by HpnotiqStud

One day she stood naked
in all of her glory
and through teary eyes she
took self inventory
I am a QUEEN! she screamed
and though I sit on no throne
I deserve more than to be cheated on
lied to
I deserve to receive back the monogamy
I gave
I deserve more than a mouth calling me
out of my name
the same mouth that gives me pleasure
is bringing me pain
I have been disrespected in ways that would
make angels cry
belittled and deceived
by a person that I.......thought would die
for me
that would weep with me
not make me weep
or do late night creeps
once I fell asleep
I have been isolated from my family and friends
my independence moved out
and insecurity, fear, misery, and shame moved in
I have been looked in my eyes, told I love you
then cursed out
whoever said misery loves company,
hadn't been to my house
because the only one miserable
GOD deserves more than me praying to him
at night
when he has BLESSED me with the sense
to know you'll never do right
How can you sleep at peacefully
knowing what you do to me
let me EXHALE
take self inventory
know my self worth
and NEVER throw a sale
this is what you do
you take your
possessive, unhealthy, unfaithful
verbally and mentally abusive
lies 'cause the truth ain't in you
selfish, ungrateful, belittling, negative
non productive member of society
borderline bum
PLEASE don't interrupt me sweetie
I'm not done
manipulative, think sex can fix everything
driving my car, eating my baby's coco puffs
wanna be female mack, can't call you no job
havin' cuz you have one, you just won't keep it
thinkin' you know everything about your woman
OHH NOOOOOO sweetie I bet you didn't see
this comin'
the biggest lesbian of them all, but don't know how to
LOVE a woman
warped and confuse way of lovin' and BOUNCE
I don't even care if you slam the door on your
way out
pack your SH*T
hit the door
Today I took self inventory and I.....LOVE ME more! you didn't just ask me
for a ride to your momma house!

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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