It was 12 noon. I could hear footsteps and heels clicking the floor as over worked and underpaid co-workers scampered past my office on their way to lunch. On Fridays we were granted an extra fifteen minutes to cash paychecks, one of the few niceties the company allowed us. But I always lunched in on Fridays. Tuesdays also, that was our arrangement. We had forty-five minutes today and I intended on giving Terri every single one of them.
We met in an African Noise chat room. From our first conversation we knew our compatibility was strong. We shared many of the same interest and had common dreams, but most of all Terri was passionate about people and love, as well as myself. That is what drew me to her the most. Being in the same city made learning each other a quick process. We managed to spend quality time together and our relationship blossomed rapidly. Terri was incessant about us talking everyday and seeing one another at least twice a week. Her flirtatious and sensual nature kept me wanting her most times and I was always eager to try any new adventure she concocted.
I hurried across the room to lock the door, and then returned to the window. As I lifted the blinds, sunlight brightened the room and intensified my mood. Amidst the arial view of the park and river was Terriís office window. There was a clear sight directly in front of me. At times I thought I could reach out and touch the lovely Monet hanging on her north wall. She had exquisite taste. The deep browns and burgundy hinted with gold and shades of orange created a warmth in her office that enticed you to linger. I have never actually been in her office, that was one of our rules, but on many occasions Iíve wanted to will myself the thirty or so feet over to experience the radiance her space projected.
I was hoping Terri would be waiting for me, sitting in her high back chair, but she had not yet arrived. I looked at my watch. It was 12:03. I had to wait another two minutes, then I was supposed to start. That was another rule and one Terri was very strict about. There is to be no small talk and no looking away. We must keep our eyes on each other at all times, as long as we were able to, and we must do exactly what the other requests. Being on the top floor and possessing corner offices aided our privacy, but the possibility of being seen by others was prevalent. With the risk being small, it was a chance I was willing to take.
At 12:05 Terri still had not arrived. I began without her. I removed my jacket and sat in my soft leather chair. I looked up at the sky, noticing the warmth of the sun on my face. I leaned back and lifted a bit to pull my skirt up around my waist. I moved slowly enjoying the graze of the linen material against my skin. My legs were lotioned and sparkled in the light. I lifted one and began massaging my thigh, but was interrupted by the phone.
"Unbutton your shirt." Terriís voice was low.
I responded with, "Youíre late."
" I know. Unbutton your shirt and unclasp your bra."
I did exactly what Terri ordered. I sat up and unbuttoned my shirt with one hand, but needed both to unhook my bra. My breast fell free forcing my top back allowing more exposure. I could feel the cool air on my nipples and they grew erect.
Terri spoke slowly, "Lick your middle finger and rub your nipples. Make them hard."
Terri was staring at me, licking her lips as I licked my finger and placed it on my nipple. Electric jolts of arousal moved downward into my thighs and I squeezed them together. I could feel chills up and down my spine, which caused my back to arch. I couldnít help closing my eyes from the growing intensity.
"Open your eyes. I want you to watch me."
Terri unbuckled her belt and slowly lowered the zipper on her pants. She removed her shirttails and leaned back in her chair.
"I want you to see how much you turn me on." Terri slid her hand into her pants. I heard a gasp and a quiet moan on the other end of the receiver. She removed her hand and said, "Look at this." Her fingers glistened in the sunlight and my mouth watered at the sight.
I could feel my own pulsations and wetness emerging. I reached down and could feel how slick I was from my arousal. Watching Terriís hand move underneath her pants was more erotic to me then her being fully exposed.
She told me, "Drape your legs over the arms of the chair. I want you wide open."
Terri had requested what I was planning to do next. I leaned back and hoisted both legs up. I watched Terri as she fixated on my soaked love box.
"Mmm, that looks good sweetness. Put your fingers in, then taste them for me."
I stroked my fingers in and out several times slowly then brought my hand to my mouth. I looked right into Terriís eyes as I sucked my fingers seductively. I could see her hand moving at a quicker pace. She spread her legs wider and began moaning deeply. Her sounds had me throbbing wildly and I wanted relief.
I leaned back more, pushed my hips forward and began rubbing faster. The feeling was so intense that all I could do was moan in pleasure.
"You look so good sweetness," Terri said breathlessly. "I want to taste you. Would you like that?"
"Yes I would Terri. Youíre the only one who can get me hot and wet like this."
"Tell me you want me. Tell me you like the way Iím hitting your spot." Terri requested. I could see her hand moving underneath the silken material at a quick rhythmic pace.
"I like it baby, I love the way youíre hitting my spot."
Terri had me so high in arousal I thought I would combust. She had lowered her pants and I could see the soft black curls of her hair. She was clenching her bottom lip and her had was moving up and down just as frantically as my hand was moving in circles.
She was driving me wild and I wanted her to know, "Baby, youíre turning me on so much. The way youíre stroking me feels so good. Youíre going to make me cum soon."
" No hold it baby. I want to cum with you. Your moaning is so sexy. Say my name sweetness, say it." Terri was almost pleading with me.
"TerriÖ.oh yesssss, Terri. You got me so hot. I want to cum for you."
With my legs propped open. Terri could see the juices flowing out of me and pooling in the chair. My fingers were drenched as I continued to stroke towards climax. Terriís moaning grew louder and her breathing was uncontrollable.
The combination of her sounds in my ear along with what my eyes were seeing drove me to the edge. I was driving my fingers in and out of me and I whispering Terriís name over and over.
"Terri, Iíve got to cum baby. Youíre making me cum."
Terri was panting but managed to say, "Im cumming with you sweetness. Iím cumming too."
We both moaned and grunted out our orgasms. Terriís sent her into bucking her hips, grasping at every bit of pleasure that shot through her body. Mine left me with my eyes closed tightly and moaning as wave after wave of contractions permeated my love box. After several minutes of listening to our breathing, we finally regained our composures.
"Thank you for that Terri. You are so good to me baby."
"You are the one to thank. You got me thinking about you all the time now. Are we still on for tonight?" Terri asked.
I answered, "Of course. 8:00 right?"
"Thatís right. Iíll see you then. Oh and by the way, Im sorry for being late. I had to take care of a delivery."
"Itís cool love. See you tonight."
As I stood to unlock my door someone knocked. I opened the door and was greeted by a deliveryman asking me to sign the dotted line.
He parted with, "Have a nice day," then handed me a huge assortment of flowers with two beautifully bloomed red roses in its center.
I recognized the handwriting on the card attached. It read, "I never thought our first meeting would lead to such passion and excitement. I enjoy you, I enjoy us and I enjoy our sessions."
As I slipped the card into my shirt pocket, I smiled big and inhaled the fragrance of the flowers. I closed the door to my office, looking forward to seeing Terri later that evening.

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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