Yolanda Green

Who dat bitch think she is? Walking in here like she own this shit. Tamiksha murmured, "Good morning." to the woman, but she brushed past her. Tamiksha rolled her eyes. I just smiled and the bitch kept walking. I can't stand these fucking people. I'm going to find a new job. The bitch was tall maybe 5'9. Her hair was a dark red and lay past her shoulders. Tamiksha couldn't see much of what she was wearing through her grey overcoat.
Over the next few weeks, the bitch came to the building every morning a little before 7:15 am. Tamiksha never saw her take a lunch break and since her shift ended at 3:15, she never saw her leave. The bitch never smiled or said anything to anyone at reception or security. The other receptionists noticed it too.
"I don't know who she is coming in here like that. Stuck up bitch." Carmen snapped as Rebecca silently walked in on a Wednesday morning. "True. You see her wearing those heels? She's like 9 feet tall anyway... always swaying those tall hips..." Joan chimed in. They found out her name was Rebecca Allamby and she went to the 11th floor, but not much of anything else.
Thursday morning, Tamiksha found herself staring at Rebecca Allamby on the monitor. Her eyes were dark chocolate-muted and cold. A gust of February wind blew the double doors open and she-Rebecca Allamby walked in carrying a large suitcase. She strutted by silently. Tamiksha looked down at the monitor it was 10:15am. Bitch must have overslept.
"The bitch must be taking a trip." Joan called from the metal detector.
"Not the way she works. Who would she go with?" Carmen responded. She stood next to her checking ID badges.
"You right. No man wants her." Joan offered.
"She's probably a dyke." Carmen and Joan started laughing. A smirk crossed Tamkisha's face, but she fell silent. Is she? She took a quick look at the monitor and closed the window quickly.
Joan looked down at Tamiksha, "Girl, you better watch out. I saw her looking at you the other day." When was she looking at me?
Tamiksha walked down the corridor on her cell phone, "This is some bullshit, girl. Joan wanna cupcake and I'm covering her shift. I only have to walk around, but still I'm trying to make it to the clu-" Tamiksha saw Rebecca Allamby sitting in a cubicle. A white woman was over her shoulder pointing. Bitch acts all high; she's just an intern. Tamiksha smiled and dipped into the bathroom.
The door swung open and almost hit her. Rebecca Allamby ran by her. Fucking bitch. I know she just didn't almost break my nose. I can't wait to tell Carmen and Joan about this bullshit.
Another Friday, Tamiksha found herself on the 11th floor doing a round. Inside the copy room she found Rebecca in front of the copier. Definitely an intern. Tamiksha smirked and walked away.
"Stupid bitch." She heard Rebecca mumble. Tamiksha spun around with her mouth pursed and the radio gripped in her hands. Rebecca looked up holding a torn sheet of paper. Her light cheeks reddened, "This thing is acting stupid. I'm sorry. Forgive my language." Tamiksha turned and walked away. Bitch even talks white.
Mid-April, Tamiksha found herself looking at Rebecca's picture-a new morning ritual. Thud. She was jarred by a box on the reception table. "What's this?" She looked up and there was Rebecca Allamby.
"Oh Hey. Tamiksha. This is a thank you to everyone for being so nice to me the past four months." Then she strutted towards the elevators.
"Bitch probably wants to hit on us?"
April was pretty uneventful except for the breakfast. Then in May, Tamiksha was in the cafeteria digging for some change to pay for her oatmeal, "I'm so sorry Maria. I had some change from the bus this morning."
"No problem. I got it, Maria." She looked up from digging.
"Buenos días, Rebecca."
"Buenos días. Como esta?"
"I'm good. You're improving." Maria smiled at her.
"Where's your retainer?"
"I left it upstairs." Maria frowned at her and starting fussing in Spanish. Rebecca smiled once more and backed away slowly. Tamiksha spent a little more time than necessary putting the stuff in her bag to watch her strut off. "You know her Maria?"
"Yeah. Doesn't come in that often but she's always friendly."
"That evil bitch? She never says hi to anyone."
"Watch your mouth." Maria rolled her eyes, "You probably did the same thing when you had braces."
"Yeah. It's embarrassing at 16, but imagine being 26. She just got them off though."
Tamiksha stood there. She's 26. The bitch looked younger. Hmmm. Tamiksha would be celebrating her 29th birthday in a couple of months.
"'Oh' is right, but she's always asking about you. Now go away you're blocking my line." Tamiksha looked around at the line and walked away. What is the deal with this chick?
The next day, Tamiksha was in the elevator with Rebecca, who smiled at her. Tamiksha smiled back. "WHAT FLOOR ARE YOU GOING TO?" Rebecca asked.
"14. Why are you yelling?" Rebecca was smiled back "Good and you?" Stupid bitch. Tamiksha tapped her arm, "Why are you yelling?"
Rebecca held up her hands and pulled two earbuds from her ears. "Sorry. My mom got these for my commute. They're supposed to block out all noise." The button for the 11th floor dinged and she started to get out of the elevator, but held the door open, "Oh. Have a good day." She rushed out of the way. She held the elevator to say 'Have a good day'?
At the end of the month, Tamiksha got stuck working another Friday. It was close to 9 o' clock and she was doing the emergency exit check. She saw a light on in one of the offices and tapped on the door, "Will you be here much longer?" Rebecca swiveled around with the phone receiver in her hand, "Mark, I'll call you back in 4 minutes." She looked Tamiksha in the eyes, "What did you ask?"
"Are you going to be here much longer?"
"Unfortunately, yes. What about you?"
"'Til midnight." Rebecca frowned. Tamiksha smiled at her and walked away. At 10:45, Rebecca went downstairs and met the delivery driver.
"You want to share?" She asked Tamiksha.
"I dunno."
"Come on. It's a lot of food."
"Ok. Sure." Tamiksha walked around the desk and saw Rebecca wearing flip-flops. Rebecca followed her eyes, "I hate heels." Inside of the elevator she continued, "It's stupid. I know, but I'm so afraid I'm going to fall that I poke out my hips for extra balance." Tamiksha rode silently. "Must have read it somewhere." She added for validity.
The elevator stopped on her floor and Rebecca waited for her Tamiksha to get out first. "So how long have you been here?"
"About 4 years."
"Do you like it?"
"It's all right." They walked into the office.
"Will your boss mind you in the office?"
"Excuse me." She popped the retainer out of her mouth and into a cup, "Where else would I work?"
"At your cube."
"Cube?" Her face wrinkled as she thought, "The day you saw me, I was looking at pictures of Anne's vacation, but because of the sty..." She pointed to her left eye, "...I had to get close." Rebecca looked at her some more, "And I'm sorry for checking you." She pointed to her eye again, "The sty was starting to hurt again."
"Ok." This bitch is really crazy.
"Is there anything else I can clear up?" Rebecca came clean with how they thought she was rude and stuck up. At some parts she laughed and at other she shook her head.
"There was one part you were right about."
"Which part?"
"I'm a lesbian."
"Yeah. Remember that day with the suitcase? My ex had given me all of my stuff back."
"She didn't think I was ambitious enough."
"That's what I thought."
"I gotta go."
"Oh. Ok." Rebecca looked up a little disappointed, "Thanks for having dinner with me." Rebecca's eyes locked on Tamiksha and she quickly left.
Tamiksha shook her head. This has been one hell of a night. After that she kept having "chance" encounters with Rebecca. Tamiksha started to work Friday afternoons. She would happen to make her round on the 11th floor as Rebecca was sitting down for dinner. And she invites her to eat.
"Do you want another spider roll?" Tamiksha pointed to it with her chopsticks.
"No, I'm too full." Rebecca rubbed her belly, "Go ahead. Take it home." Tamiksha leaned back and glared at Rebecca, "What the fuck? You think I can't afford to pay for dinner? I don't need your stank ass leftovers." Rebecca just stared at her blankly.
"Ok. I'll take them home." She opened the door to a little refrigerator in the corner full of take-out boxes. "I don't normally pay for any food during this time of year." Rebecca got up and walked away.
"Shit." Tamiksha got up and followed her to the bathroom. Rebecca stood in the bathroom wiping her eyes.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry." Rebecca started to laugh, "How many conclusions can you jump to? The wasabi is fucking with my sinuses."
Tamiksha was silent for a long time. "Goodnight." Rebecca said huffily and started to walk away. Tamiksha grabbed her arm and Rebecca looked at her, "And now you think I want you?"
"No, but I want you." Tamiksha lunged at Rebecca and they started to kiss. Tamiksha's power pushed her against the sink and Rebecca started to reach for her ass. A soft moan escaped from Tamiksha's mouth.
"Oooh." Rebecca yelped. She turned around and her pants were wet.
"Automatic sinks." The two of them started to laugh and then went towards Rebecca's office.
Tamiksha walked in before Rebecca. She turned around and saw Rebecca staring at her. "What are you staring at?"
"I think you're beautiful." Rebecca licked her lip, "Do you want to do this?"
Tamiksha looked at her and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Rebecca closed the door and pushed Tamiksha against the wall. They started to kiss and were breathing heavily against each other. Tamiksha wrapped her legs around Rebecca and they started grinding their hips against each other.
"'re really wet." Rebecca said.
Tamiksha kissed her lower lip, "So are you."
Rebecca rolled her hips and Tamiksha yelped."Are you ok?"
"The wall is a little rough." She winced. Rebecca nodded and laid Tamiksha on top of her desktop calendar."You aren't going to clear the desk off?"
"That's movie bullshit. I mean, I clear it off, but then I have to pick it up after you leave and that's not sexy..."
"Shut up." Tamiksha said and grabbed Rebecca with her legs. Rebecca unbuttoned her shirt and Tamiksha run her hand along her stomach, "Hmmm..." She reached up and rubbed her hands along her breasts and then backs down to her belt buckle. Her pants dropped to the ground and Rebecca started to flick Tamiksha's nipples with her fingers.
"Ohhh." Tamiksha let out a moan. "Come here." Tamiksha called. Rebecca leaned down and they started to kiss harder. Tamiksha rubbed Rebecca's ass and slipped her hands into her panties. She grabbed at her ass and slid her panties down. Tamiksha pushed her on her back and started planting kisses along Rebecca's body.
She flipped Rebecca on her back and then went for her pussy. She started to suck on her clit. "Ahh. Oh shit. Tamiksha." Rebecca's body shook as she came.

The End

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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