild animal. “YES DADDY! FUCK ME!” I screamed as I came again and again.

I don’t remember exactly how long we did it, but I do know that it was daylight when I finally passed out on top of her. I was riding her dick and collapsed after squirting all over her belly. The whole experience was so intense and my body tingled for what felt like hours.

I woke up alone and naked in a strange bed.

My head was pounding and my vision blurry from the hangover, but I tried anyway to inspect my surroundings.

The room was large with simple furnishings. A dresser, a big screen television, a night stand, a lamp, and a king sized bed which I sat in the middle of, naked and confused.

Sunlight flooded through bay windows, nearly blinding me. At the entrance to the bedroom were a pair of closed french doors. I could smell food cooking and I tried to look through the glass to get an idea of where I was and hopefully catch a glimpse of the person (or persons) moving around beyond the door. Unfortunately the glass panes were frosted and were designed for privacy, so I couldn’t see anything but a sillouhette.

I looked around for my clothes and couldn’t find them. I got out of the bed quickly and realized after almost falling on my face, that I was still wearing my stilettos. I looked under the bed and in every corner of the room for my clothes with no luck. Suddenly the urge to pee struck me like lightening. I thought about wrapping myself in the comforter on the bed but it was too big and I didn’t have time for all that. I needed a bathroom quick!

"Fuck it!" I thought to myself as I ran out of the room.

Beyond the doors was a kitchen ... and a very sexy stud dressed in shorts and a wife-beater standing over a crackling frying pan. The smell of bacon filled my nostrils as I stood in the door way completely oblivious to the fact that I was naked. The stud looked up at me and smiled. The memory of the previous night flooded my mind at that moment.

“Good morning,” she greeted me with a deep raspy voice and a sweet smile.

“Hi,” I said, desperately looking around for the bathroom.

As if reading my mind the still-sexy stud pointed with a spatula toward a closed door to my right. “Bathroom’s right over there,” she said.

I nodded my head, smiled back at her and trotted off as quickly as possible to the door. When I emerged feeling relieved, the stud was seated at a round wooden table sipping on a steaming cup of coffee and skimming through the sports section of The Boston Herald.

“I’ll see myself out as soon as I find my clothes,” I said chewing on my lip nervously.

“So you’re not even gonna tell me your name, huh? Just gonna use me and leave? And they call us studs the dogs,” she rolled her eyes for added effect.

I laughed at her humor and was pleasantly surprised at how nice she was being. I couldn’t help smiling when I looked down at the second plate seated in front of an empty chair.

“Do you make breakfast for all your one night stands or is this some kind of special occasion?” I asked as I sat down and reached for a piece of bacon.

She put the paper down and poured a second cup of coffee from a carafe. “Cream? Sugar?”

“Black, one sugar.”

She handed me the cup and that first sip was so good. I could feel the caffeine working almost immediately. I could tell that she took pride in her coffee because she had the gourmet stuff. Right then, I couldn’t help but wonder what her deal was. This wasn’t the typical morning-after scenario that usually followed a night of random, drunken sex with a total stranger.

The sexy stud stared at me intently as if contemplating what to say next. Then she finally spoke. “None of my one night stands ever felt as good as you did and they damn sure never looked so good sitting at my table naked,” she said looking me up and down with a half-cocked smile. “I didn’t know how you liked your eggs so I guessed. Hope scrambled is ok.”

She went back to reading the newspaper and I blushed despite the fact that I tried not to. Flashbacks of the stud’s strap deep inside me had blood rushing to my face and heat surging between my legs. “The eggs are fine. Thanks,” I said trying to be nonchalant.

I nibbled on another piece of bacon and shoveled a fork-full of eggs into my mouth as a million thoughts ran through my mind. “Venus,” I said feeling like I needed to say something.

“What?” the stud asked looking up from her paper confused.

“Venus. That’s my name.”

“Oh, ok. I’m Lenisha. Every body calls me Lennie, but I think I can get used to you callin me daddy.” She grinned in that bad-boy kinda way. Her cockiness had reached a whole new level but it was such a turn on.

“Good to meet you ... Lennie.” My face blazed with embarrassment.

“It is good, isn’t it. So ... you always walk around butt-neked in strangers’ apartments or is this a special occasion?”

Her cockiness grew and she seemed to get off on my reactions. The night before, Lennie enjoyed watching my body react to her touch ... her stroke ... her aggression. She got off on it. And now she was enjoying my reaction to her voice, her bold deliberate statements, and her implications.

Her beauty was absolute and she was fully aware of it. Her dark locks–heavy yet soft to the touch– framed her face and slightly draped her shoulders in an almost regal way. Hell yeah, she was cocky but by no means was she arrogant. I was fascinated. There was something about the way she moved–in an almost predatory way–that made my pussy throb so violently I couldn’t breath!

A delicious panic took over me. Inhaling deeply, I tried to gain some composure. My gaze was fixated on this woman, studying every inch of her like a curious cat playfully plotting on the tempting tail of a mouse. She gazed back at me, squirming in her chair just a little but never losing her cool. The intensity of our locked eyes soon became too intense because we both turned away suddenly feeling awkward and afraid of revealing too much.

Lennie got up to clear the table, but kept looking over her shoulder. I imagine that we were both wondering what the other was thinking, feeling. It was obvious that we were both affecting each other, reacting to one another just as a magnet reacts to metal. The pull was so strong that it was making us both just a little uneasy.

My nostrils were suddenly filled with the faint smell of rose water as I flashed back momentarily to the feel her locks grazing the insides of my thighs. Only a short time ago, I was lying beneath this woman, squirting and splashing ecstatically all over her face! When she knew I couldn’t take it any more she pinned me down, drove her dick deep inside me ... in and out, in and out, twisting and humping, slow then fast ... and would not let up until I collapsed with exhaustion.

I fell asleep in the wet spot after being lulled by the throb of my aching cum-soaked pussy. And now I was standing in her kitchen completely exposed and feeling no shame. There was a sexual freedom between us. And even though we were still virtual strangers to one another, I felt a level of comfort and ease with her that I had never felt with another person before then. It was as if she had taken a peak into my mind and knew exactly what I wanted and needed.

“I don’t make a habit of walking around strange apartments butt-neked as you put it. If I could find my clothes I wouldn’t be naked. Have you seen them by the way?” I kept my eyes trained on Lennie, wishing we could fuck right then and there.

“How about we look for your clothes later ... when I take you out tonight? You don’t really need them right this second ... do you? Cuz I was kinda hopin’ you’d stick around for a while ma.”

She cocked her head to the side again as she seemed to do anytime she was checking me out. I found it nearly impossible to say no! Lennie seemed genuinely into me and it had been a long time since I had felt so wanted. She was just so mysterious and she had a sensuously mischievous way about her that I was beginning to find irresistible.

I stood up from my seat smiling, my legs spread wide apart. “Come here,” I demanded.

Lennie hesitated for only a single moment before dropping down to her knees on the tiled kitchen floor and crawling to me, tongue wagging like an eager obedient dog. She reached up to grab my ass squeezing with both hands as her tongue found its way to my clit. I cupped the back of her head and fucked her face until my cum dripped from her chin.

Later that night we drove to Marchetti’s, an authentic Italian restaurant in Providence, where we ate, drank and talked for hours. I enjoyed getting to know Lennie ... almost as much as I enjoyed fucking her.

The End

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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