Ness walked into her crappy project complex. The floor was littered with cigar fillings from all the pot heads that smoke the stairways up. Only one elevator was working and it of course had to be the one that didn't stop at her floor. She had a hard day at work and this was not the way she wanted to come home. As she got into the elevator and pressed the floor above her own, she thought about finally getting to relax from her long, hard day. As she walks down a flight to her floor, she wonders if Lachelle is up and if she had cooked dinner.
As it turned out, there was a hot plate on the stove. A note attached said Lachelle was asleep. So, Ness kicked off her tims, then threw her shirt across the back of the sofa and turned on ESPN, while she enjoyed her dinner.
After dinner Ness took a along hot shower. She threw on a wife beater and B-ball shorts and headed to bed. To her surprise, there was lit candles around the room and sweet aroma was filling the air. The bed was covered in red, rose petals and in the middle of them was Lachelle. She was wearing a sexy, Blue, lace Bra and panty set. You gotta love Victoria Secret, Ness said to herself. Lachelle rises from the bed and meets Ness at the door. They share a kiss and then Lachelle leads Ness back to the bed. She seats Ness on the edge of the bed. Lachelle stands in front of Ness and begins to dance seductively to imaginary music. She moves her hips and rubs her hands up and down her body slowly, never losing eye contact with Ness.
"Come here baby," says Ness. Lachelle dances closer to her and then takes a seat in her lap, with her back towards Ness. She takes Ness's hands and cup her breast with them. Ness gently squeezed her C cups and softly planted kisses on Lachelle's neck. When she reached the curve of her neck she gently bit her. Lachelle threw her head back and moaned. Ness begin to suck on her neck and lightly tug at her nipples through the bra. Having enough Lachelle turned to face Ness and passionately kiss her. Ness unhooked the bra and rubbed her hands up and down Lachelle's smooth back. They laid back on the rose covered sheets and continuing kissing.
Ness turned so the she was on top of Lachelle and begin a trail of kisses down her body. Stopping to gently tugged each nipple with her teeth and sucked and kissed on her breast. Then continued down her stomach with kisses stopping at her belly button to lick it. She picked up her place again and went further down. Placing kisses on her pussy through the panties. Her warmth and sweet aroma seemed to give Ness an adrenaline rush. She removed the lace panties from Lachelle and kissed and nibbled on her inner thighs. Lachelle moaned as Ness's wet kisses sent shivers through her body.
Ness begins to kiss on her hairless mound and slowly work her way to Lachelle's clit. Ness reaches her clit and gently licks upward on it. She then use her tongue to part Lachelle's inner lips. She slowly made up and down strokes with her tongue. Lachelle moaned again and parted her legs more. She begins caressing her breast and twisting nipples between her fingers. Ness moves her tongue action to the outer lips. She gives each one individual attention, sucking and nibbling on them. She uses her tongue to enter Lachelle and slowly moves it in and out. Ness takes her thumb and lightly rubs on her clit in a circular motion. Lachelle moans a little louder. Ness begins to speed up. Lachelle pushes her pelvic toward Ness's face. Ness's takes that as a good sign and continues. Stopping ever so often to give love to her lips and clit.
Ness decides to switch things up and focus on Lachelle's clit. While doing that she slides two fingers in her warm wetness, to replace her tongue. Sliding in and out. Lachelle puts a leg on Ness's shoulder and starts to grind against her fingers. Ness adds another finger and goes faster. All the while sucking and licking on Lachelle's clit. Lachelle's moans get louder and her breathing becomes a bit irregular. Her breathing, Ness's sucking and the wet sound Ness's fingers made while fucking her seemed to bounce off the walls. Ness turned her fingers upward and begin a come hither motion. Lachelle's body quivered. She place her fingers in Ness's hair, placing a little pressure on head. Her way of telling her not to stop. Which she didn't, of course!
Tension begin to build up in Lachelle's body. She bit her lower lip, her eyes rolled back and her toes begin to curl. Ness felt Lachelle's pussy tighten around her fingers. Soon afterward she felt her wetness increase. Ness moved down and begin to lick every drop of her sweet cum. Lachelle released her grip on Ness's head as her she climaxed and called out her name. She tried to catch her breath as Ness enjoyed her juices.
Several minutes later, Ness held Lachelle in her arms as they slept.
The next morning over breakfast, Lachelle asked. "What do you think about trying out new things?"
"What do you mean?" Ness replied.
"Like in our sex life...Maybe try fulfilling some fantasies?" Lachelle asked.
Ness smiled. "You got a fantasy you want to make come true?" Ness inquired.
"Maybe," Lachelle said with a wicked smile. "Are you game?"
"But you have not told me anything, really.."
"Don't worry. Just say yes and I will take care of the rest." Lachelle purred.
Ness grinned. "Okay. Yes. So when do you want to do this?"
"I said I will take care of the rest. Love you babe!" Lachelle left the table and headed towards the bathroom.
Lachelle turned on the shower making sure to use mostly hot water. She left the curtain open, so steam could fill up the room. She loved seeing the smoke billow and how the mirror fogged up. She took her time undressing. She exam her what she could of her body in the mirror over the porcacelin sink. She begin wondering how she was going to set up for tonight....Ness has no idea what she is in for!, she thought. When the mirror fogged up completely she drew a winking smiley with the tongue sticking out. She laughed to herself and hopped into the shower.
As Ness was cleaning her breakfast dishes, she had an idea. Maybe I shouldn't, she thought. But we are trying to bring new things to the table, she contemplated with herself. She smiled.......
Ness open the bathroom door and was greeted by the steam. She walked inside and closed the door. The tiles felt a bit warm against her bare feet. She noticed a smiley drawn in the fogged mirror. She took it as a sign that all was a go! She quickly but quietly undressed and got behind Lachelle, who had her eyes closed, face under the water.
Ness puts her arms around Lachelle's waist and gently bit her neck. Lachelle turns her face toward Ness. They share a passionate kiss. Ness Reaches for the showerhead and puts its on pulse.
Ness let the water run over Lachelle's breast and down her stomach. The little pellets of water stimulated Lachelle's nipples and they rose to attention. Ness ran her free hand over Lachelle's pussy....up...and down.....up....and down.... Ness's fingers brushed against Lachelle's clit but she didn't give it any special attention. Instead she slid two fingers inside of her. Her flow was not enough to satisfy but more than enough to tease. Ness makes the water flow down to Lachelle's slightly swollen vagina. Lachelle places her foot on the side of the tub to balance herself. She leaned into Ness, one arm around Ness's neck. This position gave Ness better access.
Ness uses one hand to part Lachelle's lips. Ness then concentrates the flow of the water on her clit. She moves the showerhead in a small circular motion. The water seems to fuse together and it felt as though there was an actually finger rubbing her clit. Lachelle let out a moan and Slightly digs her nails in the back of Ness's neck. Ness continued on directing the water flow slowly, slowly up and down her lips. Once again, giving the impression there is an actual finger there. Lachelle's continues to moan and uses her free hand to fondle her breast. Ness alternates the water play back and forth from Lachelle's lips and her clit until she feels Lachelle is close to an orgasm.
She let go of the shower head. It clanked against the shower knobs. Ness had Lachelle recline against the tiled wall opposite the shower head. She put one of her legs on the edge of the tub. She got on bended knee and placed Lachelle's other leg on her shoulder. Ness begin to use the under side of her tongue to caress Lachelle's Clit. She licked on her wet lips before entering her with her tongue. She quickly darted her tongue in and out. Ness squeezed and rubbed Lachelle's wet thighs. She could taste her girl's juices mixed with the water. She kept her rhythm. Lachelle took two of her fingers and begin to rub her clit in a circular motion, matching the pace of Ness's tongue.
She could feel her orgasm swell up and burst inside her. Sending a tingly sensation through out her body and letting her cum flow from her vagina. Ness drank Lachelle's sweet juices, making sure not to miss any of it! Ness arose, took her Lachelle's face in her hands and begin to kiss her. Lachelle pulled Ness into her. Their naked bodies pressing against one another. She could taste herself on Ness's lips. This turned her on and she begin to kiss Ness more passionately. She wanted more but her throbbing pussy was telling her no. Plus they had a date tonight. They kissed some more before they had to clean up and go off to work.

Ness walked to her apartment door. Lachelle instructed her to eat dinner out but dessert will be waiting for her at home. She smiled and wondering what her baby was up to. As she entered the house she could hear slow music seeping through the stereo speakers. Aww, How romantic, Ness thought. Here I thought she was going to do something freaky.
She took off her coat and walked towards the glow coming from the kitchen. There were candles lit on the kitchen countertops. On the table there was a large silver platter with a paper saying "Hungry?" on it. Ness chuckled. Creeping up behind her, Lachelle placed a blind fold on Ness.
"So are you ready for dessert," Lachelle asked in a sexy voice. With a big smile, Ness went to open her mouth to say yes, But Lachelle put a finger to her lips.
"No. No. I'm in charge tonight. You speak when I tell you to. Otherwise…Just nod your head." Ness grinned. "Do you understand?" Lachelle asked. Ness nodded her head yes. "Now…Are you ready for your dessert?" Ness nodded yes again. "Good." She leaded Ness to the chair in front of the platter. "Sit!"
Ness Obliged. Lachelle then handcuffed her hand behind her back. "What the…?" Ness begin. Lachelle walked in front of Ness and grabbed her face with her hand. "I said speak when I tell you to!" and she then bit one of Ness' breast through her shirt. 'Oh, what the fuck?! She on some real freaky shit!', Ness thought to herself. "And I like it!' A smile came across her face.
Lachelle took off her silk robe, revealing her practically nude body. She wore a Blue garter belt, with knee high stockings and matching pumps. Lachelle sat on Ness's lap and gave her teasing kisses. Not letting her put her tongue in her mouth. Nibbling on her lip and planting kisses around her mouth. She then forced Ness's head to her breast and demanded that she kissed them ONLY. Of course Ness did what she was told. Lachelle told her to squeeze her nipples between her teeth. As she did Lachelle let out a small moan. Lachelle pulled Ness's head back "Do you wanna touch? Speak."
"Yes.. P-Please?" Ness answered. Lachelle laughed and told her no.
Lachelle got up and retrieved some scissors from a draw. She put the scissors to Ness's face. Ness moved her face from the cold steel and a worried look crossed her face. "Relax…Mama gonna take good care of you," Lachelle told her. Lachelle use the scissors to cut Ness's shirt, wife beater and sports bra off. She cast the clothes off to the side. She stepped back to admire the D-cups. "Nice, rack," she chirped. A smile came across Ness's face. Lachelle went back to her work. She pulled Ness's head back so she had access to her neck. She begin to start trail of wet kisses from Ness's neck down to her stomach. She begin to caress Ness's breast, pinching her nipples between her fingers. Ness let out sigh. Lachelle took one her breast and placed it in her mouth and sucking on the nipple. Then squeezing licking circles around the nipple. This made Ness moan.
Lachelle switched up and repeated the action. Ness moaned again and Lachelle stopped. She started her kisses downward and pulled of Ness's belt with her teeth. She undid her pants. Lachelle slid her hand inside Ness's boxers to her wet pussy. Ness breathed in sharply when Lachelle penetrated her. Lachelle slowly slid her fingers in…out…in…out…in…out of Ness's moist warmness. Ness rolled her head back and bit her lip trying not to moan. Lachelle did a little come hither motion and a moan escaped Ness's lips. Lachelle removed her hand and sucked Ness off her fingers, making sure to make a slurping sound. "Oh! That's right! You wanted dessert….Well then I will just eat later," Lachelle said in a matter of fact tone.
Lachelle got a jar from the fridge and placed it next to the sliver platter on the table. She pushed Ness closer to the table. Lachelle sat atop of the platter. "You want your blindfold off," she asked Ness, who nodded yes. "Lets play a game first…" Lachelle opened the jar filled with sliced peaches and honey. She dipped her finger in the honey and dabbed some on Ness's lips. It felt cold and thick against Ness's lips. She put her finger in Ness's mouth and demanded that she sucked her finger. Ness sucked the sweet thick honey off her finger and licked her lips.
"Did I say lick your lips?" Lachelle exclaimed. Before Ness could shake her head no, Lachelle bit into her neck, hard. A sharp pain shot through Ness's neck. "Now behave!" Lachelle dabbed the honey on her lips again. She then licked it off Ness lips, sucking on her bottom lip. "Open your mouth," she told Ness. Lachelle took a peach from the jar and put it in her mouth. She let the honey drip on to Ness's tongue before, sticking the other half of the peach in her mouth. Lachelle bit into the peach separating the halves. Cold Sweetness overcame Ness's taste buds as she ate the honey covered peach.
Lachelle instructed Ness to keep her eyes closed while she removed the blindfold. Lachelle positioned herself so she was at the edge of the table and her legs were wide open. She used her arms to prop herself up. She poured the cold contents of the jar on to her pussy. Her nipples got erect and she shivered. There were a few peaches on the platter and the honey covered her clit and lips. She inserted two peaches inside of her. "Ok. Open your eyes…" she told Ness. Ness did and her eyes grew big at what she saw. "Bon Apetite!" Lachelle said seductively.
Ness leaned forward so that her face was closer to her delicious treat. She went straight for peach inside of Lachelle. She greedily sucked it out and ate it. When she did the second one slipped down. Ness went for the second one. Honey covered her nose and chin. The taste and smell of Lachelle, peaches and honey had her pussy wet. She then licked the honey hiding between Lachelle's lips and suckled on each lip. She sucked the honey covering her clit, applying minor pressure as she did so. Lachelle moaned loudly and let her head roll back.
Ness hungrily lapped at her pussy getting honey all over her face. However, She paid it no mind. Ness picked up a peach with her teeth and rubbed it on Lachelle's lips. Then she carefully put the peach inside of Lachelle. Ness sucked it out a little and then used her tongue to push it back inside. Sucked it out a little…pushed it back inside…Sucked it out a little…pushed it back inside… Lachelle begin taking in short, sharp breaths.
The next time Ness pulled the peach out, she ate it, She replaced the peach with her tongue. Ness stuck her tongue inside of Lachelle and flickered her tongue up and down. Lachelle's short breaths increased. Ness took her flickering tongue to Lachelle's clit. The pat, pat, pat, pat of Ness's tongue sent tingles through Lachelle's body. Her toes curled and she arched her back before letting out a cry of ecstasy as Ness took her to cloud nine. She collapsed on the table. Ness licked what she could of Lachelle's cum from her pussy. She could barely taste her through honey. When Lachelle caught her breath she sat up on the table.
"Aww baby! Look at you!" Lachelle licked some honey from off her face.
"Don't worry," Ness replied with a wink. "We can always take a shower."

The End

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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