by Marsha Blue

I am thinking of something
A little nasty maybe something
A little unexpected
Something similar to you on top of Me
naught in between
Baby oil dripping off our bodies
Slipping and sliding all over you
I bet you can take me there
I want pussies reaching
Hips jerking
Bodies sweating
As we take each other to
That level that is between two
Only two
That is me and you
I hear you breathing
I feel you sigh and
It takes me there
I hear you say my name
Its like "oh shit"
I feel your hands on my
Ass pulling me into it
Hearing those gushy sounds
Coming from in between
Where our juices meet, greet
and get to know each other.
I want to hear you
Beyond the words
I want to feel you
beyond the touch
just you.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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