by Flame31

  1. Tonight We Are Hot With Desire
    We Bathe And Get Out Of The Tub,
    Two Women In Love With Each Other
    Hot Pussy To Pussy We Rub.

  2. Your Pussy Is Blazing Like Fire
    My Pussy Burns Hot For You Too,
    No Need For A Man's Fucking Dick
    Our Pussy To Pussy Will Do.

  3. I'm Horny And Hot For Your Body
    A Sexy And Beautiful Sight,
    I Want To Make Love To You, Baby
    Hot Pussy To Pussy All Night.

  4. On Top, I Am Pussy Controller
    Your Pussy's In Rhythm With Mine,
    Together We Rub In Slow Motion
    Til Orgasms Come The Same Time.

  5. A Passionate Tongue Kiss Between Us
    So Strong It Colors Me Weak,
    The Feel Of You Fondling My Nipples
    My Clit, Untouched, Reaches Peak.

  6. My Body Is Trembling And Anxious
    My Pussy Can't Wait For Your Touch,
    We Quickly Embrace In Affection
    Then Female To Female We Fuck.

  7. My Pussy Is Pussy On Pussy
    Your Pussy Is Pussy On Me,
    A Joyous And Loving Connection
    Our Fucking Is Sheer Ecstacy.

  8. A Finger-Fuck Frenzy A Minute
    An Hour Of Wildness And Greed,
    Two Clit-Hittin', Hot, Horny Pussies
    Brings Orgasms Guaranteed.

  9. The More We Fuck Pussy To Pussy
    The Quicker The Orgasms Come,
    The More We Fall Deeper In Love
    The Better We Fuck One On One.

  10. We Suck And We Lick On Each Other
    Positioned In Sixty-Nine Style,
    The Honey So Sweet On Our Sweetness
    We Suck And Lick Pussy A While.

  11. You Moan As You Tongue My Pussy
    The Pleasure Is Mine Back To You,
    The Feeling Is So Overwhelming
    We Cum Til Our Climax Is Through.

  12. The Juices Are Flowing So Freely
    The Taste Is A Sweetness For Sure,
    We Gently Re-Open Each Other
    We Savor Some Pussy Some More.

  13. Your Pussy Is Hot, Wet And Dripping
    Your Breathing Is Out Of Control,
    My Pussy Is Jerking And Gyrating
    Enjoying Your Sweet Pussy Hole.

  14. We Eat And We Lick And Suck Pussy
    Feel Joy With The Touch Of The Tongue,
    While Sucking The Clit Of Each Other
    We Cum And We Cum And We Cum.

  15. Intense Like A Loud, Rolling Thunder
    The Sounds Of Us Cuming In Sync,
    The Sucking Til Senseless Is Over
    We Rest And Enjoy A Cold Drink.

  16. A Satisfied Feeling Of Pleasure
    Exchanging The Joy Of Our Smiles,
    We Gently Caress And Kiss Softly
    We Talk About Love For A While.

  17. A Rest From Our Moments Of Passion
    Caressing And Cuming All Night,
    We Puff On A Blunt And Get Blinded
    Envision More Fucking In Sight.

  18. We Rest A Little While Longer
    We Sip On A Cold Glass Of Wine,
    We Whisper Sweet Nothings Of Romance
    Reminisce On Our Very First Time.

  19. The Memories Incite And Arouse Us
    The Whispers Are Brought To An End,
    We Feel Into Wetness With Fingers
    Start Fucking And Kissing Again.

  20. You Open My Thighs With Excitement
    You Mount Me And Clit Kisses Clit,
    You Fuck Me Like There's No Tomorrow
    We Cum And I Holler, "Oh, Shit!"

  21. A Change In Position Desired
    The Pussy To Pussy Takes Rest,
    My Ass In Your Face As I'm Kneeling
    You Gaze My Voluptuousness.

  22. The Bedroom Has Presence Of Manhood
    You Strap On Your Big Fucking Dick,
    My Pussy's Content With Your Dildo
    No Need For A Man And His Prick.

  23. My Nipples Are Hard As You Fuck Me
    Your Dick Thrusting Deep For A While,
    My Pussy Gets Hotter And Wetter
    The Longer You Fuck Doggie-Style.

  24. Your Dick Feeling Good In My Pussy
    You Jam It And Touch The Right Spot,
    I Scream Like A Crazy While Cuming
    I Holler, "Ooo Baby, Don't Stop."

  25. The Bed Says, Oh Shit It's An Earthquake
    The Walls Can't Believe What It Hears,
    The Sheets Want To Jump In The Dryer
    The Dildo Has No Fucking Fears.

  26. So Fuck Me! Yeah! Fuck Me, Forever!
    Just Fuck Me Forever Tonight,
    My Pussy Feels Nothing But Pleasure
    You're Truly My Dildo Delight.

  27. 27) We Fuck In Another Position
    Your Eyes Looking Down Into Mines,
    Your Dick Fucking Deep In My Pussy
    We Climax, Again, The Same Time.

  28. 28) We Lose It From Multiple Orgasms
    Just Cumin' And Cumin' And Cumin',
    We Find A True Love In Each Other
    That's Why We Fuck Woman To Woman.

  29. We Climax Our Pussy To Pussy
    The Fucking Has Come To An End,
    We Sleep In The Arms Of Each Other
    Then Later, We Fuck Once Again.

  30. The Pussy To Pussy Connection
    Sensations Of Sheer Ecstacy,
    The Pussy To Pussy Affection
    True Loving Between You And Me.

  31. So Pussy To Pussy Is Over
    We Rest It For Just A Short While,
    We Love Making Love To Each Other
    The Kisses, The Cums And The Smiles.

  32. Good Fucking Is Pussy To Pussy
    Erotic Explosions All Night,
    We Love Fucking Pussy To Pussy
    A Lesbian Loverís Delight.

    Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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